ISSUE #69: Skin


Welcome back to Cover Tunes my dear bin divers. Last week, we took a look at some awesome and unheralded Charlton horror covers and, based on the posted pick-ups in various spots, I see that a few of you found a couple of last week’s featured covers. I’m glad you enjoy those as much as I do. This week, I toyed with going right into part two of the Charlon horror covers, but I figured I’d take a break from that and get back to it next week.

It’s been a weird month of digging for me as I seem to keep coming across girly covers to buy, cheap. Many of which, I’ve never seen before. Inasmuch, this week (shocker), we’ll look at some new-to-me and off-the-radar sexy covers that are REALLY nice and REALLY cheap. Obviously, we strive to keep it PG on this site, so I will be ignoring Zenescope’s and Boundless’ trashy covers. While they may be sexy to some, they are downright offensive to others and, honestly, it is the suggestion of sex that is much sexier than actual nudity. It is the mark of a good artist who can access a viewer’s imagination and plant ideas there.

Because of the nature of these covers, however, there aren’t a lot of “artistic” notes to say about many of them other than about their obvious “assets.” As a result, these will be mostly quick hits, this week. I hope that suits everyone.

Anyhow, following are a few of my favorites that I’ve waited a while to feature. I hope you like them. Without further delay, here we go.


Spider-Woman #1 (2009 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – November, 2009

ARTIST: Alex Maleev


I chose this cover for more than just its sexual allure. It is a magnificent work of shadow and light as well as perfect compositional layout and use of space and color. To me, this is a masterpiece and quite possibly Maleev’s best work. Some sites list this as the A cover and others as the B. The barcodes for both have “00111,” so it’s tough to tell. Either way, it was a regularly priced issue. It’s funny, I’ve featured covers from this series before since I pretty much love them all, but never this #1. Until a few weeks ago, I’d never run across it in a bargain bin.  


Emma Frost #1 (2003 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – August, 2003

ARTIST: Greg Horn


So, this entire series is chock-full of sexy covers. As a matter of fact, virtually everything Greg Horn touches is (see Ms. Marvel, Elektra, Black Widow, etc.). Easily, Horn could have gotten away with just painting Emma and we all would have been… ahem… satisfied. However, with a mind for full composition, he executed a fantastic backdrop and a cover that tells a story. Obviously, this is a highly suggestive cover and probably pushed the envelope of what’s allowed on a mainstream cover. However, it is brilliantly executed and even amidst the nudity seems to still retain a certain amount of poise and innocence.


Fables #95 (2002 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics (Vertigo) – July, 2010

ARTIST: Jaoa Ruas


This series is full of gorgeous covers, but few of them are sexy. This one is one of the exceptions. I am always drawn to this series because of the intricate nature of almost every cover in the run. They evoke great curiosity for the story contained within which is, let’s face, what a cover really should be. The soft and muted palette of this one gives it a delicate sheen. If I’m being purely artistic about drawing the human form, the female back may be the sexiest angle from a shape and line perspective. When it is done well, it is the epitome of beauty. This one achieves that in expert fashion.


Secret Six #12 (2009 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – October, 2009

ARTIST: Danny LuVisi


This one caught me by surprise. I can’t believe I was unfamiliar with this cover until now. I randomly found it in a bin, last week, and was very taken by it. One of the best leg covers I’ve ever seen and a really cool and unique perspective makes WW seem extremely powerful while using her sex appeal at the same time. A fantastic cover by an artist I was not previously aware of. It certainly feels a lot more recent than it actually is.


Airboy #5 (1986 Series)

PUBLISHED: September, 1986

ARTIST: Dave Stevens


Choosing just one Steves cover was EXTREMELY difficult, this week. He has so many wonderful covers. However, I have found this actual issue three times over the last month in bargain bins. Even on ebay, it only goes for $5-$10. It is quite simply a classic cover. It is sexy and tough and has the nostalgic appeal of the Copper Age. Yet, somehow, it feels timeless like Baker covers do.


Fairest #8 (2012 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics (Vertigo) – December, 2012

ARTIST: Adam Hughes


Even though I’ve featured other covers (#6 in Cover Tunes #15) from this series before, I had to add this one, here. It is one of my favorite cover runs of all time. I’ve held off featuring this  particular cover because of that awfully distracting Arrow ad strip at the top. I HATE it, however, this cover art transcends the distraction and is one of the sexiest and most beautiful covers in the dollar bins. The composition itself may perhaps be a top 10 Hughes cover. Simultaneously sexy and demure, it has the fantastic suggestion of sex without being overt. I’d love to see this original art, someday, without all of the clutter.


Spider-Man and the Black Cat: “The Evil That Men Do” #2 (2002 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – September, 2002

ARTIST: Terry Dodson


Every time I see issues from this mini series in the bins, I’m convinced they must be worth something. Then, I look them up and realize that they are all worthless as most Dodson covers are. I’ve never understood the dismissal of Dodson as he (they, if you include Rachel who co-creates most of his covers) has many beautiful covers. Normally, I wouldn’t dig this large amount of trade dress. However, in this case it works with the feel and look of the overall composition. Of course, I also like me a good butt cover. This one definitely qualifies.


Alien Worlds #1 (1982 Series)

PUBLISHED: Pacific Comics – December, 1982

ARTIST: Joe Chiodo


Speaking of butt covers… again, choosing just one cover from this Alien Worlds series is nearly impossible. There are four or five classics in this run and some dealers will try to charge a premium for them. However, a simple search will quickly yield you multiple copies at $5 or less. This particular one is my personal favorite. It has a classic Science Fiction vibe and is superbly rendered. It helps that there’s a lot of skin, too. That never hurts.




And there we have it for yet another week. Next time, back to Part 2 of the Charlton horror covers. I hope you liked this one and saw something you want to go out and hunt down. Drop a comment and let me know what you’re thinking. Until next week, thanks as always for reading, be well and happy hunting.


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