Indie Spotlight Series 45


First off I want to give a huge thank you to Jack DeMayo for stepping in and doing a superb job at covering for me. I honestly couldn’t have done it better myself brother, and appreciate everything you have done for me, in and out of comics more than you know. We all know that sometimes life puts us in check, and that’s ok. I am more than grateful to my family and friends and everyone who helped me out these past couple weeks. I owe you all, and words can not express what you mean to me. Lar, Deb, Dave, Mom, Edith, and MaMa! Drew, Bryce, Ben C, and Brian Wood. Thank Y’all !  Now it’s time to get back into the comics!!!! There is a common theme that stands out to me this week and it is stellar cover art! Soooooo without further delay let’s jump right in!


Angel 5

Boom! Studios

First up on the docket is Angel 5 the 1:40 Jae Lee Variant from Boom! Studios. This cover art is mind blowing in my opinion, and Jae Lee is quickly becoming one of my favorite cover artists. This book has the wow factor nailed and I also believe it has the scarcity ticked punched. I can assure you that most retailers will not be ordering 40 copies of Angel 5 and this book will be a super tough find in the wild tomorrow.  We have seen one sale so far on eBay for $50 with one other listed as a type this. Don’t sleep on this one.


Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal Age of Resistance 1

Boom! Studios

Boom! Studios has another thank you variant hit on their hands with this one. Dark Crystal Age of Resistance 1 is visually stunning and jaw dropping, as Christian Ward has delivered another home run. This is not just a cover grab though.  The fact that I have heard nothing but great things about the Netflix series, and this book is a direct tie in is a win win for me. I will be looking to pick this one up if I can find it for around $20. Most auctions are surpassing that number as I type this though, and Buy it nows are right at $50.


SFSX sex 1

Image comics

Anytime previews world throws the phrase “Notorious Kink Writer “ in front of a writers name it’s sure to turn heads. And it has.  Selling very well out of the gate  SFSX sex 1 comes to us from Tina Horn and Image Comics.  Although still at cover price this book may be worth picking up if you see it. Imagine a day when sex was outlawed and world of the underground was the only game in town……Billed as a social thriller about sex, love and torture this one has all the makings to be controversial. Definitely another book I wouldn’t sleep on tomorrow.


Plot 1

Vault Comics

I really like the premise for this new Vault comics series The Plot. A man is suddenly thrust into being a father in the worst possible circumstances. To make matters worse when he seeks stability, and normalcy at his family’s property, all he finds is horrific secrets. Horror is still hot right now and this homage cover to House of Secrets 92 is a must have for me. The homage cover is currently selling from $5 to $10. I also like the cover A on this one.


Tales of Terror Bridgewater Triangle 1


Growing up in the 90’s I have to say the Blair Witch Project scared the absolute sh*t out of me and this book sounds eerily similar. Biggest difference being it’s not just a witch you have to worry about…. This is a place in Massachusetts that is said to be inhabited by giant snakes, vengeful creatures and ghostly beings. Oh yea and the occasional UFO sighting. Once a group of kids find their way in, they may never get out. Love the cover A on this one and will be picking it up if I can find it.  There is also a sketch variant that is selling for around $50


Sleeper Pick


Grimm Fairy Tales 31


Cover D is the one to watch. Yea I know, another Zenescope book , but this is one to watch because of Wonder Woman and the pre code horror feal to it. Sleeper Pick


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Criminal 8

Image Comics

Deadly Class 40

Image Comics

Pretty Violent 1 Second Print

Image Comics

Pretty Violent 2

Image Comics

Ride Burning Desire 4

Image Comics

White Trees 1 Second Print

Image Comics

White Trees 2

Image Comics

Aliens Rescue 3 of 4

Dark Horse

Frozen Hero Within 3 of 3

Dark Horse Comics

Ether Disappearance of Violet Bell 1 of 5

Dark Horse

Fight Club 3 #9

Dark Horse (Love The Cover B )

Manor Black 3

Dark Horse (Another great Cover B)

Tommy Gun Wizards 2 of 4

Dark Horse (Great Cover B)

Crow Hack Slash 3 of 4


Road of Bones 3 of 4 Second Print




Transformers Galaxies 1


Red Sonja Birth of Shedevil 3


Vamperella Red Sonja 1


Faithless 6 of 6

Boom! Studios


Boom Studios

Bad Reception 2


Battlecats Volume 2 #5

Mad Cave Studios

Bloodshot 1


Category Zero 5

Scout Comics

Gods and Gears 1

Alterna Comics

Jughead Time Police 4 of 5

Archie Comics

Knights Temporal 3


Mall 2

Vault Comics

No Ones 4

Cave Pictures Publishing

Omni 1 second print


Omni 2


Psycho List 2

Black Box Comics (Great first issue, don’t sleep on this series)

Queen of Bad Dreams 4


Red Winter 3


Relic of Youth 1

Vault comics (Looks interesting and has a Deadly Class 1 homage)

Resonant 3

Vault Comics

Rick and Morty 54

Oni Press

Scratcher 1

Antarctic Press (Possible sleeper with an out there premise)

Solar Flare Season 3 #6

Scout Comics


Thanks again to everyone for reading and good luck out there tomorrow!!!!



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