ISSUE #45: Bombshells Away!


Hello from Music City and welcome back to Cover Tunes, fellow hunters.  Judging by the pick-ups and show-off MeWe page, you all had an exceptional digging week.  I love it when you all come up with gold out of those longboxes.  I also want to thank you all for the tremendous support for my past two weeks of Sword & Sorcery covers.  I think there are still a ton of sleepers I didn’t get to for that segment of the hobby.  Perhaps, I will revisit it again in the future if it’s something you all want.

With that, I realized I haven’t done a sexy girl issue in a while (even though there were Red Sonja covers in the past two).  So, this week, we are going to get to ogle a few unsung covers that I feel have been lost beneath the tide of incentive and store variants.  Those variants have left me feeling underwhelmed for the most part, but this week’s features don’t. These are every bit as good and then some.

So, feel free to just look at the pretty pictures, this time around (although, there will be my ubiquitous brief descriptions, of course).  I’m keeping this week short and sweet because I’ve reserved my weekly word count for the a larger subject I have up my sleeve which I teased in the previous issue… As such, I will be publishing two articles, back-to-back, this week.  Stay tuned for that other one coming to a CBSI homepage near you.

Thus, I figure if I entice you with some nicely rounded girly parts, perhaps you’ll read two articles from me this week. I’m all about bribery. I have zero pride.  So, no further pomp and circumstance, this week… let’s just get to the covers shall we?


Action Comics #32b (2011 “New 52” Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – August, 2014

ARTIST: Ant Lucia


Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know, a “B” cover. Still, it was cover price on release day, so it’s fine for Cover Tunes. This one is probably the hardest Bombshell variant to find, in my experience, but it’s still a cheap book at $5-$10. These Lucia covers were all amazeballs, but this one is the stand out. I love the pseudo-golden age feel to it. A great framing job and an awesome (and appropriate) background lends heavily to the vintage look. 1940’s Pin-Up at its finest.  


Emma Frost [Higher Learning] #5 (2003 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – January, 2004

ARTIST: Greg Horn


My, my, look at all those goodies!  Do I even need to describe why this one is so un-sane? Right, I thought not, but I will anyway because writers.  I honestly did not know this cover existed until I unearthed one, last week. If one can possibly look past the curves (which I admit is VERY difficult to do), the perspective on this cover is epic.  It is often so difficult to create a sense of three-dimensional space on a 2D piece of paper.  Many current artists falter when it comes to creating depth at all because foreshortening is hard, but Horn really knocks us out on this one. Of course, that depth draws us in to the sexy even more as we, the viewer, look straight down at the goods. However, we can look past even that and see a full composition that is really quite spectacular. This may be Horn’s best and it’s an easy pick up at cover price or less.  


Batman [Catwoman] #685 (1940 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – March, 2009

ARTIST: Alex Ross


I have heard a lot of people saying that Ross’ art is just mediocre, lately; that something is always missing (have those guys heard of a little book called Immortal Hulk?) I don’t see anything missing here other than extra BS and bodies that make no sense. What I DO see is a master at work on everything he does, an expert at lighting and use of the media, sexy without bashing you over the head with it, and a fantastic use of negative space. So what if he falls into the “buy what you like” category. Does every book need to be worth a fortune in order for us to appreciate it, these days? Dollar bin, all day long. Find one. Keep it. Live long. Be happy.


Vampirella #3 (1992 Series)

PUBLISHED: Harris Publications – March, 1993

ARTIST: Adam Hughes


Ummm, yeah… just… yeah. Remember when Hughes art looked like this? I miss it. Everything is so shiny. Oh yeah, and skulls. Double win and still only a $10 book? This hobby baffles me sometimes. This seems to be a forgotten-about little run as people seem to gravitate toward Mayhew/Frison/Parrillo for Vampi (which I cannot argue with). Do yourselves the favor of un-forgetting about them, take two of these and call me in the morning if you don’t feel better.  




That’s it for now, but stay tuned this week for a second article from me, as I mentioned. I really look forward to your comments on these covers as well as your opinions on my upcoming topic. Until then, be well and kind to one another, thanks for reading and happy hunting.



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