Into the Spider-Verse 2, Spider-Man 2099, Paper Girls, Crisis and More!

So Into the Spider-Verse was an epic assault on the senses and a surprisingly thought provoking film.  Because I was so enamored with it I have decided to mention a few books along with my regular pics.  Enjoy!

In a recent interview the creators of Into the Spider-Verse said they want to add Silk, Takuya Yamashiro, Spider-Punk and the Italian Spider-Man to the sequel. There is zero conformation of this so time to speculate;

Sentai 5 & The Amazing Spider-Man 9 1:25

First American appearance on the Japanese Spider-Man

The Japanese Spider-Man ( not to be confused with the Manga Spider-Man ) made his first in continuity appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 9. The 1:25 Dell’Otto is always the way to go. Leopardon has already been discussed and did appear in the film, did you see him? The Japanese Spider-Man appeared in no comic prior to ASM 9 but did appear in some Manga titles no one will ever get a hold of!  Then there is Sentai 5 which does have him on the cover of a comic book.

Amazing Spider-Man 10 1:25

First appearance of the Anarchic Spider-Man/Spider-Punk

Of all the characters that will be rumored Spider-Punk probably has the best chance of making it into the sequel as a key character.  He’s a fan favorite and his killer design would be an awesome sight on the big screen.

As for the Italian Spider-Man I can find no comic appearance for Franco Franchetti but I highly recommend everyone here watch Danger 5.

Francesco Francavilla did do a sweet poster but I have no idea if it was ever produced.

Marvel 1991 Annual Report

First appearance of Spider-Man 2099 and other 2099 characters

When Marvel sent out it’s 1991 market report to investors it inadvertently included the first appearances of a few 2099 characters some 6 months before they actually appeared!

This comic came in an oversized folder which is also quite rare.

Web of Spider-Man 90

The pin up of Miguel in this book predates Marvel Age 114 and ASM 365

Web 90 was heavily printed. Here are the versions; direct, newsstand, junior press, 2nd print golf foil direct, 2nd print gold foil newsstand. I like the newsstand first print even though the 2nd print gold news is more rare it isn’t a first and neither is the Aussie version which may be the rarest! Also Galactom appears!

Amazing Spider-Man 253

First appearance of Richard Fisk as the Rose.

If you looked close you could see a picture of the Rose hidden away in the background of the Spider-Verse movie.  If we are speculating on villains that could appear down the road he might no be a bad choice considering his importance as a child in the current film.  Richard Fisk first appeared in ASM 83.

What if 19

If you were looking closely in Spider-Man’s lair you might be wondering if Spidey ever wore a cape.  Well,  there was this comic!

Then there is always the Peter Parker of Earth 11638 who snags Spider-Men from other Earths to drain their powers!

First appearance;

Image Preview 2015

Paper Girls Preview

Everyone seems to be on the hunt for BKV books that may get adapted. I won’t call it a first but there is this Image book

Ghost Spider 1 ( animation Variant )

First appearance of Animated Spider-Gwen/Spider-Woman

In the film she isn’t actually called Ghost Spider but she did receive an update to the one detail most fans harp on the character about, her slippers.  This variant may be the first and first cover of the animated version of Spider-Gwen.

Doom Patrol 35

First appearance of Danny the Street and Darren Jones

I am telling you Doom Patrol is going to be completely insane. I am still shocked we are even getting this type of show. Now we know at least one episode will feature the sentient entity!  i can’t wait to see how that turns out!

Crisis on Infinite Earths 2,7,8 ( Mark Jewelers or Canadian Price Variants Only )

Next year the CW brings Elseworlds to TV.  So far the speculation on the CW crossovers has been more miss than hit but this adaptation could be a game changer.  We should expect the death of Supergirl or the Flash right?  Otherwise what’s the point.  This series was heavily printed so the the only books I like are 7,8 for reasons mentioned above and issue 2, the first appearance of the Anit-Monitor.

Look for 95 cent or 1.60 price variants and Mark Jeweler inserts on these books.

Cassanova 1, ODY-C Display Variant & ODY-C Coloring Book

Matt Fractions exclusive deal with Legendary made the comic news this week and fans are already speculating on which of his books will make the cut.  Most seem to be gravitating towards Sex Criminals but I really believe the spy thriller Cassanova would make an excellent choice.

ODY-C may bit a bit tougher to adapt but it too is flying under the radar!

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