Kids’ TV Shows Special

Do kids even read comics anymore? Collecting them is surely an activity for an older crowd but when my son asked me for a Spongebob comic ( he’s 3.5 ) I nearly crapped myself. First, he can’t read but that’s OK because he just asked me to do it for him and second, with all the screens in my house paper just isn’t all that popular. The thing is, certain shows just capture a kid’s attention and inevitably those who supervise them will be asked to purchase toys and memorabilia.

I don’t expect the bulk of kids comics to be worth more than happy meal toys or 1990’s baseball cards but some shows become so popular that it might just be worth buying and holding a select few.

Steven Universe 1 1: 20 Variant

First Appearance: Adventure Time Spoooktacular 2013 1,1b,1c

First off I hate this show but everyone else seems to love it. I guess this show is about a young boy who is tied to the crystal remnants of an alien empire or whatever. The art and music have earned it an Emmy nom and that’s pretty big.

His first cover is pictured below, after that there are two variants to consider:

1:15 1:25

Issue 1 of the regular series has a 1:25 Retailer Incentive Variant that might be worth a look.

Gravity Falls

First appearance: Disney Comic Zone 1 ( 2012 )

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, if you haven’t seen Gravity Falls take the time to do so. Twin kids explore the supernatural world while spending vacation with their Grunkle. My kids and I can both watch this while in very different places.

Spongebob Squarepants

First Appearance: Nickelodeon Magazine Nov 1999

Arguably the most popular Kids cartoon in history, Spongebob continues to receive accolades and generate new fans. Despite some controversies it remains one of the most recognizable, modern animated characters ever produced. Since The Intertidal Zone Comic was never officially printed this Nickelodeon Magazine contains Spongebob’s first comic appearance. Good luck finding one. Most of these Mags are ghosts, especially the early issues which were given out at Pizza Hut.

First cover: Nickelodeon Magazine August 2000

NOTE: In the early to mid 2000’s Tokyopop produced some very rare Spongebob comics.

Phineas and Ferb

First Appearance: Phineas and Ferb Comic Reader 1

Despite the end of the series in 2015, Phineas and Ferb continue to build a young fanbase with reruns on Disney XD. Known for it’s vibrant animation and comedic songs, these characters remains popular. It received its last Kid’s Choice nomination in 2016.

The Amazing World of Gumball

First appearance: The Amazing World of Gumball 1c,1d

I guess you can do a lot worse than a cat who explores a fantasy realm with his adopted goldfish brother. It sounds crazy but Gumball has become quite a popular show. I would stick to the more rare ratio variants for this series.

1:15 Variant 1:25 Variant

Teen Titans Go

First appearance: Teen Titans Go 1 ( 2004 )

You can’t deny the popularity of the kids DC cartoon. You can find NM copies of issue 1 on Ebay for a low price. Buy and hold.

NOTE: There is a Toys R Us variant for issue 2 that is worth tracking down.


The Animaniacs

First Appearance: Christmas Special

In the 90’s The Animaniacs were quite popular with high ratings and multiple Kid’s Choice nominations. There is talk of a return and if that happens this book might just explode.

NOTE: This comic is also the first appearance of Pinky & The Brain!

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