Indie Spotlight Series 53


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series. This week has a couple books that have some  good flip potential if they can be found for a reasonable price. Without any hesitation, let’s jump right in.


Killadelphia 1

Image Comics

Killadelphia centers around a small town cop who comes home to Philly to bury his father, the revered big city detective. What he uncovers on this journey will shake him to the core. Corruption, death, brutality, and vampires. I really like the premise and have high hopes for this one. Everyone is waiting on the next great vampire story. Could this be it…….. I can’t answer that yet but if presales are any indication, watch out. The 1:25 Mattina variant which is my favorite, is going for over $50 as I type this. Also be aware there is a LCSD version of this book that released early,  and sales are steadily on the rise with that one as well.

1:25 variant


Star Trek 1 Picard Countdown 1:25 Variant


Sure to be a tough find tomorrow, this 1:25 Incentive variant with art by Pitre Duro is absolutely gorgeous! Low Print run Star Trek Books tend to do well so I wouldn’t sleep on this one if found below ratio price.  Sales should be helped as well by the new Amazon Prime show that  looms closer and closer. This one is going for over $30 as of now.


Folklords 1 Second Print

Boom! Studios

If we have learned anything from the past, its that second prints on Boom! books seem to be underprinted and very hard to find. In turn this helps the sales on the secondary market in the first few weeks of release, and then  again longer term if a book is optioned. Folklords 1 should be no different. We have already seen sales above $25 with very few listed. If you’re lucky enough to come across one tomorrow at cover price it may be worth picking up.



Misplaced 1

Source Point Press

Premise on this book seems very sound and could make for an excellent read. Two lovers separated at Death on a fatal shipwreck, and that’s just the beginning. The Journey to the afterlife is not the paradise everyone imagines. A supernatural tale of love, existence, and desperation. What also catches my eye on this one is the writer Chris Callahan and his many ties to the Hollywood world, as he is a T.V. graphic designer. Could be a book to watch tomorrow and moving forward.



Cobra Kai 2 Karate Kid Saga 1:10 Variant


I think this book will be another one that is hard to find tomorrow from IDW. With copies selling as fast as they hit eBay for $10 I think we may see this one climb to $25 or so before settling back to ratio. I have to say that  the cover is not one of my favorites, but if found tomorrow for ratio I will try for a quick flip.



Sleeper Pick

Touching Evil 1

Source Point Press

A new type of Hero is born when a prisoner curses an attorney and changes her life forever. She now has the ability to kill anyone evil just by touching them…. But what is evil really……… Should be a wild ride and I for one am on board. This title was previously released via  the self published route in 2013 by writer Dan Dougherty and those books are very tough to find. There is also a con exclusive that was released earlier this year and has one sale of over $150 for a CBCS 9.8 copy.

Cover A Source Point


Self Published Version



Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week



Ascender 7


Criminal 10


Curse Words 25


East of West 44


Lazarus Risen 3


Postal Deliverance 5


Fight Club 3 # 11

Dark Horse  ( Love the Wilkerson Cover B )

Machine Gun Wizards 4

Dark Horse

Crow Hark The Herald One Shot

IDW  ( Another IDW book to be aware of the 1:10 )

Sonic The Hedgehog 23


Transformers Galaxies 3


Kiss Zombies 1


Psycho List 4


Relics of Youth 3


Resonant 5


Rick and Morty 56

Oni Press

Second Coming 5

Ahoy Comics

Space Raiders Vortex of Darkness 1

Black Mask

Vark Wars 1

Aardvark Vanaheim ( Like this parody Cover )

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 45


Casper Classic Christmas 1

American Mythology

Dark Red 8


Gutter Magic 3

Source Point Press

Last Stop 1

Scout Comics ( Series opener in the new non stop line of books.)

Leave on the Light 2

Antarctic Press

Mall 4


Midnight Sky 3


Moneyshot 1 Second Prints

Vault    ( Clean and Black Bag Cover Available )

Monster Men Soul or Beast 1

American Mythology

Monster Planet 2


Ogres 1

Source Point Press ( Series Continuation from the series Ogre. I can’t wait to read this one.)

Plot 3



Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments, and good luck out there tomorrow.



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