ISSUE #86: Girl on Girl (Part 2)


Welcome back to another new Cover Tunes, everyone. For those that don’t know, Cover Tunes is the celebration of unsung artists and covers that can be gotten cheaply. Last week, we began to look at an amazing group of women who draw women. I hope you enjoyed those selections as much as I do. This week, we take a look at a second grouping of five of my favorites. For this issue, I’ve chosen a few more obscure covers rather than those from the series that made these artists famous.

No need to go on and on since my intro would be largely the same as last week’s Issue #85. Thus, with that, I give you this week’s five selections. Enjoy!


Ame-Comi Girls [Featuring Wonder Woman] #1 (2012 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – December, 2012

ARTIST: Amanda Conner

In my opinion, BY FAR Conner’s best girly cover. This is just gorgeous and as far as I’m concerned, just as nice as the rare variant for this issue which goes for a boat-load. A cool iconic layout, I love how the shield creates a backdrop central framing motif. The color pops, the pose is tough and sexy, the hair is used as a design element that creates a spatially superb piece. Like on all of these Ame-Comi covers, I really wish there wasn’t so damned much trade dress. On top of that, this issue has that REALLY pesky Arrow strip along the top, as well. Argh!!! Either way


Sheena #2b (2007 Series)

PUBLISHED: Devils Due Publishing – July, 2007

ARTIST: Fiona Staples


An earlier avant garde style for Staples, but I dig it. Obviously, Staples has made a huge name for herself on her work on Saga (which is all gorgeous). This is definitely not a cover for everyone, but there is just something about it that I really love. Staples is a bit of a chameleon, but her style is always an amazing amalgam of bold line and color strokes and brilliant understanding and use of space. I highly recommend checking out all of the Saga covers, again, as they are all superb… especially the RRP cover Saga for #1.


Lady Death Rules HC (2017 One-Shot)

PUBLISHED: Coffin Comics – June, 2017

ARTIST: Ashley Witter


Ashley Witter has quickly become one of my favorite unsung modern artists. Her work on Doctor Aphra has been astounding. For a look into my favorite Aphra #19 cover from her, check out Cover Tunes #49 . She is now on cover duty for the newly-launched Fallen Angels X title likely as an extension of her work on X-23.

I featured this Hardcover because it is insanely beautiful, but keep in mind that while it can still be had for cover price, that is still $30-ish (cover price was $34.95). This cover art doesn’t appear on any of the regular issues, unfortunately. Also, please note that there is a limited edition version of this signed and with an art print that had a $54.95 cover price.

I don’t usually go in for Lady Death since it is borderline smut, but there is no denying how sweet this cover is. The foreshortened pose, the amazing linework in the hair, the grit and energy of Lady Death all lend to a really sexy piece. Witter also did the Lady Death Rules TPB cover for this as well as the Lady Death Rules #2 Hardcover, but both of those two covers don’t compare to this one.  


Blackbird #5 (2018 Series)

PUBLISHED: Image Comics – February, 2019

ARTIST: Jen Bartel


Pencils, Inks and all the “A” covers on this absolutely gorgeous mini-series that virtually everyone ignored. It has a look all its own and Bartel’s work is clean, fresh and colorful across her entire body of work. This cover (as well as the #1 and the #6) are fantastic girl covers, but this #5 is my favorite. The color is stunning and that crisp facial work is superb. I look forward to seeing where Bartel’s career goes, moving forward.  This entire series can be found in a dollar bin near you.


Michael Turner’s Soulfire: Shadow Magic #5 (2008 Series)

PUBLISHED: Aspen Comics – May, 2009

ARTIST: Sana Takeda


A really lovely earlier Takeda cover from the artist who has brought one of the most astounding bodies of cover and interior work to the market over the past decade. From Monstress (which won Takeda multiple Eisners) to Dark Crystal to the oft-ignored Belit from this past year, Takeda has mixed anime aesthetic with masterful fluidity to create a style that is instantly recognizable. While I’d say Sana’s more recent work is better overall than her earlier stuff, this Soulfire cover is incredible. It doesn’t pop often, but when it does, it is dirt cheap. Don’t sleep on Takeda’s amazing cover run on the 2006 series of Ms. Marvel, as well, which I’ve covered in Cover Tunes #21 where we looked at #41 and #48.




And here we are, yet again, at the end of another weekly journey into beautiful and inexpensive covers. I hope you enjoyed my choices this week. Please, sound off in the comments and let me know your favorites from these artists. Next week, we take one final look at a last group of five women drawing women. Until, be well, thanks for reading and happy hunting.


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