June 17


Hello comic nation!


Kirkman and his Oblivion Song optioned, huh? This massively printed book was selling for close to $30. That’s excellent for the current status of spec! Anything can hit at any time!

Lobo getting his own show? Meh? Or, Yay! Remember when Omega Men #3’s were on the brink of exploding? The possibility still exists, though I also remember when the Rock was rumored to play him on screen.






I like all of these DET-27 reprints. The Lootcrate edition is over $100. The Oreo reprint from 1984 is close to that as well, if not more. This DC Millennium completes the trifecta.



Introducing… Batman!




Amazing how the FCBD edition took off with the show’s success. Can’t wait for season 2! The $1 reprint can do ok on its own, thanks to the #1 first printing taking off.


Peter Pan Warlord of Oz #1.

Cool little underground book that puts a twist on the classic tale.


Last Unicorn #5, 2010 series.

So, the unicorn is turned into a girl in here? Pretty neat art!



And skulls! That drink booze!



Aquaman #10, 2016 series.

Fantastic Mera cover by Middleton.


A-Force! #1, 2015 first series.

“Marvel’s Mightiest Women finally get their own explosive series!”

Who knows if the rumors of an all-Female cast will pan out on the big screen?



As in, Bruce Timm! Gen 13 #18 variant, 1996 series.







With an all-black back cover, it must be fairly difficult for the Timm cover completionist to obtain a 9.8.



Double vision time!



TMNT #5, 2011 IDW Series Variant.

Turtles get there different color masks!



And weapons!




Superman Man of Steel #18, 5th print DCU Variant.

I wonder if this book will ever climb again to the prices it saw prior to the Bat-Sups Movie. Let’s get Doomsday some attention! In a new movie!


Hellboy the Golden Army #0, 2008 Dark Horse. Liz Sherma Cover. This was a promotional comic. Tells the story from the movie.



Gotham Girls #3, 2002


Harley Quinn!

Love how the stories are drawn in the original Batman TAS form.






More Timm!

Vampirella Monthly #20 Bruce Timm Variant.

Speaking of rare Bruce Timm books, check out some of the Naughty and Nice good girl art books he’s done. Some of those are fetching hundreds of dollars.



Batgirl #12, 2009 Series


Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl Halloween Special #1 1993. Cover by Adam Hughes.


Bee and Puppycat #1 San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Variant.


Steven Universe #25, 2017 series. Cover by Jen Bartel.


Old Skewl!




One of the most desirable independent books? If not, it’s getting there. They’re hardly come up for sale under quadruple digits, if at all.


The scorpion debuts!

Amazing Spiderman #20, 1965

Everything Spiderman sells? Everything Spiderman sells. Especially first appearances.


Sinestro debuts!

Green Lantern #7, 1961


Batgirl debuts!

Batman #139, 1961



DC Comics Presents #47, 1982

Superman, meet Eternia. And He-man! World, meet Eternia and He-man!



Man of mustache-less arms!



Tune in for the MOTU Insert. Coming in 1982!



Black Knight!

Avengers #48, 1960’s.

Is this purchase a swing and miss today, or is more yet to come for this character?





Rai 1-5, First Series. From the 90’s. When it was cool to wear really baggy pants! Miss you… 1990’s.


Eternal Warrior #4, 1992. First appearance of Bloodshot! Come on, Bloodshot movie! Please be good. Please be good. Please be good! 3 times is a charm, isn’t it? Ha!


Rai #1, 1992.




Eternal Warrior #4.

Last page… first appearance? Shows more than a body part? Check. Shows the character speaking? Check. Shows in more than one panel? Half a check? Shows up on cover? Does that matter?


Note to self: Self, look up the definition of Cameo so we can put this debate to rest!



That’s all the time we have this week. Tune in next week for more underwhelming Storytime tales stolen straight from the books own pages! Have a great week!


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