Indie Spotlight Series 6

Welcome back to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series. This week we get a little breather as it’s a lighter week for the Indie comic world. That being said, there are still some excellent reads and a chance for a couple flip books that might be worth a look so let’s jump right in.


These Savage Shores 1

(second print)

This book may sound familiar as I’ve mentioned it in my Worth a Read section in previous weeks. Brought to us by Vault Comics and written by Ram V, this is currently my favorite read at the moment! This week they will be releasing the second print to number 1 and boy is it killer! This one follows suit to the Friendo 1 second print by Vault Comics and gives us another epic homage cover! Cover art is a shout out to Tomb of Dracula. Love what Vault is doing with these second print covers. I believe this one will be hard to find and probably heat up for a little while on the secondary market.  If you can find it at cover on the day of release you should not any trouble flipping it for double that if not more. This book is my co-pick of the week!



Cerberus In Hell 1

Ok let me warn you, this is confusing as Hell (pun intended)!  Dave Sims and his Aardvark Vanaheim label bring us this new one shot. I am picking this particular book for the current week because of its spelling in the title. Yes, you heard that right. So apparently when Aardvark was created in the 1970s it was misspelled and never got changed. Until now that is. There was some confusion at Diamond Distributors when this title was put into previews because they corrected the spelling. However, that was not what Sims wanted. It has since been corrected in the previews to CERBERUS instead of CEREBUS and Sims has billed it as fixing a 41 year old typo.  This is a must have for my PC and may be a long term hold. If not, cool either way.



Ogre 2

Source Point Press has had an outstanding run lately and that is in part to their creative team who is on fire! Bob Salley is at the forefront of that and I believe his new series, Ogre, has some major staying power. Issue #2 in the series comes out this week and it will not disappoint. I had a chance to read an advanced copy and loved it!  The story takes a new turn and is seems the stories direction may change. I can now see this being a miniseries that turns ongoing because it was that notable. With that being said, I think this book will be very hard to find because of a tiny print run. So for those two reasons, I am making this my co-pick of the week.



Quincredible 1

I really like the concept behind the new book from Lion Forge and written by Rodney Barnes. A high school kid who wants to moonlight as a superhero but the kicker is, his only power is invulnerability. If written well, it could be promising and somewhat unconventional. I believe it was slated to come out 4 years ago but didn’t for one reason or another. Once again, this is going to be another one that is super hard to find. Don’t pass it up if you see it for cover.


Monarchs 1

This is a new series from Scout Comics and written by A.C. Medina. Sounds like a thrilling Sci/Fi adventure about a new race on a recently developed planet that struggles for survival. I will definitely give the first issue a shot for reading purposes and hope for the best. Scout has been putting out some quality stuff, though I am not a fan of how long it takes them in between issues in a series.


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Man Eaters 3 – Image Comics

The Warning 1 – Image Comics (New series)

Redneck 17 – Image Comics  (Wedding Issue)

Stranger Things 3 – Dark Horse Comics

Beyonders 4 – Aftershock

Devil Within 1 second print – Black Mask Comics

Edgar Allen Poe’s Snifter of Terror 2 – Ahoy Comics(This is my cover of the week by far)

Kiss, Blood and Stardust 2 – Dynamite Comics (1st was good and i’m not even a Kiss fan)

Monstrous 1 – Source Point Press

Stars End 1 – Antarctic Press

***** These Savage Shores 2 – Vault Comics *****


***** WORTH A READ *****


Knights of the Golden Sun 1

Vault Comics

Honestly, I can’t say enough about K.O.T.G.S! The word that comes to mind is EPIC. This book takes stories from the Bible that you thought you knew and shows them from a totally different perspective. Mark London is masterful in the way he builds this new world and the art by Mauricio Villarreal puts it over the top! Also, it takes well known biblical names and gives them new twists of their persona. It’s like seeing a whole different side of everything and it 100 percent started to bridge gaps in time! Full of surprise, it will leave you going,”what just happened” at the end!




Middlewest 1


Overall good read. The 1:20 variant is doing the best with sales ranging from $40 to $80. The 1:10 Variant is going for $10 to $15  and cover Acan still be found at cover price.


Night Moves 1


Secondary market is doing well. Can not find one on ebay for less than $10. However, as I write this you may be able to find a few left at cover if you look hard in other spots. I am yet to read this one.



Love Town 0


This is another one that was very hard to find. There have been multiple $5 sales of this book on ebay, with only one listed as of now for $8. Keep in mind this book had a $2 cover price.  Yet to read this one either, I have some catching up to do haha.


Knights of The Golden Sun 1


This was my read of the week-Hands Down! However it’s still a mystery on what these will do on the secondary market. Only 3 have hit and 2 sold instantly while one is still at auction. Anxious to see what it goes for. I have a feeling prices will go up significantly in the coming days.


Conspiracy 1 The Illuminati


This was my co-pick of the week last week and boy has it heated up. Cover B is going for over $40 now with the recent news that it has sold out, as the cover A is a $12 dollar book.  Haven’t read it yet, as I haven’t received my copies.


As always, thanks for reading and I hope this helps out.


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