ISSUE #39: Six Gems of Infinite Satisfaction


Hello again from Music City, fine folks. I hope many of you were able to enjoy an extended weekend and didn’t get too upset over the NFL. I took out my fury over the referees in the Saints game on a few dollar books that are now in tiny pieces. Don’t worry, all of them had ugly covers and deserve a future life as confetti.

This week, we shift back to Marvel from our DC-centric week, last week. Many of you seemed enticed by a few of the Joker covers and at least a couple of you realized that there are some worthwhile Shazam covers, too. I hope you find this week’s covers equally as satisfying. Inasmuch, we will focus on Marvel’s two MCU entries for 2019, Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel. So, obviously, we’re going to focus on Chewie the Cat and Wong, right? Just joking… good ‘ol Carol and Purple-head are of course our focus, this week.

So many covers for these two characters have been highlighted across the varied articles on CBSI over the past year – many of which have already been featured in past Cover Tunes articles. Variants are rampant for both characters and it seems much of the collector market has focused funds on those (and for good reason… there are some beauties). However, a few regular covers have continued to fly under the radar and I’d like to highlight them.






So, Marvel Super-Heroes #13 prices giving you the blues? Pissed off that Avenging Spiderman #9 seems like it should be common, but you just can’t ever find one (and that a mere costume change should be worth so much)? Confused about why Danvers’ variants go for so much flippin’ money? Well, read on and be happy.


Ms. Marvel #24 (2006 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – April, 2008

ARTIST: Greg Horn


Greg Horn is a beast on these Ms. Marvel covers. His whole run, here, is pretty epic, but it isn’t for everyone. I love about half of them and hate the other half as those feel overworked to me even though he shows outstanding prowess in his masterful painting technique. However, this #24 is very different from the rest and uses light and dark contrast, expertly. Additionally, in this issue, Carol gets her binary powers back which may be slightly significant to the future aftermarket status of this book. As-is, however, it’s a dollar bin book.  

This entire series is chock-full of beautiful covers by a variety of artists. I have already highlighted a few in Cover Tunes #21 and issue #24 , especially the Takeda, Djurdjevic and Deodato (#39#50) covers. Between those and all of these beautiful Horn covers, I’d suggest picking up pretty much the entire run.


The Mighty Captain Marvel #0 (2016 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics –

ARTIST: Phil Noto


I know, I know… a variant, but it was a regularly priced “B” cover, so it can be included here. Somehow, this one still sells for just a buck or two over cover and I have no idea why. I’ve wanted to include this one in a Cover Tunes for almost a year, but have held off for a variety of reasons. Now seems like perfect timing, though.

This may be Noto’s best cover, ever. It is the perfect example to accentuate Noto’s style of block color and shape which creates the nonexistent line and tricks the mind into seeing boundaries. It is simple, powerful and bold. It conveys strength in its subtleties and it just feels classic. The statuesque depiction of Carol feels tough yet simultaneously gives off that “don’t F with me” vibe. This one is a hard one to forget and I love it.

This is a cover that is tough to find in NM as that all-black backdrop is a killer when it comes to color rub. Good luck.


Captain Marvel #4 (2014 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – August, 2014

ARTIST: David Lopez


Mohawk Cover!!! Woohoo! I love this look and I know people gravitate toward that first mohawk cover on #13 of the previous series, but this cover is bonkers and way better than that #13. With Danvers definitely sporting the mohawk look in the upcoming movie, I expect these covers to get more traction.

This one is a superbly painted study in the force and impact of depth perception. This cover appears as though it exists two very distinctive layers; Carol in the front and everything else in the backdrop almost like an animation cel over a background. I am also in love with the red occupying the negative space rather than black or white. It makes this cover pop. Normally, the gratuitous glowing emblem would be a problem for me, but in this case, it draws attention to the center of the composition and does not take away from the overall effectiveness of the cover.

As I’ve said before, I’ve never been a huge fan of the color strips during this era of Marvel publication, but on this cover, because of all of the red, it ties in nicely and does not clutter the cover or distract from the overall feeling and moment.

This is a cover-price-or-less grab if you can locate one (and I highly suggest you do).






So, is the price of that Thanos #13 Albuquerque Variant getting you down (or just #13 in general)? Don’t have the scratch for Iron Man #55 or Captain Marvel #26? Can’t understand how Thanos Quest #1 and #2 have gotten so expensive? Never fear, I’ve got your cool-cover, purple-faced appetite covered. The mad Titan has a bevy of other covers that won’t break the bank.


Thanos Imperative: Devastation #1 (2011 1-Shot)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – March, 2011

ARTIST: Alex Garner


Somehow, I’d never seen this cover until I went deep down the Thanos rabbit hole and I love it. Garner is a favorite for me and many of you, already, but here is yet another reason why that is so. In many ways, I wish we had gotten just the background image of Thanos without the foreground characters, but honestly, that element of the cover is so cool that I’m happy with any version of it.

The power and fury of Thanos is expertly depicted as is his imposing nature. He is huge and overwhelming which sums up the character quite nicely. I’m also a sucker for light flares and this one has that in spades. Call me a simpleton, but it is the small things, sometimes.

Overall, this is an epic cover that impresses in its scope and grandeur. I can’t wait to find one.


Thanos Rising #4 (2013 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – September, 2013

ARTIST: Simone Bianchi


I feel like we don’t talk about Bianchi nearly enough. Here is one of the silent artists that consistently gives us awesome covers, yet, because of so few high-end Bianchi variants, we just seem to ignore it all (although, don’t sleep on Bianchi’s Silver Surfer #9 variant). That, in my opinion, is a crime.

This cover captures the contemplative nature of a darkly brooding and complex character unlike most artists who just depict Thanos’ rage and villainy. There is so much more to him than that and I, for one, am quite happy to get that, here. There is so much lovely detail on this cover which creates a full and varied composition without any clutter. The color palette is appropriately subtle and masterful and tells a story. Conversely, so many modern covers tell no story and are in your face, anvil-over-the-head depictions. This cover is refreshing to me and can be gotten (shocker) for next to nothing.


Silver Surfer #59 (1987 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – November, 1991



If you’re like me and appreciate old-school comic book art and what it can be, then this is the cover for you. Nothing fancy other than great line work, simple yet expert composition and the pervading feeling of Thanos’ cruelty. Not a whole lot else to say about this one other than that Lim has churned out so many covers that we take for granted. Because he’s not flashy, there’s very little love for his work, but it’s artists like this that hold the hobby together.  For a Copper Age comic, this one really stands out and shows what one could do in a simpler time with limited printing capabilities.




Avengers Assemble #7 (2012 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – November, 2012

ARTIST: Mark Bagley


Speaking of old-school guys we take for granted, here’s a gem from Bagley. From the guy who gave us covers on everything from Spiderman in the 90’s to All-New X-Men, he’s worked on virtually everything. This cover is genius and proof that it doesn’t take a fancy, crazy composition to be excellent. This is everything I want a cover to be, especially on a non-variant and Bagley kills it here and almost every time.




With that, I will leave you be for yet another week. I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did writing it. What did I miss? Drop a comment and tell me how you’re feeling about this one. Until next week, be good to each other, thanks for reading and happy hunting.   


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