July 8


Hello and happy 8th of July!


How about Sandman and Netflix? Pretty strong news from last week. These books had fallen, ‘deep asleep’.


A surprise final Walking Dead issue had the market scrambling to secure copies of #193, while IDW snuck a new female turtle into #95.


Speaking of those recent hot books, here’s a few others that come to mind since January that were big surprises, sneaking up on most of us. They certainly all caught me off guard!

  • Marvel Comics Presents #4 1:50 Wolvie/Moon Knight Sienkiewicz
  • War of the Realms New Agents of Atlas #1 variants
  • Amber Blake and Canto RI’s from IDW.
  • Immortal hulk #2 1:25 virgin. Feels like the 20th printing but it was only the 5th.
  • Spawn #297 Diamond Retail Summit
  • Rick and Morty 1:25s for the 50th issue that hardly anyone ordered enough to qualify for.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recalled Wonder Woman variant. Were there really only 50 printed? Or was it 500? Or less?


Ok, onto some pickups!


Mix n’ matches!




Jughead #9, 2016 Archie

Sabrina debuts in the New Riverdale!

Still picking up issues here and there, though they have settled a bit. Or demand for them has.



TMNT #70, 2010, Mirage (2004 series)

Final issue in series!


Watch your mouth, Mr. Raphael!



Use the force!



Now that’s just messed up! Help a fellow prisoner free themselves only to have them turn around and try to kill you??



Spidey Homage!

No Hero #7, 2009, Avatar (2008 Series) Limited to 2,000 copies.

Literally anything on a cover crouching in the Spidey-pose will sell. Hulk, Conan, every Avenger ever assembled together in the group spidey-pose, a transforming dishwasher spidey-pose. Anything. I’m convinced!



Amazing Spiderman #1, 1966.

That’s right, from 1966. Not 1963? Why? How? Where, What! This is the Golden Records edition that came sealed with an actual record. The obvious difference with these Golden Record versions is no price on the cover. A very nice runner up to the original, and true coat-tail rider!


X-Men marks the spot!



Getting another X-Men fix in.


New Mutants #87, 1990

Here’s our first look at Mr. Cable in the inner pages of this book.



Looks like the first full appearance of a bunch of characters from a terrorist organization called the Mutant Liberation Front are in here as well.

  • Wildside
  • Forearm
  • Reaper
  • Thumbelina
  • Strobe
  • Tempo
  • Zero


They all cameo in #86, but offhand, I’m not sure just how much of a cameo.



And, Ice Fairies!?!



First appearance of Stryfe is also in here.


Who is Stryfe?

Stryfe is a clone of Cable! Apocalypse named him and encouraged his, shall we say, evilness, as he grew up.



Did you know?

While New Mutants #87 may get all the recognition as a classic homage, it, itself is actually a homage cover of Avengers #145.


Surfin’ America, Super-hulk style!



Silver Surfer #2, 2014, 1:50

Not as nice looking as the #1 1:50, in my opinion, but slightly less were made.


Captain America #25, 2007, Wizard World Los Angeles Exclusive.

Captain America Comics 70th Anniversary Edition #1, 2011 Variant.

It looks just like the original from the 1940’s! Wait. No. No, it absolutely does not look like the original from the 1940’s. Cool homage though!


Superman, 2014 1:25 Steampunk

Didn’t see this around, unless my searches deceive me.


Hulk #7 1:25, 2012 (2011 series)

See above statement. Not necessarily ghosts but not a lot for sale at this point in time. Another $30+ seller.


Sentry #1, 2000 Variant

All-in on Sentry first appearances!


Random times call for random measures!



Adventure into Fear #19, 1973

First appearance of Howard the Duck!


Did you know?

This book is the prelude to Man-Thing #1 from the 1974 series.


Really cool intro page!



Our favorite Duckling is in only these panels, but he’s true to his wise cracking self from the very start, I see!



Mister Miracle #1, 2017, Cover A first printing.

From the mind of Tom King!


Captain Britain #1, 1976

First Captain Britain. The key with this book is having an unused mask that came with it. Quite the price difference if it’s not included.


Vampirella Countdown to the Second Coming Prototype Edition #0 Variant, 2009, Harris Comics.

Jenny Frison Cover!


Gallery pinups in the last few pages.



More random measures!




Hulk #449, 1997

As in Thunderbolts!




Love the pages!



And the action! Gotta get some “BLAM!” And “Pow!” In!



And, how’s this for a character?



Hand for a leg, face for a leg. Plug for a head?? Love it!


Noble Causes: Family Secrets #3, 2003 Variant

Not a preview of Invincible #1 story like the majority of the other books that predate his #1 issue, though he only makes a brief appearance in here. This variant is sought after more than the reg cover A, I’m guessing because he’s pictured on the front.



Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1, 1984, Canadian Price Variant.

Will Marvel go to the big screen with this story? Whether they do or don’t, classic story and somewhat difficult book to find. Especially one that’s not a beater!


Men in Black #1, 1990, Aircel Comics.

Another classic that at times can be found relatively cheap.


Just like in the movies!



How was Men in Black created?



Alright friends! Have another one of those great weeks!


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