June 10


Hello collectors of art in the form of comics!

Here’s hoping we get a reboot of the original X-Men TAS!

And Korvac is coming to the big screen? Time to dust off those Giant Size Defenders 3’s!

So, the new X-Men movie is another, “meh”? Maybe keys will drop? Doubt it!


Battle-man, Master of Alita’s Haunting Universe! Pure Carnage from the Castle!!



Alita Battle Angle #1, 1992, Viz.

Yes, the movie has passed and yes, it didn’t really “kill it”. Now, to find out if it’s got a new cult following built up yet!


Inside cover art


Another intro spread


Skella who? Skella what? Skele-tor!

He-man and the Masters of the Universe #1 2012 Skeletor Variant.

Sold a few of these years ago for what were at the time ground-breaking prices. Absolute luck to come across one of these today. Who cares about this book? A growing He-Man base, I would guess. A 9.8 sold for over three, yes, $3k!



Salem’s Daughter the Haunting #1, 2011, Zenescope

Somewhat of an obscure Artgerm cover.


Chucky? No? Baby Luke Skywalker, struggling with the force like never before?


No? How about, Luke, a child’s playtime possession of the force story!



Amazing Spiderman #359.

#360 is starting to get more love. Let’s bank (shot – Called it!) on #359 to follow suit!


Shout out to NES!

Castlevania the Belmont Legacy #1, 2005, IDW.

Every year my love for this book grows!




Spawn books are popping off left and right! Take #236, for example. Looking at ebay completed listings, dozens of copies have sold in the $5 range. Now, as of this writing, 2 copy copies remain at close to the half century asking price.

Most Spawn issues are rare to begin with. Most issues just don’t, or didn’t, seem rare when they were listed for next to cover. Then, overnight it seems, many cheap copies are bought up. That appears to be all it takes these days to turn a book from not to hot!

But, is this a true rare and desirable book? Or, is market manipulation at play? You decide! Choose your own adventure!


201 – Spawn ripping heads off!


It’s been difficult to find a detailed list of Spawn keys and key players by issue number. Put this together for some of the issues shown. I ran out of time to take more pictures, but please comment if something in the text below isn’t right or should be added. Basically looked at #’s 201-271.


202 – Hel (former empress of hell.), Bludd (a vampire clan leader – First appears in #197.)


Matthew Ramus (aka Bludd), Ramus Corporation introduction.


203 – Unholy Trinity

204 – The Black, the space between here and the shadows where blind zombie-like creatures reside.

206 – The Shadows, another dark realm.

207 – Detective Rowand

208 – The White, another realm.


210 – Random snapshot.


211 – Demon Elite, creators of the Old Guard (cross-breed of demons and vampires)

213 – The Void, another shadow realm.

226 – Hell’s Dealbroker


235 – Lilith (a vampire and sister of Eve. Eve as in Adam and Eve.)

239 – Solomon Pure, leader of vampires and brother of Simon Pure.


250 – Sword of the Spirit, a Sword god gave to Spawn.

252 – Gabriel (Left heaven for hell to torment Spawn), Spawn’s unborn son.

253 – Aspects, demonic spirits

256 – Hell’s Guard, a demon

259 – Hellion – One of Satan’s servants.


264 – Decay, superhuman creature who can instantly decompose anything it touches.

265 – Alzayah Stone (a criminal kingpin), King Spider.

266 – Amy, Jack Tyrone Dragon (Savage Dragon’s daughter and sons), Monstress (super commanding a horde of demon-like monsters.)

267 – Spawn gets new powers


270 – Soul Crusher

271 – Spawn controls his cape/costume for the first time


Cool little “Did you know” I was recently reading about…

McFarlane invited Neil Gaiman to write an issue of Spawn, which happened to be #9. Yes, he created Angela, Cogliostro, and Medieval Spawn. The article goes on to say Gaiman sued McFarlane years later after Spawn’s success. Sounds like the two reached a settlement a few years back, but I don’t see the details of that information disclosed.


One last note: Flipping through some of these issues, with all the vampires and demons, I start to get an Underworld movie type of vibe, but with an obvious larger and more detailed scope.


Seeing double!



Captain Marvel #16 and #17, 2004 (2002 series)

Surprisingly, these are still selling well as a set. $30-$40+ type of well!



Bubba the Redneck Werewolf #1, 2002, Brass Ball Comics

Been looking for this comic book for quite some time!



Blood Realm #1, 2018, Alterna Comics

Synopsis sounds Lord of the Ring-ish.


Three supernatural beings known as the Sisters of Silence must embark on a treacherous quest to stop a bloodthirsty General from obtaining a sacred relic powerful enough to obliterate the last kingdom of men.”



New Avengers #27, 2007

Better late than never? Probably more like, better never than late, from the looks of sales so far this month. Sarcastic Ha.


I’m blue!

Avatar Tsu’Tey’s Path #1, 2018, Covers A and B, Dark Horse Comics.

If they ever get those sequels going, maybe these first comic appearances (I think) will become something special, eh? Hopefully the series continues past issue #6.


The inner art is well done.


Have a great week!


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