Introducing the new checklist machine & Brian Bolland Checklist

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I posted one of these, but since we kinda launched the new checklist website via G+ yesterday, I thought I would let you all out here too.

Why a new website? Simply put, I don’t have the time to update the DB, export the cover mosaic and update the comic list for each and every single checklist in this site in a reasonable time frame, there are just too many of them. So from this moment on all the checklists will be available at


  • Centralized
  • Hopefully updated as the comics come out (lots of catch-up to do but eventually will get up to date). In any case, you get to see what we are working on as it happens.
  • A bit more interactive (you can search by title and filter by publisher)
  • Mobile friendly


  • No more mosaics (don’t think anyone but me will mind about that)
  • There’s no comments section … yet

People seem to be enjoying it, so take a look and let us know what you think!!!

Having said that …

Brian Bolland Cover Checklist

I had been meaning to write something about Bolland because this guy can draw anything and make it look good. You can find the checklist here … Now I can use this space for stuff I learned while putting the checklist together.

We all know Bolland is amazing (whether you grew up with his Judge Dredd, Animal Man covers or just like how awesome Wonder Woman looks on his covers), so I thought I would focus on a couple of curious pieces of information:

    1. Brian Bolland hasn’t done much for Marvel. This is all I could find in terms of covers:

      And the story gets worse (as if it weren’t meant to happen):

      1. The She-Hulk art didn’t arrive in time so someone (Mark Texeira?) had to redo the art so that it would make it to the printers. Marvel then printed the cover and gave it away to retailers to put on top of the actual comic.
      2. Everything I know points to the Spider-Man art being a cover for use in Spider-Man Megazine (reprints) but the series got cancelled. It was used as a pin-up somewhere else.
      3. The Wolverine was published and it looked great, but it was the cover for a Wizard, so Marvel wasn’t involved
    2. This 2000AD cover is pretty weird:It’s a cover and an ad (no Star Wars inside), but since it features those well loved characters thought someone might be interested.
    3. The German publishing market likes fun … So you probably remember this Lobo #37 cover by Brian Bolland:If you do, you probably guessed that the published cover was just part of the original art:Which would not have made it to the printers … Enter the German edition of this comic! Close enough, right? Well, look out for the variant editions:

      What are these women craving for?

      … and what the frag is this dog doing here?


So a link to the checklist homepage and 3 random factoids. Was it worth it? You tell me!!!!

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