It’s a Peanuts Mondo Gallery!


Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! The Tin Hat is back, fresh from another Mondo gallery! Is it Peanuts season amongst the CBSI writers? After Mike Morello’s amazing Peanuts article, the Tin Hat continues the season courtesy of a Mondo gallery. As you know, the Tin Hat is lucky enough to reside close enough to Mondo headquarters.

While the focus was MondoCon 5 this year, Mondo was able to quietly sneak in two more galleries before the year ends. Their Peanuts gallery was a very nice surprise because Charles Schulz’s characters are as American as UFO theories. They were a slice of americana during a time of wars and political turmoil. Kids and adults around the country were able to read these daily strips, getting to see how the other half lived.

Sure enough, the Mondo staff were a-buzz as well, as they promised this is a sneak peek into even more Peanuts shows. Most of these prints were 150-print run, pretty low for Mondo’s usual run of 250-300. All of these are Shulz’s comic pieces blown up, Mondo-size.

Just like their Batman show, Mondo was able to secure permission to reprint these iconic scenes. They ranged from a full comic strip to a single comic panel. Of course, every single one of these is an iconic moment. From Charlie Brown falling on his back after his umpteenth failed attempt to kick a football, to the gang wearing spooky Halloween masks as they go trick-or-treating.

So sit back and relax with tryptophan, Tin Hatters, as we gaze into the wonderful, colorful world of Charles Schulz. As always, if you want to get your block-head mitts on these prints, make sure to check out the Mondo website. Some have already gone up, but the second batch of remainders will go up sometime soon.



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