ISSUE #30 – Double, Double, Toil and Trouble


Two of us combining forces, this week, so greetings from the desert AND Music City! We hope you are prepped and psyched for the biggest cosplay event of the year and that your foam muscle suits and fishnet stockings are all in order. There is no better day to pretend you’re somebody else. So, here’s to getting no raisins or pennies in your buckets (well, I always used a pillowcase when I was a wee lad).

I’ve been celebrating the lead-up to today by watching the new Sabrina show on Netflix which has been surprisingly fantastic. However, this time of year, I am always drawn back to horror comics and silly/childish Halloween-related stuff that I recall fondly from my childhood reminiscences. Nostalgia is a great thing and, for its large part, plays an important role in our hobby. As a matter of fact, much of the speculation driven aspects of comics are driven by that nostalgia. We often forget to collect what we think is cool and fun. Inasmuch, as a reminder in that vein, Clint and I have chosen some cool and relatively inexpensive covers for you to ponder while you respectively trick and treat your way into November.

We’ve admittedly had quite a bit of Halloween-related coverage, these past two weeks on CBSI, but that’s only because there is so much related material we all love, here. Honestly, there are so many ridiculously cool horror/mystery covers, we could probably write a weekly column just on those and never run out of options. However, to begin, my selections start in the Silver Age and move through the Bronze Age with some amazing (and creepy) covers. Clint picks up where I leave off and selects some equally fantastic moderns. No detailed descriptions this week, just some quick hits and a fun celebration of Halloween.

It was incredibly tough to choose and we hope we hit on a little something for everyone as we represent many different publishers. Enjoy…    


House of Mystery #206 (1951 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – September, 1972

ARTIST: Tony DeZuniga


NOTE: This one just screams Halloween, doesn’t it? This is my favorite, this week.


House of Secrets #100 (1956 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – September, 1972

ARTIST: Bernie Wrightson


NOTE: There are literally about 100 various Wrightson covers worth featuring, especially in HoS and HoM. This one is my favorite from a composition/color and lighting standpoint.


Secrets of Haunted House #5 (1975 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – December/January, 1975

ARTIST: Bernie Wrightson


NOTE: Like I said, above… Wrightson all day. Not his best cover, but definitely his most ‘Halloween’ cover.


Baron Weirwulf’s Haunted Library #23 (1971 Series – Renamed from ‘Haunted’)

PUBLISHED: Charlton Comics – September, 1975

ARTIST: Tom F. Sutton


NOTE: My goodness are there some amazing covers in this run. This one genuinely frightens me. Check out #17, as well. SO GOOD!


Ghost Stories #10/#30 (1962 Series)

PUBLISHED: Dell Publishing: April, 1965 / October, 1971 (Identical Cover Art, reused)

ARTIST: Unknown (isn’t that a shame?)


NOTE: Seriously? No cover art credit? This cover and really all of them are amazing. In almost every case, each cover get used twice in this series. Thus, if you don’t find the early one, go for the later one.


Grimm’s Ghost Stories #1 (1972 Series)

PUBLISHED: Gold Key – January, 1972

ARTIST: Possibly George Wilson, but unknown


NOTE: Again, no clear artist credit for this cover, but many around it are credited to George Wilson. Either way, this one is wicked.


Classics Illustrated #12 (1947 Series – Sometimes titled ‘Classic Comics’)

PUBLISHED: Gilberton Company – June, 1949 – 1963 (afterward, cover changes)

ARTIST: Roland H. Livingstone


NOTE: There were ten printings of this from 1947-1963. Some have the title as ‘Classics Illustrated’ and others as ‘Classic Comics.’ All printings up through the 10th bear the same cover art and then, at the 11th printing, the cover changes and the Headless Horseman is removed. Other than the first printing, the rest are all dirt cheap. What a cool way to enjoy these classic Halloween stories.


Tomb of Dracula #68 (1972 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – February, 1979

ARTIST: Gene Colan


NOTE: Man, so many great covers in this run to choose from… even a Wrightson (#43) and an Adams (#6), but Colan was the man on these. Demons, bats, zombie arms AND Dracula?! Can’t go wrong. Of course, issue #64 has Satan on the cover and #61 has a resurrected dead baby, so choose your version of creepy and macabre. Your mileage may vary.


Vampirella #24 (1969 Series)

PUBLISHED: Warren Publishing – May, 1973

ARTIST: Enric Torres Prats


NOTE: Damn! This is some dark stuff, but at least we get a little tasteful(?) sideboob to lighten it up for us. The possibilities in this run are endless. Check out #12, #16 and #33 while you’re diving into this one.


Casper: The Friendly Ghost #101 (1958 3rd Series)

PUBLISHED: Harvey Comics – January, 1967

ARTIST: Unknown


NOTE: For the kid in all of us! Happy Halloween!


Now… I hand it over to the capable hands of Clint Joslin…

Hello everyone from the desert, yes we do get some pumpkins here too. However, people would rather carve cactus if they could! As reference, here’s a few criteria items I used when looking at the Modern covers for this week.

  • One cover per property Ex: One Batman, etc
  • Both readily available and rare gifts to chase
  • A little bit of everything from the tentpoles to indie




Peanuts Halloween 2008

*Ben C Special


Felix the Halloween Spectacular 2004


Catwoman Vol 4 # 35

Josh Middleton Variant


Batman: Madness: Legends of the Dark Knight. A tale of Halloween in Gotham City – Special 1994 Tim Sale


Vampirella Halloween 2006

Arthur Suydam limited edition painted cover

500 print run


Barbara Cadavers Halloween Handbook

Limited to 450 print run


2009 Trick R Treat Convention Exclusive Ashcan


Sabrina’s Halloween Spooktacular 1993


Marvel Zombies Halloween 2012 Fancavilla Cover


Transformers Generation 2 Halloween Special 1993

*This is a GHOST!



Bonus Section



Top 5 Halloween (Michael Myers) Covers


Halloween Nightdance #1

Bill Sienkiewicz

Alternate Cover


Halloween Nightdance # 1

Bill Sienkiewicz Cover

2nd Print

*Good luck on this one!


Halloween Nightdance # 2

Crash Cunningham Cover


Halloween Nightdance # 3

Ben Templesmith Cover


Halloween Nightdance # 3

Retail Incentive Sketch

Tim Seeley Cover

*Another GHOST


One more bonus…


Halloween 30 Years of Terror #1E

Webstore Exclusive Cover


As for both of our overall Halloween pick of the week, We would choose the finale of DC’s Justice League Dark/Wonder Woman Witching Hour story arc which comes out today. The covers have been unbelievable as has the story. In addition, the Avengers Halloween Special is a great cover, too, and looks like a fun read!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Halloween-related comics are.

As always, thanks for reading, happy hunting (we gave you a ton to digest this week) and happy Halloween from both of us!






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