ISSUE #87: Girl on Girl (Part 3)


Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at the final part of my girls drawing girls feature. I hope you’ve enjoyed the first two parts of this where we explored some of my favorite women artists around comics and their celebration of the female form. I’ve already visited and revisited this introduction in Part #1 and Part #2 of this feature, so I won’t beat it to death. Suffice it to say, these final four artists round out my favorites currently working in comics. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. So, let’s get right to the covers, shall we?


Here we go…


Batman #40 (2016 Series)

PUBLISHED: DC Comics – April, 2018

ARTIST: Joelle Jones


If you haven’t done yourself the favor of taking a second to admire Jones’ covers on the current series of Catwoman, you really should. They are some of the sexiest mainstream covers hitting shelves, these days.

What I think I love most about Jones’ work is how accessible it is; not only from an artistic basis (as they are straightforward and lovely with amazing linework and figural understanding), but also from a purchasing standpoint in that almost all of her covers are regular “A” or “B” covers.

Beyond Catwoman and her work on Lady Killers, Jones is not what one might consider a household name… yet. However, there is a smattering of other great covers from her and this Wonder Woman cover is one of them.

I am particularly intrigued with the shadow work on this one. Clearly, I’m not the only one who thinks this is an exquisite rendering of WW as DC decided to make it into a DC Cover Girls statue.

It is sexy mostly because of suggestion rather than gratuitous detail: The way the light plays off of Diana’s body in just the right places to suggest beauty is so much more attractive than the “triple-D cup size bombshells” that men so often draw.  


Kong on the Planet of the Apes #6c (2017 Series)

PUBLISHED: Boom! Studios – April, 2018

ARTIST: Fay Dalton


Fay is relatively new to the scene and she has been crushing it on her “B” covers for the current series of Vampirella. I have featured Dalton’s work in a prior issue of Cover Tunes (issue #61).

Her painted style is a nice mixture of pin-up and modern yet somehow harkens back to the classic Warren covers on Vampirella by Enric Torres Prat and Frazetta while simultaneously maintaining a style that is wholly unique.

Fay highly understands the aesthetic of the vintage cover and flexes that style across many genres. On this week’s feature, we get a cover from her that could easily have been used on the Bronze Age Curtis Planet of the Apes mags.

That “pulp” style is very much its own niche (which I am a sucker for) and Dalton fills it nicely with this cover. Pay specific attention to the water splashes and the sky even though it’s tough to take one’s eyes off of the damsel in distress that is a staple of these types of covers.

Boom has done a lot of these types of variants and I applaud them for it. I hope to see more of them, particularly by Fay Dalton. This cover can be had for cover or less.


Barbarella #8d (2017 Series)

PUBLISHED: Dynamite Entertainment – July, 2018

ARTIST: Natali Sanders


The only problem with Sanders is that her work is featured mostly on incentive or store variants making them extremely difficult to acquire for the budget-minded collector.

Her early work on Ursa Minor is particularly sought after (although, not terribly pricey) which leaves very few “regular” covers to choose from. With that said, though, there are a few others that one can snag at relatively low prices and this beauty is one of them.

Luckily, this was just a regularly-priced alternate cover and can still be gotten for cover price or next-to-cover price. It is everything one would look for in a Sanders cover: Intricate pencils, delicate colors and a whimsical beauty that few others can conjure.

I absolutely love her style and hope we get to see more from her on a regular title, soon. If you haven’t checked out her variant for Villain of the Year Harley Quinn #1, do yourself the favor and get on that.

While this was the “D” cover, technically, it was an open order variant and most stores got them even though they sold out almost instantly.


Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #1 (2014 Series)

PUBLISHED: Marvel Comics – February, 2015

ARTIST: Stephanie Hans


Hans is no stranger to Cover Tunes in that I’ve featured her in issue #66, issue #41 and all the way back in issue #5, but she continually pops up on covers that get hot in the market and for good reason.

Her work on Die was, I feel, incidental to the series’ popularity. That shouldn’t detract from how excellent that work was, though. Additionally, she had that ghost of a cover (1:50) on X-Men Blue #21 a couple of years ago that people went crazy over.

It since seems that that cover isn’t as rare as people once thought and it has thus dropped a little in price, but again, that shouldn’t detract from how beautiful that cover actually is. Hans’ work is powerful, colorful and lovely. Her understanding of line and flow are almost unmatched and it shows on this cover from a series that is rarely mentioned.




And there we have it, the last of my 14 favorite female artists working in comics today. These women are outstanding talents and have erupted onto a world that was once completely dominated by men.

Their styles are unique and many of their works have already become modern classics. I very much look forward to seeing what we as consumers can expect in the future from the female segment of this hobby.

It is an intriguing new perspective that was sorely lacking for far too long. I am honored to have feature these artists and to have met many of them in person.

Anyhow, next time in order to end the 2019, we’ll have a special Christmas issue, so stay tuned. Until then, be well, thanks for reading and happy hunting.



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