Indie Spotlight Series 42


Once & Future 1 Second Print

Boom Studios

With a tiny order window that was closed before the first print was released this book is sure to be one of the rarest Once & Future 1’s  out there. Another thing to keep in mind is that there were also heavy allocations from diamond which means even less printed than what was ordered. If I had to guess I put this print run under 1800 and think it will be the hardest book of the week to find. Combine a great story with true scarcity and I think this will be one of those rare times where the second print will be more sought after than the first print. This is my pick of the week as sales have now crept above $50 on eBay.


Tommy Gun Wizards

Dark Horse

I would be lying if I said Netflix did not play into me picking this book. Anyone who knows about Al Capone knows the story of Eliot Ness and the Untouchables. They were a group of lawmen who struck fear into corrupt individuals and made a huge name for themselves. Well this book will tell that story through a new magical perspective, and I for one can’t wait to see how its done. With this story being so famous, I can see movie and T.V. producers jumping at this one if it’s done right. I absolutely love cover B.


Traveller 1

T Pub Comics

Traveller 1 was a Kickstarter project that was funded back in 2015 and is just now coming to life. The story is about a man who is about to end his life and is suddenly face to face with someone from another time! In a panic the man shoots this time traveler and is faced with a whole new set of problems. I like the premise and hope it is well written. I wouldn’t sleep on this book for cover price in the midst of todays optioning world. This book has already seen sales above cover price.




Well this is supposed to be the issue where Jennika gets her yellow bandana , and I can assure you the whole world knew about it and ordered the absolute sh*t out of it. I write this as more of a precautionary pick. If your a fan of TMNT then by all means buy what you like. However, if your looking to flip this book you may run into trouble. There are several store variants out there which will hurt the 1:10 incentive immensely. Long term hold, you may be safe, but short term beware.


Angel 4

Boom Studios

If I have learned one thing doing the Indie Spotlight Show over on Brian Wood’s Simplemans Comics channel its dont doubt Arune Singh the mastermind behind Boom Studios. He has warned of huge events in this book and the solicit backs it up. There is a confirmed first appearance in this issue of Vampire Hunter Charles Gunn and he is a major player from what I understand. This is a book I definitely wouldn’t sleep on tomorrow.


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Ascender 5

Image Comics

Black Science 42

Image Comics

Ice Cream Man 14

Image Comics

Spawn 299 Second Print

Image Comics

Excellence 1, 2, and 3 new prints

Image Comics

Fight Club 3 #8

Dark Horse

Manor Black 2

Dark Horse

Stranger Things 6 #4

Dark Horse

Duck Tales Silence to Science 1

IDW ( Sleeper pick is the 1:10 Variant )

G.I. Joe 266

IDW ( New Snake Eyes Storyline ) ( Bolo will kill me for not picking this in my top 5 )

Mountainhead 1

IDW ( Another book that could be a sleeper  as the 1:10 variant is already selling for around $26 shipped )

Sonic The Hedgehog 20


TMNT 96 second print


TMNT Shredder in Hell 4


Angel 3 second print

Boom Studios

Bone Parish 12

Boom Studios

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Chosen Ones 1

Boom Studios ( Will be a big book as well for the Buffy Universe. )

Lumberjanes 65

Boom Studios


Boom Studios ( Don’t sleep on the story variants. You’ve been warned )

At the End of Your Tether 3

Lion Forge

Barack Panther Barack in Black 1

A.P. ( Love the Men In Black Cover !)

Battlecats Vol. 2 #4

Mad Cave Studios

Crimson Nun 1

Avatar Press

The Devils 3


Doctor Mirage 1


Drawing Blood Spilled Ink 4

Kevin Eastman Studios

Killers 2


Knights Temporal 1 second print


Knights Temporal 2


Mall 1

Vault Comics

Militia 3

Blackbox Comics

Necromancers Map 1

Vault Comics

Red Range Pirates of Fireworld 1

It’s Alive

Red Winter 2

Scout Comics

Resonant 2

Vault Comics

Resonant 1 second print

Vault Comics

Sera and the Royal Stars 2

Vault Comics

Sera and the Royal Stars 1 second print

Vault Comics


Last Week’s Updates


Sera and the Royal Stars 1 second print

Scout Comics

Not really a big fan of this one. Story and art did not work well together in my opinion and was tough to follow at times. Not moving on the secondary market as of now. 


Dead End Kids 2

Source Point Press

Story actually got a little stronger for me and I’m looking forward to the next issue. Selling for over $20 on the secondary market.


Strayed 1

Dark Horse

I did not have a chance to read this book , and would love to hear from someone who did in the comments section. Not a ton of movement on the secondary market and can still be found at cover price.


Psycho List 1

BlackBox Comics

Great read in my opinion with a seemingly big mystery at the end of issue 1. Can’t wait for issue two, as this was my read of the week. This book has already gone to a second print and this issue continues to sell for over $10 plus shipping.


Headless 1

Scout Comics

This one started off very slow for me but by the end of it I was hooked and wanting some more. Definitely on board for issue two at this point. This is a $10 to $12 book on the secondary market with some cheaper BIN’s.



Sleeper Pick


TMNT rise of the TMNT sound off 2 Incentive


Some sales but nothing breaking the $25 mark. It was worth a shot and may still go up as these issues dry up though.


As always, thanks for reading and good luck out there tomorrow to everyone!!!!



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