July 1


Is it vacation time yet? Paid vacation? Sick day usage vacation? Retirement vacation? Sadly, none of these for me, but it’s that’s time of the year!

Alrighty, let’s dive right into too much comic information. Or not enough. You decide!


New Gods!



Restocking stuffers for the hype that will hopefully be here this coming or the following holiday season. Eternals also continue to do well and for whatever reason my brain is lumping these 2 completely different properties together. I think so many books regarding these 2 properties have a lot more room to grow. There are so many characters who first appear in these first series from the 1970’s and who are unknown to the masses.

Lots of characters debuting in the later series of New Gods and Mister Miracle as well. And outside of the series too. Broken record time: So many possibilities! But, here’s a wild one. How about Thanagar entering the picture? Save it for the sequel, or trilogy? Getting ahead of myself much??


Here’s a couple cool ones that are currently ridiculously, simplistically, statistically, super-duper..lee, $1-range type cheap.

#3 from the 3rd New Gods series – Introduction to the Council of Five, made up of Gideon, Highfather, Lonar, Madame Nature and Teledar.



#8 as well in the 3rd series, which introduces Suli, the mother of Kalibak, and Apokoliptian scientist/sorceress who married Darkseid.

There’s a couple more debuts in this book, including the intro of Tyrus, one of Apokopils’ greatest assassins, and his 3-headed dog Tracker.



Or how about Mister Miracle, 2nd Series, #28 – First Big Breeda, Big Barda’s mother!


And if we go outside these series, one of my favorites uncovered this past week is … Grayven, the 3rd son of Darkseid, who first appears in Green Lantern Vol 3 #74 from 1996.



Please note- If any of this info is incorrect, please chime in through the comments, or message me and I will correct. And as always, please feel free to add info in the comments. I’m sure there’s a ton of additional info and everyone reading this has an amazing piece to add!






Detective Comics #566

Love this cover! All the classic rogues gallery villains! Joker! Mad Hatter! Poison Ivy! Ra’s Al Ghul! Penguin! Riddler! Two-Face! Can’t tell who that is under Mad Hatter. Killer Moth?

Also love these other Det Joker covers: #475 (Joker Fish Guns!), #532 (Joker Train!), #569 (Joker cards!), #570 (Joker Driver!), #617 (Weird Costume Joker!)


More classic villains inside!

So, the new Robin wants to know about all the villains. Batman proceeds to pull them up on his handy-dandy 1980’s super computer and describe them



I wasn’t familiar with Nocturna and Night-Slayer’s first appearances.



Nocturna (Natalia Knight) debuts in Batman #363 and Night-Slayer (Anton Knight, martial artist and son of a Gotham City millionaire who was also a crime lord) first appears in Detective Comics #529. Looks like they’re a couple who go on crime sprees to support their lavish lifestyle and medical bills Natalia has from being hit with a radioactive laser that drained her skin of pigment and made her super (duper) sensitive to light.


Even Bat-Wayne’s patience can wear thin, it appears. That, or the editors denied a request for a giant-sized, super-spectacular 70-something page book! Instead, let’s cram in some remaining villains into one panel, shall we?



And I believe we have a bonus first appearance in the back-up Green Arrow story. First appearance of Barricade.



Gotham City Sirens and Birds of Prey!

Detective Comics #850 and Black Canary Oracle Birds of Prey #1.

These movies are happening. Now these movies aren’t happening. Now, they’re happening? While I can’t keep up with the latest Bat-gossip, demand for the books tied to these movies remains.




Lose your self-titled live action series, lose interest in many of your books. Great time to buy! Aside from first appearances, of course, which makes reprints of first appearances a healthy market. Who thought these Marvel Milestones editions would be valuable 10+ years ago? How many books can you ask that question about? Every book, just about? Ha!


Punisher Intro

Right off the spider-bat. Spider-shooting practice!



Looks like our anti-hero could use some sleep!




Batman #156, 1963. Or should I say, Robin-death. Well, not really, but still a great cover.

Are you a Trekkie? Or is the more hip question, Do you Trek??

Star Trek #1, 1967. Gold Key #1’s from the 1960’s are getting recognition. I want to be on that boat ride!


Awesome, classic art!



I wouldn’t want to return to that planet either. No offense, planet.



Za-zaaaap! Take that, monster planet. Za-zaaaap!


More than meets the eye!

What a classic catch phrase!

Transformers #1, 1984. Prices for 9.8’s are off the charts. Canadian price variant #1’s are ghostly. Newsstand demand continues to rise. Don’t forget about the 2nd and 3rd printings to #1.





Turtlemania Special #1, 1986

There’s a few limited color variations to the book. Collectors want everything early TMNT at this point in time, it appears.



As in, Point Guard? Parental Guidance? Maybe, but no!

Powergirl #27, 2011 (2009 Series) Cover by Warren Louw.

Can’t go one single week without picking up a final issue in series.



Capes #1, 2003, Image Comics

First Walking Dead in comics! Forgetting how many pages of #1 are previewed in here. Maybe I should take pictures!

Not a terribly high printed book and from what I remember, it’s tied with Agents #6 for pre-dating Walking Dead #1.

Ok, so it looks like the first 5 pages of the Walking Dead are shown in the book.



Divinity #4 (of 4) 1:20, 2015 Valiant Entertainment.

Valiant strikes again! Barely holding onto my spec interest. Less than 500 of these made.

The art really is phenomenal.



Underworld Evolution #1, 2006, IDW, 48-pages.

This may have come with the DVD? Some of these mini’s can fetch good coin, like those from Best Buy (Wolverine from 2003 and Superman Man of Steel come to mind.)

Looks like this book follows the movie spot on.



Cosmic Symbiote Explorers!



Thanos #13, 2017

First Cosmic Ghost Rider. Does it feel like he is teetering on the brink of elimination, or something great?


Wanna “trade?”

As in Venom Trade Paperbacks.

Venom Devil’s Pack and Venom Toxin With a Vengeance, both #1’s from 2013.

While we all scurry around to grab low printed books, it’s amazing to check print runs for the majority of TPBs printed… ever! Such low prints runs. Less than 2,000 printed a piece for these.


Lost City Explorers #1, 2018, Aftershock Comics, Covers A and B.

Was it last year around this time that this property’s creators announced it being optioned? Not sure if there’s any updates, but both covers are back to darn near dollar bin territory. While most optioned properties lay dormant, some have a habit of coming back… with a vengeance! Ok, maybe not a vengeance. Venom’s TPB name from above is too fresh in my mind!

Not quite 5,000 copies printed, split between these 2 covers.




Planet Comics #1, 1988, Blackthorne Comics.

Adam Hughes Dirty Pair cover inspiration? Raws are holding strong at the $40 mark. Speaking of 40, less than 40 9.8’s?


Prophet #1, 2000 by Awesome comics. Cover by Todd McFarlane.

Such a cool cover and not all that easy to track down.


Rat Fink #1, 1990 by World of Fandom

Another die-hard fan base favorite.

Who is Rat Fink? Let’s let RatFink.com explain:

“Rat Fink is one of the several hot-rod characters created by one of the originators of Kustom Kulture, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Roth’s dislike for Mickey Mouse led him to draw the original Rat Fink art. After he placed Rat Fink art on an airbrushed monster shirt, the character soon came to symbolize the entire hot-rod/Kustom Kulture scene of the 1950s and 1960s. Roth is accepted as the individual who popularized “Monster Hot Rod” art form.

The Rat Fink Art depicts a green, depraved-looking mouse with bulging, bloodshot eyes, an oversized mouth with yellowed, narrow teeth, and a red T-shirt with yellow “R.F.” on it.”


Star Wars #1, 2015 Gamestop Exclusive.

Somewhere between $15 and $50. Talk about a spread!



Vampirella 25th Anniversary Special #1 Platinum Virgin Variant, 1996 Harris, and,

Vampirella Crossover Gallery #1 Pantha Virgin Cover Variant, 1997 Harris.

Got caught up in all the Vampirella hype, with all these new covers debuting! Hopefully so much will not become too much!


Alright friends! We’ve reached our breaking, I mean, stopping point, because it all has to end at some point, doesn’t it? End, as in Marvel titles every few months! End, like after one season at Sci-Fi (deadly class crying emoji face!) End, like the Earth when our Sun burns out in 500 billion years!


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