Is Zatanna just Abracadabra?


“I feel the magic in your caress
I feel magic when I touch your dress
Silk and satin, leather and lace
Black panties with an angel’s face
I see magic in your eyes
I hear the magic in your sighs
Just when I think I’m gonna get away
I hear those words that you always say
Abra abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya

– Steve Miller Band



Is Zatanna just Abracadabra?


Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members! Everytime I have heard that above classic track my mind wanders to Zatanna. Even the lyrics seem to mimic who she is and her actions. The rumblings of a future movie hit like a tidal wave over comic forums and boards throughout the Internet late last week. Now, this all could be speculative magic and quickly disappear in front of our very eyes, but nevertheless it’s fun to be entertained by this news. So with this, let’s look at her journey as a character through time within the comics. In addition, browse some covers that are worth hunting down out there in the wild from all eras of comic history.


1st appearance Hawkman # 4 1964


2nd appearance Atom # 19 1965


It’s hard to believe she is almost 55 years old within the DC Universe. In looking at her material over the time since she was introduced, there definitely some underutilization with Zatanna. Frankly, most comic fans probably recognize her from her time with the Justice League of America (JLA) and Justice League Dark (JLD). However, there’s some good stuff to chew on with a lot still left on the bone in other series and timelines.


*** The following are in chronological order by year of release. This is NOT all covers, just many of the ones that should have some recognition! ***


Green Lantern # 42 1966


Justice League of America # 51 1967


Supergirl # 1 1972

1st Zatanna backup story


DC Supergirl # 7 1973

Justice League of America # 164 1975

DC Superstars of Magic # 11 1977

*1st Solo Zatanna


Justice League of America # 161 1978


DC Comics Presents # 18: Superman and Zatanna 1980


Brave and Bold # 169 1980


DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest # 5 1980

*Topher Special!


Justice League of America # 191 1981


Wonder Woman # 291 1982

Justice League of America # 225 1984

Blue Devil # 13 1985

Justice League of America # 255 1986

Zatanna Special # 1 1987

The Spectre # 11 1988

Zatanna # 1 1993

Zatanna Everyday Magic: Prestige Edition 2003

Seven Soldiers Zatanna # 1 2005

Seven Soldiers Zatanna # 2 2005

Seven Soldiers Zatanna # 3 2005

Seven Soldiers Zatanna # 4 2005


**Adam Hughes Run


Catwoman # 50 2006

Catwoman # 58 2006

Catwoman # 72 2006

Zatanna # 1 2010

HTF 2nd Print # 1 2010

Zatanna # 1 1:10 Bolland Variant 2010


Zatanna # 2 2010

Zatanna # 2 1:10 Bolland Variant 2010

Zatanna # 3 2010

Zatanna # 3 1:10 Bolland Variant 2010

Zatanna # 4 2010

Zatanna # 4 1:10 Bolland Variant 2010

Zatanna # 5 2010

Zatanna # 5 1:10 Bolland Variant 2010

Zatanna # 6 2010

Zatanna # 6 1:10 Bolland Variant


**Adam Hughes Run


Zatanna # 11 2010

Zatanna # 13 2010

Zatanna # 14 2010

Zatanna # 15 2010

Zatanna # 16 2010

Bonus Section:

More Modern Issues, HTF, and Variants

Identity Crisis Power Pact # 2 2004

*Rare BRONZE AGE costume on cover of a Modern Issue


Batman The Brave and the Bold # 12

Detective Comics # 833

Detective Comics # 844

*Thanks Mike Morello on this!


Gotham City Sirens # 18

Harley’s Little Black Book # 3 Linsner Variant 1:25

JLD # 28 1:25 Steampunk Variant

JLD # 32 Variant

DC Bombshells # 3


Wow! Now that’s a lot of cool covers and art! It’s ironic for a character with such few front pages over a long period of time, there sure is some phenomenal work with those books. As of now, it is still purely speculative that Zatanna will get her own movie. The way I see it is DC is building a strong female universe within their film world.

Any question of this you only have to look at what’s coming soon to cinemas. Zatanna would make a welcome addition, and with this these above books and others will only grow in value and demand. One more tidbit – Another area of value with her is within the statue realm.

Her latest premium Sideshow Collectable has sold out and is commanding a good ROI within the secondary market. Why here’s a look at it now – The attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. Just be sure it is the 23” model. It’s going to set you back a bit, but as an investment it’s worth a gander.



Finally, is she all illusion with no substance? Just abracadabra? I think not, but ultimately that decision is yours to make in investing time and or money. Here’s a parting shot from the music video Abracadabra by the Steve Miller Band in all its 80s glory. A perfect piece of film as it plays to the mystique she carries as a character. Gotta love the black hat! Makes me want to “Reach out and grab ya” as the song says…



Talk soon,





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