Indie Spotlight Series 38


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series. This may arguably be the biggest Indie release week yet this year with so many good titles coming out! Lots of speculation opportunity as well if you can find the right books for the right price. Without any further delay let’s jump right in!


Canto 2


Well we all know what Canto 1 did and continues to do and I think this issue will follow a similar trajectory! Cover A is already selling for around $10 while the 1:10 incentive has broke the $30 mark. Great story that’s very adaptable in today’s world and amazing art is what has this series in high demand. I would not pass this book up for cover price or ratio for the incentive tomorrow if you see them.


1:10 Variant


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 6


Jennika, Jennika, Jennika!!! This one is all about the new female turtle and everyone is wanting to see how this goes down.  Some say that she is here to stay, and others say the death in issue 100 will be her.  Either way there is no denying the heat that she has brought back to TMNT. Covers A and B are both $10 books as I type this and the 1:10 is going for over $50.


1:10 Variant


G.I. Joe Real American Hero 265


This is the end of this arc for G.I. Joe and issue 266 is the start of something huge for Snake Eyes fans. I have a sneaky feeling though that IDW may slip something big in the back of this book as well though. Be on the lookout and keep your ear to the ground on this one. The 1:10 incentive has dried up on eBay and very few copies of covers A and B listed.  Be aware just in case.

1:10 Incentive


Knights Temporal 1


I absolutely love the premise for this story and can’t wait to see what Cullen Bunn does with it!  A crusader sent to modern day times by a curse sounds like something that could be very interesting. What also draws me to this book is the fact it will be the first 1:25 variant done by Aftershock Comics. This book is already pre selling for over $50.  This is the title I am most looking forward to reading this week.


1:25 Incentive


Gutt Ghost Till We Meet Again 1

Scout Comics

This is a book that Mel V from the Mighty Mel V youtube channel has championed hard since it was announced.  Very unique premise and I will be interested to see how it plays out! I would not sleep on this book either spec wise.  Cover A is going for $17 before shipping, while the secret Skull variant is being priced around $40 to $50. Be aware there are also Ashcans out there with different printings on them.


Secret Skull Variant



Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week



Beauty 28

Image Comics

Ice Cream Man 13

Image Comics

Monstress 24

Image Comics

Paper Girls 30

Image Comics

The Realm 14

Image Comics

Spawn 299

Image Comics

Disney Frozen Hero Within 2

Dark Horse

Fight Club 3 # 7

Dark Horse

Manor Black 1

Dark Horse (love this premise and cover B.. long term hold for me)



Stranger Things Six 3

Dark Horse

Crow Hack Slash 1 second print


Crow Hack Slash 2


Glow 4


Road of Bones 1 Third Print

IDW (new cover art and I think this book will go underordered-don’t sleep on this one)



Sonic The Hedgehog Tangle and Whisper 1


TMNT Urban Legends 15


Angel 3

Boom Studios (more first appearances leading up to issue 4 which will be a big one)

Boston Metaphysical Society 1

Source Point Press

Category Zero 3

Scout Comics (love this series so far)

Cult Classic Return to Whisper 1 second print




The Goon 5

Albatross Funnybooks

Heathen 8

Vault Comics

Hope 2

Source Point Press

Junior High Horrors 6

Keenspot Ent.

Killers 1


Leave on a Light 1

Antarctic Press (could be a good story and I wouldn’t sleep on this one either.. there is also a foil variant for this book)



Love She Offered 1

Source Point Press

Punk Mambo 4


Queen of Bad Dreams 3


Red Winter 1

Scout Comics (this is my sleeper pick of the week officially)



Rise 4

Scout Comics

She Said Destroy 3


Solar Flare Season 3 #5

Scout Comics (this series was just optioned)

Test 2


These Savage Shores 4 Second Print




Last Week’s Updates



Star Pig 1


Was not able to read and honestly haven’t heard much about it.  If you had a chance to read please let us know in the comments what you thought. The 1:10 Incentive is still going for around $18


The Electric Black 2

Scout Comics

Absolutely loved this issue as it was just as strong as the first.  Can’t recommend this book enough! Can still be found at cover price.



TMNT rise of TMNT sound off


Didn’t read this book, so can’t attest to that but the 1:10 variant is an absolute ghost.  Will someone set the market or not???  This book may be a sleeping giant.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 41

Boom Studios

The story variant has all but dried up and you are now seeing this book listed for $20.  Don’t sleep on these variants.  You have been warned!


Monster World Golden Age 1 of 6

American Gothic Press

OK read, nothing over the top.



Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments!  Good luck out there tomorrow!



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