Indie Spotlight Series 48


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series. This week does not see a ton of books releasing, but there are still some worth taking a look at. Without hesitation, let’s jump right in.


The Mask: I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask 1

Dark Horse

First up today is Mask 1 from Dark Horse Comics. I’m sure most of you remember the Jim Carry movie from the 90’s , it was one of my favorites at that time. While this book carries the same name, I believe the similarities will end there. Murders tied to a political agenda and someone who wants to “ Make America Green Again “ is the basis for this one. In an age where movie reboots are getting more and more popular, I would not sleep on this book long term. I like the Albuquerque cover B and it’s the one I will be looking to pick up tomorrow.


Something is Killing the Children 2

Boom! Studios

I absolutely loved the first issue in this series and can’t wait until this one drops tomorrow. Starting to hear more and more buzz about this book  and rightfully so. I think we will see even more action in this issue than we did in the first. I also think sets of issues one , two , and three will sell very well down the road. For those reasons this is a must have for me tomorrow. I will be looking to pick up the A cover on this one as I wasn’t a huge fan of the B cover.


Vampirella 1 1969 Replica Edition


This Iconic book turned heads back in the day, and it’s still doing its thing now with stunning cover art from Frank Frazetta. This book will be an exact replica of the one that was released in 1969, right down to the adds and its magazine sized format. There are three title color variations though to put a modern day spin on things.( Red, Blue, and Foil ) I will definitely be looking to pick this one up tomorrow, and the foil version is the one I’m going for. These books are already going for above the $6.99 cover price. 


Cult Classics Creature Feature 1

Vault Comics

Aliens, Zombies, The Apocalypse, and a young boy who is looking for nothing but revenge. Millions of years ago an item of unimaginable power was placed beneath a swamp land. Now a comet that has passed by earth has awoken the monster beneath the surface. Say no more, I’M IN! Love the premise to this book and can’t wait to read it. There is no denying the quality of stories that Vault Comics puts out, and I don’t think this one will be any different.


Once & Future 2 Third Print

Boom! Studios

Boom has done it again with a later printing that has a mind blowing cover. Of all the books to release so far in this series this is my favorite cover by far, and may be my favorite for the year overall. Simply stunning art by Jae Lee once again on this one, and it seems like his work is just getting stronger and stronger. I don’t think this book will have a huge print run, and if word spreads on the great art, look for this one to possibly heat up a little. Never know with these later printings now a days.



Sleeper Pick



Once & Future 3

Boom Studios

This is another book that I can’t wait to read, and as I mentioned with Something is Killing The Children, sets sell well. In particular issues one, two, and three over time. Honestly one of my favorite reads going right now and I feel like it’s only a matter of time before we hear some kind of option news. Pick this one up to read and sell in a set when the news drops is my strategy.



Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week



Excellence 6

Image Comics

Gideon Falls 7

Image Comics

Marked 1

Image Comics ( Double Sized First Issue that’s not a bad long term play IMO )



The Realm 15

Image Comics

Rumble 17

Image Comics

Trees Three Fates 2


Steeple 2

Dark Horse

Strayed 3

Dark Horse

Crow Hack Slash 4


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 83


Transformers 13


Chastity 2


Death Defying Devil 3


Firefly 10


Amalgama Space Zombie 1

Action Lab

Archie 708

Archie Comics

Dark Age 3

Red 5

Dark Red 7


Killer Groove 5


Killers 4


Killswitch 1


Life is Strange 9

Titan Comics

Midnight Sky 2


Midnight Vista 2



Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments. Hope this week was a little lighter on everyone’s wallet , and good luck out there tomorrow.



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