ISSUE #60: A-Parent-Ly Hot


Welcome back to a new Cover Tunes, CBSI. I’m gearing up for HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina, later this week, which takes me down the rabbit hole of many creators and their work. Trying to decide who to get commissions from, who to have sign what books, and who to chat with is a task in-and-of-itself. If you’ve never been, it is an amazingly enormous amalgam of artists, writers, creators, fans and dealers rather than being a con that is chock full of media guests. It is very much a convention for the die-hard comic person and I can’t wait.  I hope to see some of you there. If you see me, come say hey.

While on the quest to unravel some of the careers of these creators, I just couldn’t help but notice an interesting trend over the past few weeks for one specific artist: Dan Parent. While he won’t be at HeroesCon, it is undeniable that, specifically, his Veronica covers have caught ridiculous heat over the past month or two. Books that have languished in the dollar bins since the 90’s are now seeing sales of over $100 and, in the case of #28, close to $200.

His art is simple, whimsical and in the most subtle of ways, sexy. His covers come off as being harmless and innocent with the mere suggestion of sex which is a quite fitting style for Archie characters. Archie has often toyed with sexuality over the decades since, at the heart of the story, we have two cute girls fighting over one guy. There’s bound to be a lot of sexual energy wrapped up in that. Over the past 20-ish years, Dan Parent has done an excellent job in modernizing this “innocent sexuality” while staying true to the Archie aesthetic. The good news is that many copies of his myriad of Archie-related books are still hiding in dollar bins waiting for you to cash in. I, myself, found two copies of Veronica #19, a #23 and a #28 this past weekend for a grand whopping total of $9.

This week, I’ve chosen a few sexy Archie covers that are a bit off the radar, but fit the bill of what’s selling at the moment, as well as a couple of non-Archie covers that are currently being ignored, but are just as good and may see some future heat. As above, all of these can be still be found in dollar bins, so get hunting. Similarly, stay from ebay if you want these cheap. Word is catching fast and inexpensive copies are getting gobbled up, quickly.


NOTE: The art on all of these is really all along the same lines as described above, thus, I won’t be going into any diatribes, this week. Just some quick notes, here and there. Enjoy… here we go…


Hack/Slash #28b (2007 Series)

PUBLISHED: Devil’s Due Publishing – November, 2009

ARTIST: Dan Parent


Well, this one clearly has overt sexuality in both the art and the text, but it is a cheeky homage to the “inadvertent” sexual innuendos that graced many of the 1960’s/1970’s Archie covers. This one might be a little tough to find as we’re talking small print runs on these Hack/Slash titles.  


Betty #186 (1992 Series)

PUBLISHED: Archie Comics – August, 2010

ARTIST: Dan Parent


Just a really nice single character cover (which is rare on these Archie books). Demure and innocent on the surface, but nobody is fooled. I’m surprised this one isn’t on the top of the hot lists along with the Veronicas that have popped.  


Betty and Veronica #251 (1987 Series)

PUBLISHED: Archie Comics – February, 2011

ARTIST: Dan Parent


What is it about Uggs that say “Basic B!+<#” (have to remain PG, here) and sexy all at the same time? This one is snarky and fun and I expect it to see some love, soon.


Betty and Veronica #260 (1987 Series)

PUBLISHED: Archie Comics – July, 2012

ARTIST: Dan Parent


I know at least one friend of mine will be psyched to see this one on the list and he knows why. This one won’t be ignored for much longer as it is the perfect example of why Parent and his girls are hot.


Die Kitty Die #2b (2016 Series)

PUBLISHED: Chapterhouse Comics – November, 2016

ARTIST: Dan Parent


Such a great Casper the Friendly Ghost homage with a little “spice” thrown in. This one is right along the lines of the Bewitched variant that was red hot a few months ago. This one will be tough to find as the print run was REALLY low and most shops don’t order this title, but it was not incentivized (at least it wasn’t advertised that way, anyway), so that may help. This all-black cover will be really difficult to find in NM condition.


Red Sonja #13e (2016 Series)

PUBLISHED: Dynamite Entertainment – February, 2018

ARTIST: Dan Parent


Well, you know me and Red Sonja, by now… I will have to hunt one of these down. Oddly, Parent really does the character justice in his own unique way. If there is ever a Cartoon of Red Sonja, I hope Parent gets chosen to do the art. This looks like it’s right out of an 80’s cartoon. Though it is cover “E,” it was not an incentive, just an alternate cover price cover on release day.


Sabrina’s Holiday Spectacular #3 (1994 Series)

PUBLISHED: Archie Comics – Annual, 1995

ARTIST: Dan Parent


With all of the love and heat surrounding all things Sabrina due to the Netflix show, these days, it’s fitting to choose this cover. This is Dan’s best and cutest rendition of her. Just a little suggestive, but not so overt that it takes away from the characterization, thankfully.


Sheena: Queen of the Jungle #6c (2017 Series)

PUBLISHED: Dynamite Entertainment – February, 2018

ARTIST: Dan Parent


Again, an alternate cover at cover price on release day, this one should be relatively easy to find. I remember it not selling well on release day, but I bet that changes, now. A brilliant example (like the Red Sonja, above) of how Parent’s style can be adapted to characters that are already known for their sexuality.


Veronica #197 (1989 Series)

PUBLISHED: Archie Comics – January, 2010

ARTIST: Dan Parent


Who doesn’t love a Santa bikini?!?! These later run Veronica issues have much lower print runs and are a little rough to find, but they are out there and they are cheap (if you avoid ebay and actually hunt them down).


Veronica #205 (1989 Series)

PUBLISHED: Archie Comics – May, 2011

ARTIST: Dan Parent


Another one from the late numbers and with a smaller print run. No bikinis on this one, but a lot of leg like the #19 and #28 that have so much heat, right now. I expect this one to follow suit.




And that will do it for yet another week. I know this one wasn’t for everyone, but I still hope you enjoyed it. There are plenty of other “bench players” from these series that could see a jump, as well, and are pretty great. However, I narrowed it down to my favorites and the ones that I think will be hard to grab on the cheap, soon. So, wish me luck at HeroesCon and until next time, be well, thanks for reading and happy hunting.



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