Inhumans, Star Wars, Flash!!!

Inhuman 3

First appearance of Flint

It looks like Flint will be on Agents of Shield. I actually like this show. The last few seasons have been pretty good but character spec is down. Still the cover on this one is by one of the best.

Lady Kira/House of Kira

First appearance Empire’s End

Any chance Rey is Vader’s sister who was frozen in carbonite? OK so that seems far fetched but with all this Kira nonsense it’s time to dive into this thing. Rey’s original screen name was Kira ( see Jakku land speeder ) and with Emilia Clarke playing a Kira in the Solo film, I see two fan theories that we should be watching. If Emily Clarke is Kira Carsen ( no known comic appearance ) then the jedi could have had a child with Solo he knew nothing about. The timeline on this would not match the comics but Disney isn’t concerned with all that. They are just plucking the best from the EU. The other logical choice is Lady Kira. If Clarke is Lady Kira then Adam Driver’s use of the words “ princess in hiding” to describe Rey might mean she is royalty after all and her real name is Kira.

Inhumans: The Great Refuge

First appearance of Sals-Bek

Agents of Shield is digging deep for obscure characters to cast for it’s show. Kree assassin Sals-Bek has but one comic appearance!

Flash: Iron Heights

First appearance of Fallout

Talk about undervalued, at least once a year there is something about this book that brings it to the attention of speculators. Would you expect anything less from legendary creators like Johns and Ethan Van Sciver? This time around the CW is looking to cast Fallout for the show.

Mister Terrific 2

First appearance of Brainstorm 3

The CW’s Flash is also looking to cast this Mr. Terrific villain.

Contra ( Mondo LP Tri-Colored, limited to 1000 )

First appearance of Contra characters in comic form by Eric Powell

One of the toughest video games ever made is being adapted into a live action film. While the franchise does not have a comic adaptation, they did appear in comic form on the cover to this awesome Mondo LP!

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