Indie Spotlight Series 40


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series.  Once again this is another week with a ton of potential.  Small press books have been on fire lately and if you’re not taking notice shame on you haha. Without further delay let’s jump right in!


Once and Future 1

Boom! Studios

Kieron Gillen (Die, Wicked and Divine) is on fire as of late and it should be no surprise that Once and Future 1 is my pick of the week and seems to be everybody else’s as well!  This book is white hot out of the gate selling for over $10 already for cover A.  There is also a SDCC variant that appeared on Ben Stein’s Hot 10 list last week that has skyrocketed in value.  This is now a $150 book.  

But that’s not all to look out for as this book has already gone to a 3rd print and a 4th print is expected!  My advice would be to keep your eye on the 2nd print as I think it will be the hardest to find with currently none on ebay and a very small order window.  Last but not least there is a one per store variant that is selling for over $80 on ebay as of now and may or may not have had a sale on Midtown for $215!!!  Is this F.O.M.O. at its finest or a hit waiting to happen?  

I have had the pleasure of reading this book and I can tell you I will keep several as long term holds.  That should tell you something.  It’s a mash up of Monster Hunter and National Treasure that works perfectly through issue one! Highly recommended read!



Shows End 1

Mad Cave Studios

It’s no secret that I love Mad Cave Studios and this book is no exception.  Set in the 1920’s in backwoods Georgia this book tells the story of a traveling carnival full of unique individuals and a young straggler girl with some with hidden secrets who joins the family.  

I was able to read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The writer Anthony Cleveland and artist Jefferson Sadzinsky came from Mad Cave Studios first public talent search and hit on all cylinders.  I can’t wait to read issue 2 from these guys and am anxious to see where the story leads.  This book has already seen multiple sales at $10 so don’t sleep on it for cover price at your LCS.



White Trees 1

Image Comics

Unless you have been living under a rock lately you have probably heard everyone raving about the job that Chip Zdarsky is doing writing DareDevil.  Well now you get a chance to check out his writing in the indie world.  White Trees comes to us from Image Comics and is set on a planet where peace was hard to come by.  

Now 20 years later war has reared its ugly head again.  Will the protagonists have enough in them for one more victory…..? This is one I will not be passing up on Wednesday as it sounds like it is right up my alley. Don’t sleep on this one over time.



Roman Ritual Volume 2 #1

Amigo Comics

If horror is your thing then this is definitely the book for you.  There aren’t many comic books out there that will actually scare you and get in your head but this is one of the few. Not sure how much spec value there is on this pick but from a reader’s perspective you should definitely check it out. However, it has the quality of story factor and if it catches on to some reading buzz then this book may see a little heat.



Watcher 1


There is no denying how hot horror is right now and what could be hotter in that genre than Disturbia meets The Conjuring.  Well that’s the way they have billed the Watcher 1 from Zenescope Ent.  The story follows a catholic priest as he relocates his family to a haunted house in the suburbs.  Gruesome murders of family friends soon follow and this family is changed forever.  I can’t wait to check this book out and it is definitely my sleeper of the week. Cover A is off the chain too in my opinion. This book is already selling for above cover as well even though its a $5.99 cover price. Cover B is the one doing surprisingly well.




Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week



Gideon Falls 16

Image Comics

Gogor 4

Image Comics

Oblivion Song 18

Image Comics

Outer Darkness 9

Image Comics

Reaver 1 Second Print (New Cover Art)

Image Comics

Reaver 2

Image Comics

Rumble 15

Image Comics

Sharky The Bounty Hunter 5

Image Comics

Sonata 3

Image Comics

Unearth 2

Image Comics

Unnatural 12

Image Comics

The Warning 10

Image Comics

Black Hammer Justice League 2

Dark Horse Comics

Orville New Beginnings 2

Dark Horse Comics

She Could Fly The Lost Pilot 5

Dark Horse Comics

Sword Daughter 8

Dark Horse Comics

My Little Pony Spirit of the Forest 3


Road of Bones 4

IDW (love this series)

Usagi Yojimbo 3


Red Sonja 7


Go Go Power Rangers 22


Neon Future 6

Impact Theory

Omni 1


Orphan Age 5


Punk Mambo 5


Second Coming 1 Second Print


Second Coming 2


Wailing Blade 3




Last Week’s Updates



Dead End Kids 1

Source Point Press

Great read that somewhat had the Stand By Me vibe.  Still selling well at $25 on the secondary market.



The Dark Age 1

Red 5 Comics

Great post apocalyptic read written by Don Handfield who has strong ties to hollywood and in my opinion will make this T.V. show happen.  Cover price copies have dried up and this is one to watch over time.



Coffin Bound 1

Image Comics

Not really my kind of story and I’m not really dying to read issue two…….  After seeing some sales of $10 to $12 this book has come back down to cover price.

TMNT 95 Second Print


This is definitely a long term hold but is actually starting to see some sales above cover price. Jennika the turtles first cover appearance is the draw on this one.


A Comic For Flint: Hope

Source Point Press

Can’t say enough about Source Point Press doing this book. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to help victims of the Flint water crisis.  Great book that collected stories from Flint local writers.  No home runs but some heroic and inspiring stories.  Small Ball at its finest.  Hats off.



Thanks again to everyone for reading and good luck out there tomorrow.



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