With so many Golden Age Wonder Woman comics out there, it’s tough to keep track of all the key issues, lucky for you has you covered!


All-Star Comics

All Star Comics #8
1st Wonder Woman
All Star Comics #11
WW Starts in issues
All Star Comics #12
Wonder Woman becomes Secretary of JSA
All Star Comics #36
1st Meeting & Cover Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman


Comic Cavalcade #1
1st Issue

Comic Cavalcade #5
1st Zara


Sensation Comics

Sensation Comics #1
Origin, 1st Mr Terrific, 1st Invisible Plane
Sensation Comics #2
1st Etta Candy, Dr Poison
Sensation Comics #4
1st Baroness Von Gunther
Sensation Comics #6
1st Magic Lasso
Sensation Comics #13
Tojo Mus Hitler WWII CC
Sensation Comics #59
1st Blue Snowman
Sensation Comics #68
1st App Origin Original Huntress

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #1
Origin retold, 1st app Ares
Wonder Woman #5
1st Dr Psycho
Wonder Woman #6
1st App Cheetah
Wonder Woman #8
1st Queen Clea
Wonder Woman #9
1st Giganta
Wonder Woman #11
1st Hypnota
Wonder Woman #28
1st Villainy Incorporated
Wonder Woman #37
1st Circe
Wonder Woman #45
Origin Retold
Wonder Woman #62
1st Angle Andrews (becomes Angle man)
Wonder Woman #70
1st Angle Man
List sourced from Ben C article found here

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