July 15


Happy, it’s that time of the year Comic Con week, Monday morning to ya all! I’m sure we’re all looking forward to news that will start to leak out of SDCC.


I took a bunch of pictures I’m excited to share!

X”-travaganza! Starring, Marvel!



X-Men #9: X-Men Vs. Avengers!

Iiiiit’s… time!!! Fighters ready? Annd… let’s get it on!!!



X-Men #94, 1975

Wolverine’s first appearance in the X-Men series, and right from the start, on que, he’s in full Wolverine mode!



Ah, the burden of leadership. This would have made for a nice cover!



The Ani-Men, huh?



I see potential of development for these characters, if they haven’t already been.



Fantastic Four #11, 1963

Origin and first appearance of the Impossible Man.


Fantastic Four #48, 1966

First appearance of some giant planet-eating guy and another guy in silver that surfs in outer space! : )



While Surfer’s in a bunch of panels, all we get is this last page look for Galactus. Maybe that’s why FF49 started climbing?



ASM #50 –1st Kingpin!

Here’s our intro to Kingpin…



And, there’s only one thing left to do?



Dance? Get really wasted? Start a criminal empire?

Ohh, give up the spidey gig. That was my next guess!



More Starjammers!

I’m going to make an appointment to attend a hoarder’s anonymous group meeting this week. I’ll either wind up slowing down on Jamming with the Stars (no guitar necessary), or there will be a whole lot more people hoarding Starjammers! Ha!


Escaping the Power-storm, created by a Haunted Moon!



Escapists #1, 2006, Dark Horse

I picked up a few of these. Why? Brian K Vaughan signing a first look deal a while back, in addition to Dark Horse and Netflix teaming up.


What’s it about?

The 6-part mini-series tells the story of a longtime fan’s dream of reviving the character in all-new comic adventures, focusing on Cleveland-born Jewish writer Max Roth, whose father was an Escapist fan. Max uses his inheritance to purchase the rights to the character, and then teas up with artist Case Weaver and letterer Denny Jones, who dress up as the Escapist and stop a crime in an attempt to gain publicity for their comic. But their plan starts to unravel and grow out of their control.


Powergirl #27, 2011

Still feel like her first appearance is primed for an increase.


Stormwatch #4, 1997 Series, Image Comics

While this book is mostly known for the 1st appearances of Apollo and the Midnighter….



Does everyone realize it’s also the first appearance of a new team, Stormwatch Zero?



That’s right. 5 additional characters debut here (Amaze, Crow Jane, Impetus, Lamplight and Stalker.)


The premise:

“StormWatch Black – a special unit of StormWatch that officially doesn’t exist – discovered a deadly plot by International Operations to conduct biological war-games. Heading to Pavane, Louisiana the team began their investigation, despite the fact that the American government had forbid them from operating on U.S. soil. Exerting diplomatic pressure on France, Weatherman Jackson King was able to coerce its Prime Minister to invoke code perfect, the loophole that allows StormWatch to land and protect endangered citizens in any foreign territory. However, during the battle that ensued, StormWatch learned the secret identity of the man who helped facilitate the entire deadly chemical exercise – the mad ex-StormWatch Weatherman, Henry Bendix!”


Even the synopsis for the first issue sounds intriguing:

“In the shocking wake of Change or Die, the surviving members of StormWatch are left to pick up the pieces. A brutal kidnap and pitch battle in the California desert is just the start of a new storm over America; a screaming storm of bacterial horror, secrets and lies , and the people who will not only break the planet with disease – but will use superhumans to survive it themselves. Or, to be more exact – bits of superhumans.”


Haunted Mansion #5 and #7, 2005 Series, Amaze Ink/Slave Labor

Before Marvel got their hands on this Disney property, Slave Labor created a 7-issue series. Not the easiest to find. Can we add it to their wall of classics that already include titles like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, I Feel Sick and Squee?


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #28, 2018

Lots of first appearances in these later issues in series and on the low side printed Moon Girl books.

First appearance of Omnipotentis in this one. Do not want to be part of the department of redundancy, so catch up on the potential power this character could bring to the MCU here.


Mock, laugh, reprint, and robo-reprint some more!



Mockingbird SHIELD 50th Anniversary #1, 2015, Variant Cover.

1st Red Widow.



Teen Titans #12, 2017

First appearance of Dark Robin!


Oh yeah, and 1st Batman Who Laughs. : )

A new classic Batman villain that’s here to stay?


Right off the “bat”, we get BWL



We end with him as well…



Ren and Stimpy #44.

Can’t get enough of this book.


Tales of Suspense #39, Marvel Milestones 1994 Edition.

Reprints the first appearance of Mr. Tony Stark!



2nd printing of issue #1 from her self-titled 2010 series.


Poor man’s Batman #121! Toys R Us reprint.

Reprints the first appearance of Mr. Freeze. No origin though. I forget what book that’s in, offhand.






And more puzzles!



Ok, for those who want answers without putting in any work whatsoever / free ride / you’re not trying if you’re not cheating…



Robotech 2: The Sentinels Book 4, #4, 1996, Academy Comics

The books in this series may be sought after because they are the comic book version of the cartoon series Robotech Sentinels that was planned but never created. 


Here’s a Robo-recap of Books 1-3 and up until Book 4, #4!






Knull and void!

Venom #3, 2018 SDCC Variant.

I vote yes on making a Venom movie every year.


Hold onto your coupons! Extreme randoming time!



Batman Arkham Knight #1, 2015 1:10

Didn’t take long for the Arkham Knight hype to die down. Or is it just beginning?


Ultimate Spiderman #8, 2001, Payless Variant.

Not for Resale, huh?



A couple first appearances in here:

Shocker (Herman Schultz) 



The Enforcers, who work for Kingpin, comprised of Ox (Bruno Sanchez)Fancy Dan (Dan Rubinstein) and

Montana (Montana Bale).


Umbrella Academy #0, 2007.

Can’t wait for season 2!


Last Unicorn #1, 2010, IDW

This is the first printing. Still having difficulty tracking down 1:10’s.


Transformers Timelines Invasion #7 Botcon, 2012

Try wrapping your head around all this…


The Transformers have a multi-verse? It appears so, according to this book!



So, Prime is still good, but purple.



Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime are evil.



And this is the leader of the heroic Decepticons? Mind blown.



And, it looks like we’ve got Battle Beasts in here too?



Punk Mambo #0, 2014, Valiant.

“From a posh girls’ boarding school, to the slimy gutter of the London punk scene, to sniffing voodoo glue in a Louisiana swamp…how did the Punk Mambo haul herself from the upper crust to the backwater? Now, Punk Mambo is about to head back home to spread some much-needed anarchy in the UK! The punks and the voodoo priests she used to know have cleaned themselves up, and she’s a loud, belching ghost from their past, come to break in the new furniture…and break some faces!”


Invincible Iron Man #10, 2009, 2nd Print Variant Cvr


Hey, Girl!



Young Avengers #12, 2005 Series

Kate Bishop becomes the new Hawkeye, though I only saw her turning down that name in here. And Tommy Shepherd adopts the codename of Speed.



Ok, fellow comic book FIRMS (Flippers, Investors, Researchers and/or Maniac Speculators!) Gotta cut this short. Short, like not tall. Short, like Too Short! Short, like our life spans because we can’t get this stem cell regeneration stuff down!

Enjoy Comic Con and the crazy influx of news it is sure to bring this week!!! So much news we need a 4th exclamation mark! And a 5th!


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