July 30


Happy Tuesday!


What happened last week?

-Farmhand was optioned by AMC.

-Boys debuted on Amazon over the weekend. Rave reviews! Epically dark comedy. With an emphasis on dark!


Feeling Blue!



Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #1, 2008, Marvel Comics.


Who is Adam the Blue Marvel?

Adam Brashear is his real name. He’s a former college football player and Marine, and holds a PHD in theoretical physics. He’s said to have strength comparable to Hulk and Thor. He also has an underwater HQ only Namor knows about.


Anti-Man (Conner Sims) also first appears in this book.



Under the ground!



Captain Canuck #1, 1975

First Captain Canuck, with origin!

There’s been a teasing of a Captain Canuck feature film since 2011.


Amazing Fantasy #7, 2005

First appearance of Carmilla Black, the female Scorpion.

Was thinking of the female Doc Oc when I found out about this character.

There were about 22K of these printed. Sounds high, but a shot in the Spider-verse multi-verse dark, with no variants, it could become something. Not likely though.



Other first appearances in here:

-Derek Khanata – A member of Wakanda secret police and Shield.

-Noriko Nagayoshi – Provides the tech and supports Scorpion while she’s out on missions.

-Monica Rappaccini – Mother of Carmilla Black, who initially was about peace but turned to widespread murder.


There’s a half-dozen other characters who first appear in here, but their history has yet to be written.


Sweet Tooth #1, 2009, DC/Vertigo

IMDB is stating that production is complete as of June, 2019. Maybe we’ll get a trailer soon.


Knights of the Dinner Table #1, 1994, Kenzer Publishing.

Only 3,000 are said to have been made.

What’s also cool is that this series is still ongoing. Issue #266 and counting!


Scud the Disposable Assassin #18, 1997

This is labeled a special edition variant issue. One of the hardest Scud books to track down.

Keep your eyes peeled for #21 Convention edition. #21 also has a second print.


Nonplayer #1, 2011, Image

What happened to the plans for a movie? I don’t see any news since the announcement of Legendary optioning back in 2017.


Lethargic Comics Weakly #3, 1991

Spidey McFarlane homage and a lower print run makes this a great buy if you can find it at a good price.


Variant Time!



Batman Incorporated #8, 2011 1:25. 1st series

Digging this cover. Last issue to the series too!


Batman Incorporated #12, 2013 1:25. 2nd series

Talia! Nice cover. Surprisingly not a terribly common book. So I checked print run. Just over 2,100 made. Same for the #8 1:25 Bats cover above.


The skullgirls make an appearance in here. I believe their first appearance is in Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes #1, 2011. They look interesting, though I don’t see that they have been developed as characters or with a backstory.



My Hero Academia and RWBY, FCBD 2018

DC will be publishing RWBY later this year, I believe as an ongoing series. From what I can tell, this is the first RWBY in comic form.


Howard the Duck #1, 2015.

Gwenpool is coming back!


Star Wars #2, 2015. Han Solo Action Figure Var

I remember when this came out and caught everyone by surprise. I think it wasn’t advertised as an action figure cover. It was underordered and to this day is one of the most sought after Star Wars action figure covers.


X-Force #23, 2010, (2008 3rd Series) Underworld Var, Cover by Clayton Crain.

This variant has been steadily disappearing and consequently raising in price.


Sorry guys. Somewhat short this week but hopefully still sweet. See ya back here next week!


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