As a dealer, my aim is to give you all unbiased raw data and observations for each show I attend as a dealer.


1: Reedpop’s Keystone Philadelphia started their kickoff campaign to dealers about a year ago. As explained to me by other bigger name dealers this show was focused solely on collectors and not so much pop culture. In short, Reedpop is attempting to make Philadelphia great again. Not too long ago Philadelphia Comic Con was seen as another Baltimore Comic Con. Reedpop succeeded in bringing in top end dealers with other reputable dealers and a nice handful of local dealers to bookend their comic vendor list. Whatever comic you were looking for, this show show had it, whether it being golden age horror, super keys like AF15, store variants and new spec books.

2: The show was a dealers show, tons of dealers were buying preshow. Dealers along with VIP clients created a buying frenzy preshow on Thursday and Friday.

3: For those attending Baltimore Comic Con, I will provide you a quick snapshot of what prices to expect of the hot keys selling at Keystone:

  • Hulk 181s, ASM 129s, FF48  were selling for above market. I saw one Hulk 181 CGC 8.5 priced at $5,500, a myriad of ASM 129s 7.0s raw selling at $1,100, FF48 VGs were selling between $800 to $900. A FF5 CGC. 5.5 was $6700. FF1s be prepared to spend 5k for 1.5s or above. The market is just insane right now. Inventory for Marvel Super Heroes 13s were low. I was able to buy a VG copy for $225.Speaking of inventory I saw no Marvel Spot light 5s for sale. WWBN 32 inventory was scarce too. ASM 300s were selling for more than $400 raw. The market has also seemed to cool off on the FF52, my 7.0 CGC copy I took below market for $1150 from another dealer. Now is a great time to buy.

4: I want to let everyone know that this may be the last time to get an ASM 129 at what I seem to be fair prices with what the market is pumping out. I agree with most of you that this key is the next Hulk 181. These copies are like liquid money and vendors are salivating on getting as many copies as possible.

5: Venom is here. No longer can you find dollar copies for cheap. Be prepared to pay $5 to $10 for a non or minor key copy in high grade. Venom is now the next HQ, Deadpool, Wonder Woman and Black Panther. When these comic characters hit I always get multiple non collectors looking for a copy or 2 to read or for their kids to read and I run out of inventory relatively quick. Sometimes I get these people look Amazon and eBay and are outside the spec market. I don’t sell lots but curiously did a quick search right now on eBay for “Venom Lot Of,” I see 1863 listings sold in 3 months. Only 1034 lots of Venom books available for sale. Safe to say the demand is larger than supply. Have we ever talked about flipping lots of hot new characters? Not sure, but I know for sure lots of Spider-Man and Bats are not cheap when movie spec hits. From the shows I have been doing this summer, the next group in my opinion will be Teen Titans, Captain Marvel and even Masters of the universe and in a smaller extent Godzilla.

6: FF Annual 6 is super hot for those everyday collectors, sold 3 VG copies easily at $75. I didn’t know how hot this book has gotten. Inventory for this book was of course scarce.

7: Silver age single digit comic book for popular comic titles is in now. People who cannot afford X-Men 1, X-Men 4, FF1, FF4, FF5, ASM 1, ASM3 and such realize that if they don’t get their copies now it may be too late. Multiple people have asked me at this show and throughout the summer for these types of copies and I am literally down to just an Avengers 6.

8: Notable sales: FF5 CGC 1.8, 3 copies of ASM 300 (CGC 9.6, CGC 7.5 and a raw VF). FF52 CGC 7.0, FF50 VG raw, Strange Tales 178 NM, Daredevil 158 VF+, X-Men 94 CGC SS Stan Lee 6.5, 3 copies FF Annual 6 VG, 2 copies ASM 238 VF, and a VG/FN Newsstand, ASM 194 VG/FN, X-Men 130 NM, Marvel Super Heroes 13 VG, Batman 181 GD /VG, Mister Miracle 4 VF and Spider-Man Noir 1 NM+.


*A lot of vendors will be renewing their booths next year at Keystone. They believe in the Reedpop brand and that the show will continue to bring in the collectors that use to visit Philadelphia Comic Con.*

**Wishing you all happy travels to Baltimore for those who can make it. Everyone I have been talking to since C2E2 have been saving from their paychecks to splurge. I hope this dealer summary was helpful for those taking the road to Baltimore.**

Thank you,

Philip Lee

Vintage Comics And Toys


On Saturday, Reedpop gave out a free comic and Batman cape for Batman Day.


Dave & Adams made it out from New Jersey to showcase their nice collection of keys. Comic dealer Will pictured here.


Deadpool got our consent to share his picture and his Hello Kitty bag.




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