Indie Spotlight Series 8


Welcome back to another week of new comics. Honestly, this week could be The Antarctic Press Show (speculation wise) but fingers crossed there will be some great reads as well. Here we go………


PunchLine 2

Antarctic Press brings us our first pick and my pick of the week! Strong pre sales for  PunchLine 2 and a 1st Issue that went through the roof sales wise before settling back down are my reasons.  I think this one will be super difficult to find, probably harder than the 1st. Only two listed on Ebay as of now and they aren’t cheap. Cover A for $24.99 and the Soaring Variant for $64.99. Don’t pass either one of these up, if you’re lucky enough to see one!


MegaGhost 1

MegaGhost 1 comes to us from Albatross Funny Books and written by Gabe Soria.  Eric Powell is the creator of this publishing company and he has a massive fan base. I love what he is doing with his Hillbilly series. Highly recommend it. For this particular book they will be doing a special LTD variant with cover art by Powell himself that is already seeing sales above cover.  Though keep in mind this will be a $5.99 cover while the other cover is $3.99


How The Trump Stole Christmas One Shot

Back to the Antarctic Press band wagon for this one, as it’s everyone’s favorite man to hate! How The Trump Stole Christmas, same story, new greed/money green foil cover. Truth be told I never read the story so I will try to check it out this year, as it seems very popular!  Already seeing sales of $15 on ebay, as last year’s gold foil variant is still a $15 to $20 book. Grab this years if you see it for a quick flip at least.


Stars End 2

Once again, this one comes to us from Antarctic Press and honestly it’s a head scratcher for me.  The story line didn’t sound great, so I passed on it… dumb move apparently as issue 1 is still a $12 to $15 book after going up to well over $20 early after release. Stars End 2 should definitely be on your radar this week as we have already seen pre sales at $15. I won’t make the same mistake on this one that I did on the first. I don’t expect it to hold but should definitely be a quick flip on Wednesday for $15 to $20.


Team M.O.B.I.L.E 1

Here we go again. ANOTHER Antarctic Press book that the story line doesn’t grab my attention……….. Team M.O.B.I.L.E. 1 releases this week and is about a team of specialists that are stopping robots from destroying the world in some fashion or another. Not my cup of tea from the sound of it but from a spec perspective I will be grabbing one of these if I see it for a quick flip if nothing else.  There has been one sale I have seen on ebay for $14.99.


Dead Kings 2

Don’t sleep on this one! Dead Kings 2 from Aftershock will be hitting shelves tomorrow.  I admit the 1st issue was tough to follow but you can never judge a series by it’s first issue. Remember issue 1 heated up for a brief moment so there was definitely some interest in the series. Hopefully issue 2 won’t be as confusing and will actually clear the story line up. If they can do that the series may survive and this issue might see a little price bump as well as heating the 1st back up. I’m pulling for it as I had high hopes for this series going in!


***** Worth A Read *****


Self Made 1 – Image Comics

This one was a pleasant surprise! It’s a great story that just takes turn after turn and will have you saying “what the hell?”. It’s quite easy to get behind the protagonist, as she’s very likable. This book is high paced and will quickly switch directions on you. By the end you somewhat have an idea of what’s going on. Has an Avatar feel and I think gamers will love it.


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Bitter Root 1 Second print – Image Comics

Bitter Root 2 – Image Comics

Cemetery Beach 4 – Image Comics

Infinite Dark 3 – Image Comics (Lots of Reader Buzz on this one)

Magic Order 5 – Image Comics  (Cover A may be one to watch)

Murder Falcon 3 – Image Comics

Oblivion Song 10 – Image Comics

Outer Darkness 1 Second Print – Image Comics

Outer Darkness 2 – Image Comics

Skyward 9 – Image Comics

Spawn Kills Everyone Too – Image Comics

God of War 2 – Dark Horse Comics

Empty Man 2 – Boom Studios

Firefly 1 Second Print – Boom Studios (new cover art)

Animosity Evolution 9 – Aftershock Comics

Patience Conviction Revenge 4 – Aftershock Comics

Captain Ginger 3 – Ahoy Comics

Norah 4 – Source Point Press  (don’t sleep on this series)

Fearscape 3 – Vault Comics

Life is Strange 1 second print – Titan Comics

Sink 6 – Comixtribe

William the Last 3 – Antarctic Press




Die 1 – Image Comics

Great read and can still be found at cover all over the place.  Don’t forget to check out One Stop Shop Comics as they have an exclusive store variant that is limited to 500!


Death Orb 3 – Dark Horse Comics

Still haven’t got my copy yet. Can’t wait to read it and if you have let me know what you thought. Can still be found at cover price on Ebay.


The Source 2 – Scout Comics

Loved the story. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep this one coming scout! Sales are right at $12 to $15 on this one.


Riptide 4 – Red 5 comics

Still waiting to get my copy. I wish I could get all these publishers to get me early digital versions like Mad Cave Studios so I could have reviews up early. Will try to give you a review on this one next week. Can still be found at the publisher’s website and Ebay for cover.


Wizard Beach 1 – Boom Studios

Once again still waiting on my copy to read but sales have been decent on this one, so I’m hoping for good things. Can still be found at cover price on Ebay.


Big Winner from last week was Grumble 1 from Albatross Funny Books. There are two secret variants released on this book. One with word bubbles from the main character that had 1000 copy print run. This version is a $35 book right now.  The other secret variant has word bubbles from the dog. This version is limited to 300 copies and has seen sales of over $100. Be on the lookout as there are still people finding these in the wild. Example: @mani_the_comic_collector over on IG.

Check him out!



Thanks again for reading and I hope this helps out.



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