Indie Spotlight Series 44


*Author’s Note*


As Andy Tomberlin, writer and creator of the Indie Spotlight Series posted on his Instagram account (@Indie_spotlight_series_ )  last week, life circumstances have caused him to take a leave of absence from CBSI, the Indie Spotlight Series, and comics in general.  CBSI supports Andy and his desire to take time off.  He is a beloved member of our community, writing team, site, and CBSI brotherhood.  

On a personal level, Andy is my South Carolina homie and partner in spec.  We co host the Indie Spotlight Series Show on Simpleman’s Comics Youtube Channel with Brian Wood of The Weekly Picks. There are few in this business I respect and genuinely like more than Andy if anyone at all.  When he announced his need for some time and space, I knew that I needed to pinch hit for him here.  

His column is far too important to the indie comics scene and to speculators alike.  I have no intention of changing a thing, nor do I believe I can hold a candle to the work Andy does on a weekly basis.  My only hope is to keep the momentum Andy has built alive and keep his seat warm for his triumphant return whenever he is ready.  

I hope you will continue to read this column and support Andy, a true giant in the world of independent comics.  Thank you and please enjoy an all new ….. Indie Spotlight Series.

Jack DeMayo AKA Mr. Bolo

CBSI Social Media/Content Manager



Once & Future #1 4th Print

Boom Studios

Two weeks into my time on this column and two weeks with the same two titles at the top of the list.  Boom! Studios late printings are the talk of the industry.  This one is selling for $15 plus shipping.  Now its down a bit from the sales of the 3rd print but that is to be expected.  Copies were allocated down from the 2nd to 3rd print all the way down to this 4th print.  While I believe there will be more copies available today than past releases, this one will still be a tough find at most shops.  Prices may drop but this is almost a sure fire profit maker at cover price.


Something Is Killing The Children #1 2nd Print

Boom Studios

Prices are all over the place for this one.  It seems listings on eBay that show the trade dress are going for $12-15 and ones just showing virgin cover art are selling for $20+.  Those sales are misleading as the book will have the trade dress on it when your in stores today.  Having said that we could see the prices average out between the two.  Best thing is, even if they don’t, you can’t argue 3-4x buy in as a nice ROI.  


Midnight Sky #1

Scout Comics

Scout Comics #1’s can be all over the board from a secondary market perspective.  The solicit for this one gets me excited. This is definitely one I will pick up and read.  This is also a release though that has some spec potential.  We live in the age of the Indie Option and this one sounds like it has a movie or TV show written all over it.  This is described in the solicit as Invasion of the Body Snatchers and They Live.  Sets are going for $24 for Cover A, Cover B, and the C.  The Cover C boasts some amazing cover art as well but is the only cover not sold out at Midtown Comics .  The team at Scout Comics may have a hit on their hands.  If they do, also look for that Midnight Sky FCBD edition, which also features a preview of the popular Gutt Ghost by Enzo Garza.


Chastity #1

Dynamite Comics

Another week, another selection from Dynamite Comics.  This one is all about the cover art, specifically variant covers.  The main cover is from Clayton Crain and also features a Hellfire Red Virgin Incentive version.  There are regular price variants Nick Bradshaw, Jay Anacleto, David Nakayama and Catherine Nodent.  Throw in 3 different J Scott Campbell Incentive Variants.  It will be interesting to watch how these covers perform on the secondary market.  This isn’t one of the more heralded Dynamite properties but these cover artists are bringing the fire and I wouldn’t be shocked if variant collectors mixed with low print runs combine to make a book or two do extremely well down the road.


Pandemica #1


This is the latest release from IDW and New York Times BestSelling author Jonathan Mayberry.  Mayberry is best known for his work on V Wars, Road of the Dead: Highway to Hell, and Rot & Ruin.  Previews calls this one a “Mind Blowing Masterpiece” .  Those are steep words but I have faith this will live up. Pandemica is about a diverse group of people who discover there are secret organizations spreading pathogens for means of ethnic cleansing.  The story will follow that group of diverse individuals who decide to fight back. I think this one is a spec winner.  It is my long term pick of the week on the CBSI Bolo list.  The 1:10 Incentive is a bit dissapointing just having the Black and White cover art treatment but I still expect it to go well over ratio. Mayberry seems to have the touch with Hollywood with V Wars scheduled to hit Netflix very soon and Rot & Ruin being optioned a few months back.  Be on the lookout for this one for sure.


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Canto 4


Starcadia Quest 1


Usagi Yojimbo 1 2nd print

Image Comics

Red Sonja 8

Dynamite Comics

Black Hammer / Justice League 3

Dark Horse

Analog 8

Image Comics

Beauty 29

Image Comics

Coffin Bound 1 3rd

Image Comics

Coffin Bound 2

Image Comics

Oblivion Song 18

Image Comics

Reaver 2 2nd Print

Image Comics

Reaver 3

Image Comics

Sonata 2 2nd

Image Comics

Sonata 3 2nd

Image Comics

Sonata 4

Image Comics

Unearth 3

Image Comics

Babyteeth 16


Dark Age #2

(BOLO on the Incentive)

Red 5

Ghosted in LA #3

Boom! Studios

Ignition 4


Livewire 10


The Mall 5

Scout Comics

Red Khoi 1


Robotech 24

Titan Comics

Ronin Island 6


Go Go Power Rangers #23

(solicit looks interesting)

Floating World Comics

Sabrina The Teenage Witch 5

Boom Studios

Street Fighter Akuma vs. Hell 1

Udon Entertainment

Watcher 2


Zorro Rise of the Old Gods 1

American Mythology


Last Week’s Updates



Something Is Killing The Children 1


This book remains hot and in demand. Individually sales are hitting $10-14. Sets are selling at $30-40.  This book is already deep into late printings and seems to be a major winner.


Spawn 300

Image Comics

Now this book is still selling for cover price but is selling briskly.  But, it is worth noting this book is sold out at Diamond and already on their way to a 2nd print. The $7.99 cover price certainly slows things but I expect this one to be a long term hit.  The 1:50 incentive is also selling above ratio at about $65 so that is something to keep in mind if you can grab it cheap.


Once and Future #1 3rd Print

Boom! Studios

What more can be said about Once and Future! This book is on fire, and it seems not to matter what print we are talking about.  Sales are all over the place but range from $20-35 but none the less is moving and moving at a profit.  I expect similar results for the 4th print albeit maybe a bit less per sale.


Sleeper Pick


Dark Age 2 1:10 Incentive

Red 5 Comics

Dark Age 1 was real hot upon release with the 1:10 hitting the Hot 10 list.  This second issue is doing well already with the 1:10 incentive selling for $25-30.  Not bad if you can pick it up for ratio aka $10.


As always, thanks for reading and good luck out there tomorrow to everyone!!!!


Jack DeMayo AKA Mr. Bolo

P.S. Love ya Andy, be well and know I always have your back.



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