Indie Spotlight Series


In this series I will keep everyone up to speed in the Indie world of comics and give some picks for the upcoming week. Hope this helps out!


1. Sex, Death, Revolution 1


This is a double sized first issue from Black Mask Studios, written by Eisner nominated Magdalena Visaggio (Eternity Girl and Kim & Kim).  S.D.R. is a combination of magic, witches and the real world that promises many twists and turns around every corner. So far it has gotten great reviews and has decent presales. This one will push the envelope and I’m super excited for it.  This is my pick of the week!


2.  Stranger Things 2- Greg Ruth Variant


As we all know, this series has a tremendous following.  Combine that with an epic cover (in my opinion) and a small print run, Dark Horse Comics may have a winner winner chicken dinner.  To be honest, this cover art blows me away. With a Francesco Mattina look, I’m picking this one up just for the cover. Love what Greg Ruth has done!


3. Blood Realm 2


Written by Robert Geronimo and published by Alterna Comics, this is part 2 of a 3 part series. After the first issue this one is a definite pick up.  Sales of number 1 have ranged from $2 to $10 with the most recent being $6. Keep in mind this is a $1.50 cover price book. Number 2 should have a miniscule print run and be very hard to find. Sets of 1 & 2 should sell well together on the aftermarket.  


4.  Man Eaters 2- Iridescent Cover


This is number 2 in a series written by controversial writer Chelsea Cain and published by Image Comics.  This one is definitely worth having. The iridescent cover had me at HELLO (haha). To get a different perspective I had my girlfriend read issue number 1 and give me her thoughts.  SHE LOVED IT! She said it definitely related to real world hot topics/ current events, using terms after such as “MAN’S WORLD” and “GIRL POWER” to describe the comic. Cain must know what she’s doing and if she keeps this up she will definitely get a huge following on this book.  


*******Bonus Halloween Pick*****


Edgar Allen Poe’s Snifter Of Terror 1

This is a wild card from Fledgeling Comic Company, Ahoy Comics.  Not quite sure what to expect from this one but definitely be on the lookout for it.  I believe this book will be extremely hard to find. Poe has a huge fan base that should sell the book out. This one will be printed in a magazine format.  


******Worth A Read********


In this section I will go over some books from the recent weeks that are a very good read. Not necessarily spec worthy but you never know if movie or T.V. news breaks.


Cold Spots 1

This one was a pleasant surprise.  It has a very intriguing feel. Not a lot is learned in the first issue about paranormal activity going on in the book but the main character has been sent on his mission! Who doesn’t love a spooky story during halloween and Cullen Bunn doesn’t disappoint.


Last Week’s Updates


Dead Kings 1

Just an OK read in my opinion, however it is only issue 1. Doing well on the after market though, Cover A & B both selling for $10 a piece shipped.


The Whispering Dark 1

Best read of the week for me.  Can still be found at cover. Give this one a shot!!!!


Lodger 1

Good book that you will have to read twice to catch everything.  Some sales but still found at cover.


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