Ironheart and AI Tony Stark coming to Disney +????



We Got This Covered is reporting that Disney is bringing Robert Downey Jr back for a new Disney+ spin off show.



The series it to focus on Riri Williams (Ironheart) and an A.I. version of Tony Stark who will teach Riri to become a superhero.



CBSI’s Topher of True Firsts has reported that the  1st Tony Stark A.I. appearance is Infamous Iron Man #1. Also there are variants.


(Infamous Iron Man #1)


The other major key and obvious at that is the 1st appearance of Riri Williams herself.


(Invincible Iron Man #7)


(2nd Print)


(3rd Print)


(Women of Power Variant)


There is also some 1st full vs cameo debate with this character leading to demand for this one as well.


(Invincible Iron Man #9)


Ironheart #1 and Invincible Iron Man #1 (RiRi series) are sleeper books to be on the Lookout for since her call sign would be key to the shows identity.


(Iron Heart #1)


There are a ton of great variants for this one. The Stephanie Hans 1:50 and Jen Bartel 1:50 are the ones to look for.


(Invincible Iron Man #1)


Author’s Note:

We got this covered makes frequent movie rumor posts. The jury is still out if this is a reliable news source.  Fox News has already picked up on this and run an article themselves citing We Got This Covered. Be cautious.


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