January 2020


Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! The Tin Hat is here with another dose of Tin Foil Spec. We’re in the midst of fall thunderstorms, but the Tin Hat is already in the merry ol’ land of the 2020. What wonders have I seen? How much vegan can eggnog be? And what new marvel will Tom Cruise bring us? Jump in with me, Tin Hatters, and let’s explore the world that is 2020!





Wonder Woman #750

This is the big announcement of the new year. While it’s not a millennial issue, DC is sure making issue 750 of Wonder Woman a pretty huge deal. While I previously suggested to avoid Detective Comics #1000 until it was in the dollar bins, the cover artists on this issue are just too sweet to pass up. Maybe it will end up in the dollar bins? Then again, will shops feel comfortable upping their orders for this issue (Wonder Woman is usually in the 30k range). There might be a ton of store variants, but I doubt any will compare to whatever Jenny Frison has in store. Also, we get Gabriel Picolo on interiors! That’s right, Picolo is officially doing interiors for a Big 2 book. What better way to start the year off, eh?

Birds of Prey #1

This issue was pushed back (waaaay back actually) with the intent to come out around the same time as the movie, but now we also got the news that it’ll be a DC Black Label book. Not sure if it’ll be an ongoing series as the solicit says it’s a one-shot that will combine what would have been the first 2 issues. Either way, get a couple (even with that price tag) because now this book will boast the first cover appearance and the first appearance of Las Damas de la Muerte.

Batman #86

86 the mayo! Or in this case, 86 the Tom King. James Tynion IV cements his status as DC’s favorite filler writer as he steps up to the job to pad out the remaining 15 issues of Batman. There’s no denying Mr. Tynion IV’s solid indie comics, but he can be polarizing when it comes to DC titles. Let’s see how he starts the year off.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #6

It’s Sean Murphy. You know I’m going to put him on here.

Catwoman #19

Will Ian McDonald become the next hot thang? He definitely has a similar style to Artgerm and Company (plus, Mr. Chew follows him on Insta). Grab a couple just in case.

Detective Comics #1019

Axe-wielding cult leader from the 1600s? First appearance time? Could it be related to Deacon Blackfire?

Action Comics #1019

Superman’s identity revealed? This may cause a bit of news on sites like BleedingCool and Comic Book Realm. The world will know Superman, and it looks like it’ll cause massive shockwaves across the DC Universe.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #5

Joshua Middleton provides the variants, so make sure you get a pair.



Suicide Squad #2

Tom Taylor has introduced a new character to the Suicide Squad, and this could be his first cover apperance. Grab 5.

Supergirl #38

The Supergirl Who Laughs vs Wonder Woman. This will be a heavyweight mega fight. Also, Derrick Chew.

Superman #19

The day after. Will the world love Superman? He’s an all-American boy scout, so how can you not? Pair this up with Action Comics #1019.


There you have it! Last January, DC introduced Naomi to the world. It seems they are now ready to begin shaping up the world post-Golden Age heroes. Will it work? 2020 will sure be a wild ride! Let’s check out the House of M and see what they’re up to.



Thor #1

The big news out of NYCC was that Donny would have his own Thor run. After worshipping Jason Aaron, he’s now ready to take over. Donny loves to start all his series with a bang, so do not miss out on this one. Don’t even let the potential giant print run scare you.

Thor #2

Guaranteed to not have a high print run as #1. Make sure you keep this in your pull.

Guardian of the Galaxy #1

Al Ewing brings his story telling over to the Guardians. Some people said that Immortal Hulk was a fluke based on Ewing’s previous Marvel track record. Here’s where he can start cementing himself as another pillar of Marvel’s writing team.

Iron Man 2020 #1

Anyone have their Machine Man #2 copies ready? Does anyone care? The event that Marvel has been teasing for a full year is finally upon us. Arno Star is Iron Man, and what does this strange year that is 2020 hold for the rest of us?

Miles Morales: The End #1

Marvel is sure “ending” a ton of books. This one caught The Tin Hat’s eye because it features Old Man Mies.

Venom: The End #1

Another eye-catcher because it might introduce another new Venom wielder/possessee. Trillions of years later, only Venom is left!

Star #1

The other big news coming out of NYCC is that Star will be getting her own miniseries. What has the reality stone done to Star? Is she good, evil, or somewhere in between? Also, a J. Scott Campbell variant.

Weapon Plus: World War IV #1

Man-Slaughter? You had me at hello.

Immortal Hulk #29#30

These books keep getting more epic, and the Tin Hat loves it! From giant crazy kaiju looking monsters to the Hulk fighting off the original Hulk, Al Ewing is giving us all a second Xmas present.

Captain Marvel #14

The evil Captain Marvel grows ever stronger. What will be left of her former friends?

Web of Venom: The Good Son #1

Normie and Dylan together? Teaming up? Is this a rivalry in the making? Don’t overlook this issue, and hold on to your Goblin Childe second prints.

Spider-Man #5

Abrams and Son are ready to finish off their enemies once and for all. Benjy is about to learn the meaning of rising to the occasion.

Amazing Spider-Man #38

That’s an interesting Phil Noto cover. Get a few.

Spider-Verse #4

While not his first appearance (that would be Amazing Spider-Man #12 (2014)), I believe this is the first full story we get of Web-Slinger, the olde Spider from the West. That cover is a beaut as well, looking like an old spaghetti western poster!

Image Comics


Project X #2

What is Netflix’s and Millar’s gift to us? Is it the world? Was it American Jesus?

The Clock #1

This has the makings of an option. Evil conspiracy spreading cancer into the world only to lead into World War 3? Oh yeah.

Archie Comics


Archie and Katy Keene #1

Who is Katy Keene? Why, she’s only been around for over 80 years! However, a lot of that time has been off and on. Still, she’s getting her own CW series in January by the same producer of Riverdale. While her first few (Golden Age) appearances are somewhat pricey, here’s your chance to own the modern, Gen Z retelling of the character. Plus, Francavilla knocks it out of the park yet again!

Dynamite Entertainment


Red Sonja: Age of Chaos #1

That Parillo cover is an eye-looker, but the ASM #300 parody cover wouldn’t be a bad pick-up either.

Scout Comics


Stabbity Bunny #9

Stabbity Bunny finally returns, and it has a great Spider-Man homage to boot. When is this getting a cartoon on Netflix?


There you have it, Tin Hatters! January will be a doozy of a month! It looks like the Big 2 are content in fighting it off amongst them. As always, look out to the skies, chew on a churro, and farewell from the world of tomorrow! What’s that? Oh, that’s right! The Contest! Let’s see. Umm, the person that made the Tin Hat say niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice the longest and with the most i’s is thunderballfists. Their choice was Blair Witch. Don’t be ashamed, fellow Hatter! In the time of the interweb’s infancy, The Blair Witch Project was a thing of beauty. Viral marketing at its earliest and best. Contact me at admin@comicbookinvest.com to claim your prize winnings.


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