Indie Spotlight Series 51


Hello and welcome to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series. This week sees the launch of several new titles and most all look very promising. Without any hesitation, let’s jump right in.


Black Stars Above 1

Vault Comics

It seems like I say it almost every week, but horror is hot and this book fits wonderfully in that genre. Described as a cosmic horror set in the 1800’s, the story follows a young trapper and her journey to deliver a mysterious package to a nameless town. However a supernatural storm stands in her path. Art looks amazing form debut artist Jenna Cha, and if the story is done to the Vault standard, look out.  I like cover A but there is also a pretty nice Miller Homage as well.



RV9 1

Mad Cave Studios

This one comes to us from up and coming superstar Ben Goldsmith ( Seance Room, Beyond The Demon Sea) and Mad Cave Studios. I can say that I have had the pleasure of reading this book and its a fantastic read, that I already can’t wait to get more of. The story centers around a “family” called Order of the 9, a group of very gifted assassins.  One member has gone rogue and will not stop until she brings the others down. Art is flawless, and the story is on point. Highly recommend trying this one out. Have seen one copy sell for $20 but it may have been an outlier. Don’t forget there is also a preview version of this that came out months back, and it may very well be the one to have in the long run.



Folklords 1

Boom Studios

Looks like Boom has another hit on their hands with this one, as sales have been strong on Folklords out of the gate. The story follows a young man who lives in a  Robin Hood esque world where to become an adult you have to go on a fairy tale type of quest. This young man, Ansel, has a different quest in mind though. He wants to investigate his visions of a world with technology, Skyscrapers, Airplanes, and guns. He hopes he will find the sacred folklords there and his journey is sure to be an epic tale, but failure may be punishable by death…… There is a 1 per store variant that is selling fast for $40 to $50 and one outlier at $100. However don’t sleep on the 1:25 as it is selling for $25 to $40.


One Per Store


1:25 Ratio


Mirka Andolfo’s Unsacred 1

Ablaze Comics

From the creator of Unnatural we get this new series that follows a tempting Angel and a Mischievous Devil in  their day to day life. Billed as being full of gags and a sex positive incredibly funny read this may be another book to watch this week. Decent sales so far on this one. Also, be aware there is a 1:10 gold foil Halo variant that may be the one to have.



Family Tree 1

Image Comics

Another book this week that fits soundly into that horror genre. This one is about a child that is literally changing into a tree. Yep you heard me some real discovery channel sh*t on this one. Weird works now a days though, and although this one is out there, at its core it really is about family and the lengths they will go to keep each other safe. Sure to be a wild ride, I’m on board for issue 1 and we will see how it goes from there.




Sleeper Pick


For Real 1

Uncivilized Comics

Written by James Romberger this book will tell two stories about the legendary Jack Kirby. The stories will include his cancer diagnosis and his heroism in WWII and are sure to be very desirable for all Jack Kirby Fans. Like the idea, and we will see how the execution is. Wouldn’t sleep on this book if you see it tomorrow. Zero listed or sold on Ebay as I type this.




Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week



Battlepug 3

Image Comics

Gideon Falls 18

Image Comics

Moonshine 13

Image Comics ( So Glad To See This Series Back!!!)

Oblivion Song 21

Image Comics

Reaver 3 Second Print

Image Comics

Reaver 5

Image Comics

Sea of Stars 5

Image Comics

Spawn 301 Second Print

Image Comics

Black Hammer Justice League 5 of 5

Dark Horse

Elfquest Stargazers Hunt 1

Dark Horse

Triage 3 of 5

Dark Horse

G.I. Joe 268


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic 84


Uncle Scrooge 50


Chastity 2


Death Defying Devil 3


Buffy Hellmouth 2

Boom Studios

Ghosted in L.A. 5

Boom Studios

Go Go Power Rangers 25

Boom Studios

Ronnin Island 8

Boom Studios

Something Is Killing The Children 2 Third Print

Boom Studios

Butcher Queen 3 of 4

Red 5

Cosmo Mighty Martian 1

Archie Comics

Ginseng Roots 2

Uncivilized Comics

Life is Strange 10

Titan Comics

Ruwans 1

Keen Spot


Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments. Good luck out there tomorrow.



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