June 24


Sup, people who like comics!

I like comics too! I like them enough to open them up, take pictures and talk about them! Or should I say, type about them!

Let’s get right into the rambling, shall we?



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Registered Nurse #1, 1963, Charlton Comics

Stumbled across this a while back when Night Nurse #1 from 1972-73 was super hot. Plus the cover colors really pop!



#8, 1993 (1992 Series), Self-Titled Series.

Archie Underwater World! Love how old “who cares??” books overnight turn into “I must have it now!”



#18, 1991 (1989 Series), Self-Titled Series.

More Archie Underwater Covers!



Crow #1, 2012 1:25 Retailer Incentive, IDW Publishing.

Have you noticed what a difficult chore it is finding just about every IDW 1:25?


Out of body crow!



Resident Evil #1 2009 DC/Wildstorm Variant Cover.

Didn’t see this around much, including sales history. Anything with a solid fan base and following that’s hard to find should be a good bet.


Some cool shots from the inner!



More from the not outside.


Blade 2 Vampires? Ha!




Fallout Toyworks #3 and #5, 2010 (2009 Series)

Simply put, odd ball books from known artists sell!


Some really cool art inside.



Elephantmen #18, 2009 & #30, 2011 (2006 Series)

Sought after JSC Covers.

Random note… Why does ebay searching Scott Campbel vs Scott Campbell bring almost 3,000 more results?



Bat Explosion in the Swamp! Guest starring AH, the Kung Ninja-Sword Fu Joe!




Batman #608, 2002 2nd Print Jim Lee Variant Cover

Batsies in the Mark Hammil Joker voice! Didn’t see any copies listed for less than $150. It’s back on an up-swing! Or should I say, Bat-swing?


Megaton Explosion!

Promotional comic from Megaton Comics back in 1987, with an early look at Youngblood inside.



Swamp Thing #3, 1972

DC needs to get it together and stop canceling things left and right! First Abigail Arcane is the reason to me that this book is worth buying.

Here’s her intro…



Yo Joe!

GI Joe #21 Renegar Variant, 2003 Image/Devil’s Due (2001 Series)

Always enjoyed trying to track this one down.

Nice art on the back cover as well.



Maze Agency #3, 1997 Caliber.

Lesser known Hughes cover that can sell extremely well as times when copies of this low printed book don’t show up for sale.


Special Marvel Edition #15, 1973, Marvel Comics. (1971 Series)

Shang Chi first appearance. It’s no secret Marvel has movie plans in the works. Everyone knows and everyone wants copies in any condition. That’s as liquid of a book as you can get!





Thor #165, 1969

First full Adam Warlock. GOTG 3, here “Him” comes?


Conan the Barbarian #24, 1973

First full Red Sonja. Movie news, movie canceled news. New movie director news. Stuck in devel-hell news. Nothing appears to be stopping the demand for the full steam ahead train that is Red Sonja! Maybe the plan is for her to follow Conan to the Avengers? Ha! Who knows, right?


Sectaurs #1, 1985 Canadian Price Variant

Thinking about the 80’s toy lines and Hasbro’s movie universe plans, I like this book. Recall the rumors included MASK, Micronauts, Visionaries and ROM in with GI Joe and Transformers.

Also note the Coleco promotional giveaway comic from 1985 Toy Fair could wind up becoming something big if we ever hear something more with Sectaurs.


The Tick Epilogue, 1990, NEC

Somewhat of an uncommon book. Expect to pay $30-ish, maybe less now with Amazon planning to cancel the Tick. Hopefully they will reconsider and make a Season 3! And 4, 5, 6… 11!


Young Avengers #1, 2005

This spec is still holding somewhat strong. Everything’s still wide open as we all anxiously await Marvel to someday reveal their plans for the next phases.


Avenging Spiderman #9, 2012 (2011 Series)

Lots of post movie drops for key books this year. Or has that always been the norm? The question always is, will the book that drops come back up and if so, how much? Currently, 9.8’s are sitting as low as $250-$300, when they were, what, $800 leading up to the movie?


“I hope this whole Captain Marvel thing works out better for me than it did for the last guy.” Ha!



Spiderman Noir #1, 2009

Noir dipped a bit, as expected post-movie. If he’s coming back in the sequel, which I’m pretty sure he is, so will demand!


Teen Titans #37, 2006

1st Miss Martian. I’ve always liked this character. I think my introduction to her was from the Young Justice cartoon. She hasn’t quite materialized yet mainstream. Hopefully she will get her day in the sun!



Random time!



Uncanny X-Men #21, 2014 1:25 Variant. (2013 3rd Series.) Cover by Terry Dobson

Cool cover with a print run of approximately 2,000.


Uncanny X-Men #529, 2010 Vampire Variant 1:15, Cover by Mike Mayhew. Last I checked, this was a $30-ish book.


Empty Man #1 Limited Edition 1:20 Variant, Boom Studios.

I forget where we are with this movie’s plans. But this was never an easy book to find. Less than 400 made.


Teen Titans Go #42, 2007 (2004 Series)

Still not sure why this book sells for so much more than any others in this series. Raven splits into several duplicates of herself with different colored costumes and different personalities. That’s the synopsis. So many Raven first appearances in here! Kidding!


Thor #617, 2011 (2007 3rd Series)

Kid Loki, was it, that made this book explode? Really looking forward to all the shows Disney streaming has been hinting at.


Sentry #1, 2000 SDCC Variant.

Rumors were pretty strong Sentry would debut on screen. Too bad it did not happen, but taking a look at prices, lots are still anticipating it.

Sentry, old school style!



More randoming along!



Flash #247, 2009

Final Issue of the 1987 series!

247 issues would be nothing short of remarkable in this day and age.


So long, Mr. Flash!



Black Panther #23, 2000. (1998 Series)

Guest starring Deadpool!


Deadpool comedy hour!



JSA Secret Files and Origins #1, 1999

First appearance of the new Hawkgirl!

So, this never became the book many were hoping it would, but I still like the idea of this new Hawkgirl.


Here’s the intro for Kendra Saunders.



Some other cool character breakdowns and first appearance notes are in here, including:

A female Dr. Fate? Yes!



Mr. Terrific – No super powers but a genius and martial artist. Batman?



And, always my favorite. Maps! JSA HQ!

Was there ever a book of maps done for all the different worlds? Sure, throw in some short characters stories for the art, but that’s something I’d love to see!




Batman #567, 1999

First Cassandra Cain appearance.

Does this book still have hope?


Promethea #1, 1999 Variant, America’s Best Comics.

Another book that has teeter-tottered.


100 Bullets #1, 1999, DC/Vertigo, Cover by Dave Johnson.

Speaking of teeter-totter, this one might take home the prize! I recall an option a while back. Is it all the way dead, or is there still hope? Great premise and it’s definitely a classic.


That’s all for this week, fellow comicsters! Until next time!


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