Indie Spotlight Series 5


After the past two epic weeks for Indie comics, this one is not quite as colossal. However, there are some exceptional series openers along with crunch times for other series that are in that crucial 2nd and 3rd issue. So let’s get to it..


Knights Of The Golden Sun 1

This one comes to us from Mad Cave Studios and is written by Mark London.  I must admit, the book has me SOLD SOLD SOLD! Knights and Archangels fighting an epic battle while bridging the gap between the old and new testament.. how could you not be on board??

On top of the intriguing storyline, the interior art that I’ve seen is mindblowing! I would think this book would have a small print run and be very hard to find. There was a promo version released a while back and if the regular version catches heat, that may be the one to have!

Pick it up if you can find it. This is my co pick of the week.

Middlewest 1

Middlewest is a new ongoing series brought to us by Image Comics and the creative team of Skottie Young (I Hate Fairyland, Deadpool) and Jorge Corona. The art from cover A had my attention right off the jump but truth be told that was just the tip of the iceberg!  

I’ve already read issue #1 and it’s intriguing to say the least. Typical of a 1st issue not much is learned though the story establishes a strong baseline and sets the stage for issue #2! Father son struggles will make this page turner a humbling reality to many.

I must say the art is mindblowing at times and just ok at others. Cover A would definitely be my pick on this one!

Conspiracy of The Illuminati 1

Here’s my head scratcher of the week. Conspiracy of The Illuminati is brought to us by Zenescope Entertainment and makes some bold statements in the preview.

Conspiracy theories, Government issues, and a warning that says this book may change the way you think about life definitely caught my eye!  If it lives up to the billing, this could catch some heat and be one to watch.

This is my co pick of the week.

Love Town 0

From Devils Due/ First Comics comes Love Town 0. This book is being described as an homage to all dark noir films of the mid 20th century. It is set in a fictional town that mimics  Los Angeles at its finest during the 1940’s.

With movie stars, criminals and magic all intertwined in a world of corruption, I can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy! As of now, it can still be pre ordered from the publisher if it seems like one you would be interested in.

Night Moves 1

I’m not sure if it’s the blood dripping off the Las Vegas sign on the bad ass cover or the fact this book shares the same name as my favorite Bob Segar song but it has my attention! This new title from IDW publishing could be a sleeper.

Night moves has a catchy story line that I think writer VJ boyd (Executive Producer of S.W.A.T.) can run with. This is one that may be under ordered, so definitely try to get your hands on it!  

PS- there is also a black and white incentive variant for this book.

Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Burnouts 3 – Image Comics

Cold Spots 4 – Image Comics

Whispering Dark 2 – Dark Horse Comics (This is a great read and can’t wait for this issue)

Crimson Lotus 1 – Dark Horse Comics

Low Road West 3 – Boom Studios

Black Badge 4 – Boom Studios

The Last Space Race 2 – Aftershock Comics

Lollipop Kids 2 – Aftershock Comics

Hot Lunch Special 4 – Aftershock Comics

High Heaven 3 – Ahoy Comics

Devil Within 2 – Black Mask Studios (This one showed a ton of promise after issue 1)

Pestilence Story of Satan 5 – Aftershock Comics (Great Cover)

Smooth Criminals 1 – Boom Studios


*****Worth A Read********


With Black Badge 4 releasing this week, I thought I would touch back on this series. If you are not reading it, you’re missing out! This is in my top 5 ongoing reads and has a realistic but entertaining storyline.

It has the feel of the vintage film Red Dawn with a new twist. I can definitely see this one getting optioned sooner or later! Give it a shot.

Last Week’s Updates


The Weather Man 6 1:25 Variant

This one is definitely a ghost with only two listed on ebay right now. One is listed at $50 and the other is an auction from the UK that is yet to finish as I write this. I have seen one sale for $25.

Bitter Root 1

This one has sold out and is now going back to a second print! I really loved the story and thought the art was awesome!

Jook Joint 2

This was my read of the week! Loved it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. It’s an eye opener and will show you some emotional rollercoasters and powerful struggles. Can still be found at cover but not many around. I feel like this is a long term hold for option news.  PS- the art is PHENOMENAL!

Life is Strange 1

Cover A is selling the best and with sales over $20 but has since settled back around $12 to $15. Covers B and E also showed a little movement and are selling from $8 to $10  


Friendo 1 second print

Extremely hard to find saw sales over $20 but settled now to $12 to $15


Firefly 1 1:100 variant

Sales ranging from $80 to $100


Thanks for reading and hope this helps!



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