Indie Spotlight Series 7


Welcome back to our 7th edition of I.S.S. We have some good stuff this week so let’s get right to it.


Die 1 – Image Comics

Image comics brings us our first pick with a new series debut from the same team that brought us Wicked and The Divine.  Die 1 has my attention and apparently other people’s too as pre-sales look very strong on this book. The storyline seems like something I could get into. Sounds like a Cold Case type of story that’s told from an unusual perspective. Also, be sure to check out the contest CBSI is running until tomorrow to win your free store exclusive from One Stop Shop comics.


Death Orb 3 – Dark Horse Comics

I can’t say enough about this series! This is the time to jump on! Ale Aragon has created a unreal post apocalyptic world that is full of twists and turns. This is a long term hold for me as I continuously pick up back issues of 1 and 2. If movie news breaks, you won’t catch me sleeping on this one.


The Source 2 – Scout Comics

The Source 2 comes to us this week from Scout Comics.  The first issue was great but I was hesitant to jump on board with Scout’s past record.  My issue with Scout does not lie in the quality of work but in the time frame they release new books in the series. Nonetheless, I am ready for this one and hope they continue to steadily improve.


Riptide 4 – Red 5 Comics

This will be the thrilling conclusion in an epic miniseries!  I will definitely be picking this book up to complete the set.  There are so many directions this book could go as issue 4 ends so fingers crossed we will get more Riptide from Luckert and  Chitwood.


Wizard Beach 1 – Boom Studios

This one is totally out there and I love it.  What happens when a community of witches and wizards come out of hiding?????  They create a magical beach town! We have boom studies and Shaun Simon to thank for this one and I’m making it my pick of the week.  


Worth A Read


Savage Shores 2 – Vault Comics

This one started slow but then took off.  You can see a war of epic proportions building between two civilizations.  One of the Western Lords has been killed on a continent that is shrouded in mystery and will stop at nothing to unlock its secrets.  However, both places have secrets and it’s a matter of time before everything comes to light. Definitely give it a try!


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Blackbird 3 – Image Comics

Man Eaters 2 Second Print

Prodigy 1 – Image comics (Sounds Like Iron man Honestly)

Self Made 1 – Image Comics

Walking Dead 186 – Image Comics

Lodger 2 – Black Crown IDW

Road of The Dead – Highway to Hell 2 – IDW

Low Road West 4 –  Boom Studios

Breakneck 1 – Titan Comics


Last Week’s Updates


These Savage Shores 1 Second Print

Selling right at $10 on the secondary market.

Cerberus In Hell 1

Can still be found everywhere at cover.

Ogre 2

Can still be found at cover at Source Point Press website. Go get it! Great read and I knew it was coming! Inside info coming from @nazpacino over on instagram is that there will be a new series coming from Bob Salley and Source Point called Ogres in the fall!  There is a page in issue two that ties into that! Great Info!!


Quincredible 1

Haven’t got my copy in yet but will give review when I do for sure. No copies left as of now on ebay at cover.


Monarchs 1

You will have to pay $8 if you want this one now.


Thanks for reading and hope this helps.



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