ISSUE #63: All Over the Map


Welcome back to another new Cover Tunes, everyone. First, let me thank all of those who posted kind comments about the last two weeks’ video interviews with Jenny Frison and Clayton Crain. It was a blast to interview both of them and I’m glad you enjoyed them. More of those to come, I promise. For those that miss the OG format of Cover Tunes, I’m sorry I left you hanging for two weeks, but never fear, it’s back this week.

There’s no common theme this week other than a few awesome covers I’ve unearthed over the past few weeks at cons and at the LCS’s in my area. They are (as this week’s title suggests) all over the map both in content/theme as well as era. I hope you enjoy them. Here we go…


Ghostly Tales #139 (1966 Series)

PUBLISHED: Charlton Comics – November, 1979

ARTIST: Tom F. Sutton


A criminally underrated series with some incredible covers (…and don’t let the numbering confuse you as this was a title change at issue #55 picking up from Charlton’s Blue Beetle series), this one is a horror cover masterpiece that nobody ever mentions and is a dollar bin dig away. This cover harkens back to the pre-code horror days of decades prior and has a very similar look and feel (albeit, a little brighter). I mean, c’mon… screaming girl in a red dress with her hand melting off? The devil Lucifer? Helpless and shocked dude in the background? Classic stuff.

Sutton is probably not a name very many recognize, but he did do a huge amount of awesome covers (as well as writing, penciling and inking) for Charlton on titles such as Ghost Manor, Ghostly Haunts, Ghostly Tales, Creepy Things, etc. as well as for Warren on titles like Creepy, and Eerie. He also did some work on underground comics and even accomplished some work for Marvel mostly on their horror-related titles such as Werewolf by Night. If you see a cool Charlton horror title with an amazing cover, it was probably done by Sutton.

NOTE: I’ll be doing an entire issue on Charlton horror comics, soon. Stay ‘Tuned’ for that.


Superman #307 (1939 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – January, 1977

ARTIST: Neal Adams


LEGS!!!! Neal Adams!!! Not only do we get a lot of Supergirl leg on this one, but we get an actual Neal Adams signature on the bottom which is a rarity. Not a whole lot else to say other than GO GET THIS! January, 1977 is my birth month. Thanks for the gift, Uncle Neal.


Kabuki: The Alchemy #1B (2004 Series)

PUBLISHED: Icon (Marvel Comics) – July, 2004

ARTIST: Alex Maleev

(Incorrectly attributed to David Mack on various sites)


With many of the covers on these Kabuki series done by David Mack (by which the title was created, written and largely drawn) it is difficult to deny Maleev’s unique style and prowess on this lone cover he did for the series. While his work is usually more impressionistic than this, there seems to be an extra level of care and precision on this cover (especially on that tattoo!). While there are a myriad of beautiful examples of his work (particularly on Daredevil and Spider Woman), this particular one is outstandingly beautiful. It is graceful, delicate and emotionally powerful. Additionally, it is also a perspective and layout masterpiece and quite honestly one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen.

Maleev doesn’t really get the level of credit I believe he deserves with no particularly high-priced aftermarket covers (other than perhaps the variant to Fables #1). His Pearl #1 Variant is also among my favorites from the last few years.


Lola XOXO #1B (2014 1st Series)

PUBLISHED: Aspen MLT, Inc. – April, 2014

ARTIST: Siya Oum


Created by and entirely drawn by Siya Oum (pronounced See-ya Oom, by the way), these Lola series are amazing from an artistic perspective. The character is tough and sexy. There are a slew of covers for each of the issues (all by Oum), but many of them are incentives, store exclusives or con exclusives and can be a little pricey (albeit, all incredible). Luckily, this one is a regularly priced “B” cover and it is gorgeous. It doesn’t pop up often and with a print run of 9,207 copies (assuming a 50/50 split) it’s no wonder why. With that said, I find these Lolas in dollar bins pretty often and I jump for joy when I do. Siya’s work is hot and if she catches fire like Lim and Maer have lately (which I expect her to do, soon), these are the covers everyone is going to want to go back and snag.

This particular cover is a bit of a departure from the style we all might be used to from Siya in that, rather than being a sketch-like composition, it is a fully color-rendered piece. That style was more often than not reserved for her more pricey variants. However, in this case, we can all snag and enjoy this one for cover price or less.

NOTE TO VARIANT COLLECTORS: There are 11 different covers for this issue including 1:15 and 1:30 incentives. Many of them are very scarce.    




Before I end for the week, I’d like to take a second and thank my fellow writers on this site who work extremely hard to bring you amazing, heartfelt and data-driven original content, each-and-every day.

These guys all adore comics and love sharing their passions and eccentricities with you.

From Clint Joslin to Topher S with their deep dives into some obscure stuff that teach me new things every day…  

From Ben Stein to Matt Devoe and Jack “Mr. BOLO” DeMayo who keep our wallets sharp each week with real-time data from the marketplace…

To Brian “Simpleman” W to Ben C and James O who drive our content every minute and keep this ship afloat…

From Dan Piercy to Andy T who keep us actually reading (and isn’t that the MOST important thing?)…

From Peter Renna to Keith S, Walker and Brandon Susens who make sure we know what to hone in on and snag backed with awesome data and “in the field” research…

From Anthony L to Adam L, AJ Diesel, Valiant, Phil, Jason Shaw, Josias and Skot who (like me) write every week about the little nuances of the hobby that we are wildly passionate about…  

From Emiliano who brings us some sweet swag to guys like Shaun Leggit and Inigo S who have given us all years of content and info long before many of us were here…

To our Flipside Podcasters (Deno, Paul W, Scott Reagan and “Z”… among others from above) who keep us in the “know” with everything pop culture.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone…

I feel honored to be among them and hope I do them justice. Inasmuch, they (we) often take a lot of criticism each week, yet these guys roll on and ignore the nonsense. Look, everyone, these are comic books and are meant for entertainment and (if one is lucky) a little profit. Anyone who spends their time spewing hate and negativity is a cancer upon the community and clearly a hindrance to the fun of the hobby. I applaud my fellow contributors and hope you might take a second to pop into one of their articles and thank them for their hard work and dedication to the community of nerds of which we are all members. Thank you, too, readers for your continued support and loyalty. It does NOT go unnoticed. We truly love being a part of your lives.

With that, I leave you for yet another week. I hope you have a good one. I’m cooking up something for everyone over the next couple of weeks that should be ready before the end of the summer and I’m really excited about it. Until next time, be well, thanks for reading and happy hunting.


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