Indie Spotlight Series 43


*Author’s Note*

As Andy Tomberlin, writer and creator of the Indie Spotlight Series posted on his Instagram account (@Indie_spotlight_series_ )  yesterday, life circumstances have caused him to take a leave of absence from CBSI, the Indie Spotlight Series, and comics in general.  CBSI supports Andy and his desire to take time off.  He is a beloved member of our community, writing team, site, and CBSI brotherhood.  On a personal level, Andy is my South Carolina homie and partner in spec.  We co host the Indie Spotlight Series Show on Simpleman’s Comics Youtube Channel with Brian Wood of The Weekly Picks. There are few in this business I respect and genuinely like more than Andy if anyone at all.  When he announced his need for some time and space, I knew that I needed to pinch hit for him here.  His column is far too important to the indie comics scene and to speculators alike.  I have no intention of changing a thing, nor do I believe I can hold a candle to the work Andy does on a weekly basis.  My only hope is to keep the momentum Andy has built alive and keep his seat warm for his triumphant return whenever he is ready.  I hope you will continue to read this column and support Andy, a true giant in the world of independent comics.  Thank you and please enjoy an all new ….. Indie Spotlight Series.

Jack DeMayo AKA Mr. Bolo

CBSI Social Media / Content Manager


Once & Future #1 Third Print

Boom Studios

The second printing of this book was the talk of the industry last week.  It saw immediate strong sales of $30-35.  This was a polarizing book as collectors struggled to find it on the shelves due to allocations that Andy reported on last week.  Many stores were allocated 3rd prints instead but even more were told they would have to settle for 4th prints and I have a good feeling this 3rd print is gonna make it two weeks in a row that this book will have matching demand and controversy surrounding it. Pre sales are around $17-20 but have started disappearing from eBay as online sellers seem to have learned from last weeks fiasco that pre selling books this limited is dangerous.  Be on the lookout for this one at your LCS on NCBD.


Something Is Killing The Children #1

Boom Studios

We have seen an almost identical response for this book as we did to Once & Future with solicitations for late prints already hitting shops.  Many speculators were not happy to see the Cover C Jenny Frison variant get spread around online sources expecting a secondary market tank due to increased orders pre FOC (Final Order Cutoff).  Well those fears seem to be speculator paranoia as the indie market seems as healthy as ever with the Frison variant selling briskly on eBay for $15-20 shipped.  It will be interesting to see if there will be a dip in price once shops get their copies on Friday but this is still a must grab for most collectors and speculators alike.  Cover A and B are also hitting double digits and sets are selling for $30 plus.  Boom! Studios is on fire with their last two releases.


Spawn #300

Image Comics

This is is landmark issue that Todd Mcfarlane has been building to.  Todd Mcfarlane originally announced this even at Image Expo boasting “There won’t be a bunch of covers” , but then did a 180 and released 17 including two incentive variants.  Nonetheless, while I am not sure this will be an out the gate winner, Spawn back issues have been gaining major traction in the market these days.  My Spawn boxes have been depleted at the last three conventions I have set up at and I expect this issue to be the type that collectors will always demand.  Mcfarlane, Capullo, Opena, J Scott Campbell, Jerome Opena, and Jason Shawn Alexander all throw down cover art for this major Spawn key issue.   I would keep an eye out for the parody variant as well as the virgin variant covers and of course the 1:25 and 1:50 incentives will probably have the most demand.   The real question is, will the book give us any events or appearances to make this book even more important than the issue number already suggests that it is?  


Midnight Vista #1

Aftershock Comics

With some big releases this week, this one has slipped under the radar a bit.  This Aftershock Comics release comes from Eliot Rahal and artist Clara Mceath with Aftershock regular Juan Doe on covers.  This book is a classic abduction story.  A young boy is abducted and presumed dead only to walk back into town years later, fully grown and remembering everything!  This is the type of story I can see being adapted.  The book to look at with this one is the 1:10 Incentive Variant by popular variant artist Razzah.  His close up Alien portrait depiction here is spot on and is sold out at large retailers online.  The variant is already selling for 2-2.5X ratio on eBay and may be a tough find on release day.  


Vampirella Red Sonja #1

Dynamite Comics

Does anyone read this series or any series featuring these characters?  It seems the popularity of these releases seems based almost solely on the cover art.  This one is no different.  There are some nice variants by great artists but is underwhelming in comparison to the previous #1 issues of Red Sonja and Vampirella solo series.  Furthermore, the exclusive variants some retailers have released seem to have the most buzz.  While this book will probably have little reader buzz, I expect at least one or two covers to pop on the secondary market.  I essentially slot this one in here as I could not decide between the two Dark Horse #1 releases or Battle Pug.  Dynamite knows their market: Busty Women…check, incredible cover art……check.


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Battle Pug 1

Image Comics

Birthright 39

Image Comics

Crowded 9

Image Comics

Curse Words 24

Image Comics

Die 7

Image Comics

Pretty Deadly Rat 1

Image Comics

Redneck 23

Image Comics

Sea of Stars 3

Image Comics

Section Zero Vol 2 6

Image Comics – (Watch out for that AH! variant)

Space Bandits 3

Image Comics

Wicked & Divine 45

Image Comics

Bezerker Unbound 2

Dark Horse – (I love Lemire!)

Everything 1

Dark Horse – (Don’t forget that Netflix first look deal)

No One Left To Fight 3

Dark Horse

Triage 1

Dark Horse – (Don’t forget that Netflix first look deal)

Wyrd 4

Dark Horse

Marvel Action Spider Man 8


Samurai Jack Lost Worlds #4


Sonic The Hedgehog Tangle & Whisper 2

IDW ( Another book that could be a sleeper  as the 1:10 variant is already selling for around $26 shipped )

Star Trek Discovery Aftermath 1

IDW – (Sleeper Pick!)

Transformers Ghostbusters 4

IDW – (disappointing story thus far but still hits thos 80’s kids feels)

Usagi Yojimbo 4


Angel 2 3rd Print

Boom Studios – (these Buffy Verse books are building momentum)

Actual Roger 4

Alterna Comics

Adventures of Mr Crypt & Baron Rat 1

Alterna Comics

All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape 3

Floating World Comics

Animosity 23

AfterShock Comics

Anne Bonnie One Shot

Blue Juice Comics

Archie & Friends Back to School 1

Archie Comics – (Back to the Future Homage !)

Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #302

Archie Comics

Archie #707 

Archie Comics – (Sabrina Crossover)

Blood Realm vol 2 3


Boogily Heads 2

Devils Due

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #8

Boom Studios

Dark Red 6

AfterShock Comics

Descendent 5

AfterShock Comics

Disposable Legends 2

T Pub

Fallen World 5


Giant Days 54

Boom Studios

Going to the Chapel 1

Danger Zone

Goon 6


Lola Xoxo 2


Red Range Pirates of Fireworld 1

Its Alive

Rick & Morty Presents Flesh Curtains 1

Oni Press

Samurai Grandpa 3

Source Point Press

Unit 44 4

Alterna Comics

Death Defying Devil 2

Dynamite Comics

Red Sonja 7

Dynamite Comics

Turok 5

Dynamite Comics


Last Week’s Updates




Major key issue with Jennika getting her yellow bandana but retailers were all over this one.  Long term I would keep an eye on cover B with the first main series (non retailer exclusive) cover of Jennika in full turtle form with mask on and an Eastman variant to boot.  Also, I love the subtle detail of the yellow trade dress on Cover B.  


GI Joe 266


My long term play on the Bolo list, this one took a little longer but cover A is now sold out at most large retailers.  Both incentives are selling slightly above ratio.  The issue was a little underwhelming but set the stage for the explosive arc which will undoubtedly result in Snake Eyes vs. Snake Eyes


The Traveller

T Pub

This was in Andy’s top 5 and is seemingly a ghost on eBay.  1 sale of 10 bucks and only one listed at 12.  This is one to keep an eye on.  The question is will the demand be there?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chosen Ones #1

Boom Studios

This is one I can not figure out.  The incentives seem to be going for below ratio and there is little demand for the FOC variant which would be my pick.  This book boasts a few 1st appearances that the solicitation hard sold.  But here is the interesting part, Cover A is selling for about 10 shipped and new listings are creeping up to 12-14.  Go figure.  


Mall 1

Vault Comics

This books release was marred with controversy over its title and its similarity to Scout Comics THE Mall.  The cover B Vault Vintage variant seems to be timely coming in with a Blade Homage but both Brian and I could not place it during the Bolo Show on Simpleman’s Comics Youtube Channel last Thursday. Sales of cover A and B are at cover price plus shipping each but there are some wishful thinking listings of 20-35 for the set.  I am curious what’s the logic there but hey, you never know.



Sleeper Pick


Star Trek Discovery Aftermath #1 1:25 Incentive


Sales of this incentive are hitting $40-45 which is well above ratio.  The show seems to be popular and I would be lying if I did not notice that Star Trek’s popularity in the comics community seems to be growing.  BOLO on this on if you can grab it at ratio or lower.


As always, thanks for reading and good luck out there tomorrow to everyone!!!!


Jack DeMayo AKA Mr. Bolo

P.S. Love ya Andy, be well and know I always have your back.


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