ISSUE #47: Eat the World


Well, the best laid plans of mice and men… I fully intended on publishing two articles last week and I ALMOST got the second one finished in time, but… my little baby boy, Alexander, arrived early. He was not interested in waiting the full 40 weeks and when he heard Captain Marvel was dropping on March 8th, he decided he should, too. I guess he really likes strong/cute superhero women. My man!

I know, I know… I bet you all thought I’d name him William Sinkiewicz Morello or Charles Xavier Morello (actually, an awesome suggestion from a local buddy of mine), but we took the safe road with a combo of old family names, instead. Also, I rather like my marriage and I think I’d have been served papers if I went with anything else (though, Lando Morello does have rather a nice ring to it).  

Well, with that, life here for me in Music City is a touch hectic, this week (read as, “OH MY GOD, WHAT DO I DO, WHAT DO I DO?!). So, this week, rather than rush the article I was trying to finish last week and run the risk of a lackluster product, I decided to hit up a character that has been on the tip of a lot of tongues, lately; Galactus.

I went down this rabbit hole months ago and chose a cool cover or two, but while I was doing that, I realized there are not many excellent Galactus covers (cheap OR expensive), but there sure are a ton of awful ones. So, for my budget-conscious longbox divers, I thought I’d help you all navigate the limited landscape of cheap-cool Galactus covers.

So, here we go. Just some quick hits, this time. I hope you like ‘em.






Fantastic Four Annual 2001 (1998 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – 2001 (Annual)

ARTIST: Kevin Maquire

Well, this is one that slipped past me. If you haven’t checked out Topher’s awesome “True Firsts” article, this week, go check out a Galactus cover over there with a similar feel (Fantastic Four #257). This one is creepy and foreboding with a great style that really pops. Granted, there is way too much trade dress, but the art overcomes that. A super-cheap snag when it pops up.


Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #1 & #2 (2007 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – April, 2007 & May, 2007 (respectively)

ARTIST: Gabriele Dell’Otto


I couldn’t very well feature one without the other as they are connecting covers and MAN are they awesome. In the same manner as pretty much all of the other Dell’Otto Annihilation covers (I encourage you all to seek those out, ASAP), this one does not disappoint. It is a masterpiece of artistic control, composition, palette and beauty. These do not pop up often, but when they do, they can still be had for $5-$10. That seems like a steal to me.






SILVER SURFER #1 (1988 Mini Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – December, 1988

ARTIST: Jean Henri Gaston Giraud “Moebius”


This cover really grabs me and I’ve wanted to feature it for a long time. Clean, crisp line and a style all its own. Moebius is, of course, famous for that and there is just enough of his abstract quality in this one to be “moody” but also just enough boldness to stand apart from much of his other art. This cover is master class in efficiency and shows Galactus’ overpowering nature with ease and grace. This is, oddly, a dollar bin book… $5 at most.






[The Mighty] Thor #169 (1966 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – October, 1969

ARTIST: Jack Kirby


Good old Kirby. We can always count on Jack to deliver us the classic and impactful cover. However, this particular cover is a cool departure from his usual style and an interesting artistic take on the character. Using the negative space to show the imposing nature of Galactus is a subtle-yet-effective way to make the character the focal point of the cover. Meanwhile, in the background, we get multiple other renditions of the character that are each worth looking at closely in their own right. I particularly dig the pointalistic version under the “R” in Thor. Either way, this cover pops up in bins pretty often and can easily be had for $5-$10.






The Ultimates #1E (2016 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – January, 2016

ARTIST: Skottie Young


I’ve gotta’ admit, I frankly do not understand the whole baby cover thing from Skottie Young. I love his other style so much more. However, I have to admit that this cover is rather clever. The earth on a lolly-pop stick is really hilarious to me. Galactus: Devourer of World pops! Granted, this is a variant, but it was a regularly priced variant on release day, so it’s fair game, here. If these are your thing, this is one of the best there is, in my opinion.

NOTE TO VARIANT HUNTERS: There IS an amazing 1:50 variant for this issue with an incredible Galactus cover, as well. It’s by Arthur Adams and goes for about $30.




Well, that about does it for another week. I hope there was a little something in here for everyone. Hopefully, next week, things will be a BIT back to normal (that’s probably unlikely for the next 18 years, right?) and I’ll be able to finally get that other article out to you all. Until then, please, drop a comment and let me know what you’re thinking, be well and kind to each other, thanks for reading and happy hunting.


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