Kindred Spirits: A True Firsts Special

This week I am changing directions a bit and going with the odds on favorites and a few unlikely candidates for the reveal on Kindred. There has been mixed reviews on Spencer’s time on Spider-Man but nothing has sparked more debate than the identity of the new, bandaged nemesis lurking in the shadows.

Such mysteries are common in comics.  They create buzz for reader and collectors alike.  So far the look and power set is pretty interesting and some of the covers have been down right scary.

Here are a few important things to remember:

The name implies that she/he may have been friends or something more with Peter.

Kindred was dead or at least a resident of hell.

Kindred feels as if he/she has been wronged by Spidey in some way.

The character knows who Spider-Man is, at time even sounding like a former friend.

Kindred’s base of operation is in a cemetery

Now I know Mysterio refers to Kindred as a he but do we don’t know what Mysterio is actually hearing.  He is clearly being used by Kindred.   He may be assuming Kindred is male or Kindred may be projecting a male voice or Kindred maybe using his powers to confuse the villain and others around him.  If we trust Mysterio we are putting our way to much faith in a psychologically compromised person.

Take a look at this page


The way Kindred speaks about Peter sure sounds like a former love interest.

I am seeing blue and purple in Kindred’s color scheme along with a Golden centipede. Hmmmmmmm.



Gwen Stacy ( E-616 )

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 31

ODDS: 2:1

Far as what Kindred might be mad at Spidey for,  not saving Gwen could be it. Kindred makes such a big deal about it it has to be something that would make fans take note.  Maybe the real Gwen wants her man back!  The only problem, Gwen didn’t know Pete was Spider-Man when alive until Mr. Slott did some retconnin’


The way Kindred speaks about Spider-Man gives a lot away.  My money is on Gwen.




Kindred ( A new Character )

ODDS: 10:1

First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 1

A lot of fans are hoping this new enemy is an original character and not just another overused trope in comics.  Sometimes the most original thing a creator can do is tease a big reveal only to go in another direction.  Here’s to hoping for some originality.




Ned Leeds

First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 18

ODDS 25:1

Ned is a good choice for a few reasons.  He has intimate knowledge of the characters at play, has ties to the Hobgoblin and could blame Spider-Man for a lot that went wrong in his life.  He is also one of the few characters in comics who actually stayed dead for a long time.  He returned is a pretty cool appearance in ASM Annual 42.  The negative-Ned Leeds was a hero.


NOTE:  This Ned Leeds, to our knowledge is the real Ned, not a clone.




Ned Leeds Clone

First appearance: Clone Conspiracy 1

ODDS 1000:1


Ned shows up in recent issues and sure doesn’t look fit enough to be Kindred.  The problem here is that we don’t know if this is all part if act and even Spider-Man cannot tell the difference between Ned and his clone and doesn’t even know if the real Ned is alive at




Betty Brant

First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 4

ODDS 10:1

In issue 15 of Spider-Ma Ned Leeds tries to enlist Spidey in helping Betty in some way but he never gets the chance to complete that sentence.

Betty was romantically linked to Peter and has had psychological problems as a result of her dealings with Spider-Man and her husband Ned Leeds.  Though she helped clear Ned it is possible she had a break.  She has also faced literal monsters from hell in the past. There is a lot going for her as the culprit including  obsession and a grudge.



Carrion ( Miles Warren Clone )

First appearance: Spectacular Spider-Man 25

ODDS 250:1

Not only does Miles hate Spider-Man, he knows his identity and has telekinetic powers over organic matter. Just like Kindred he has the power to control minds. The problem here is that Miles Warren’s Clone had no love for Spider-Man.  The look is similar though.



Carrion ( Malcolm McBride )

First Appearance: Spectacular Spider-man 149

ODDS 1500:1

The second Carrion fought to kill Spidey with the Hobgoblin and did lose his mother as a result.  This was really the Hobgoblin’s fault and not Spidey’s but one could see how McBride could blame Spider-Man.  It is unlikely though because Kindred calls Peter “Pete ” and in a strange way appears to have once has some affection for him before blaming him for something.




Carrion ( William Allen )

First appearance: Spider-man Dead Man’s Hand

ODDS: 2000:1

S.H.IE.L.D. Agent William Hand is a long shot,  he just doesn’t have the history with Spider-Man even though he could easily blame Spider-Man for all the events that lead to the creation of the virus that turned him into Carrion 3.




May Parker ( E-616 )

First appearance: Amazing Spider_man 418

ODDS 50:1

Making a deal which causes you to lose your kid could make that kid very angry if her soul were to ever escape the clutches of the demon who helped destroy it.



Pre-One More Day Spider-Man

First Appearance….Well you know!

ODDS 25:1

It is certainly possible that this is the case and it is one of the few options I see as an original idea!




Doctor Octopus’s Corpse

First appearance: Amazing Spider_man 698

ODDS 15:1

I dig the idea of a reanimated corpse of Doc Ock returning from hell to punish Pete for a lot of stuff.




Ezekiel Sims

First appearance: Amazing Spider_man 30/471

ODDS: 150:1

Fan Favorite Ezekiel is high on the list of hopefuls from what I hear fans talking about.  I just don’t see it.  The size and power set do not match and the only real reason for a motive would be that he doesn’t think Spidey is living up to his ability to do good.



Carlie Cooper

First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 545

ODDS 250:1

Former romantic partner from the Superior Spider-Man story line where she played an important role, Carlie could harbor some resentment towards Peter for dragging her into the nightmare that is his life.  She has had powers and could be emotionally compromised from learning that Peter and MJ were dating during the Fresh Start run.  Carlie did return in ASM 9 recently leading MJ down a road of discovery which could simply be a manipulation.  Kindred does show some affection for MJ and the women who suffer around Peter.



Another Clone

ODDS 1000 to 1

I think the clone thing has been done to death with Mr. Parker.  Let’s hope they don’t go that route.



Uncle Ben

First appearance: Amazing Fantasy 15

ODDS 10 to 1

In a Bucky like return you might think fans would like this but trust me they won’t.




Burglar who shot Uncle Ben

First appearance: Amazing Fantasy 15

ODDS 5:1

The burglar has a reason to want revenge on the wall crawler, he dies of a heart attack and could easily blame Peter.  Going to hell might give anyone knowledge of a hero’s identity and he has a connection to Mysterio ( see Howard Stern’s run ) and to Mysterio’s psychiatrist, Dr Ludwig Rinehart.  Spidey did reveal to the Burglar that he is Peter Parker in Spider-Man 200. Oddly enough the whole creation of Spider-Man revolves around a treasure the robber was looking for when he learned of it from gangster Dutch Malone in prison.

My only issue with this is that Kindred has claimed that Spider-Man knows what he did implying some great wrong as been done to him.  The burglar wasn’t wronged by Peter.  He was a criminal, though the shock of learning that he was the reason for Ben’s death and the subsequent fear of Peter’s retaliation caused his death. He could easily blame Pete for thaT and the loss of the hidden treasure which was found by AUnt May and Ben years earlier.  So what was the treasure?  No one knows, it had been eaten…by bugs.




Burglar’s Brother, aka Peter’s Dentist?

First appearance: Marvel Comics Presents 49

ODDS 5000:1

In this 3 part series Peter mulls over all the strange connections his enemies have and ends up looking for a kidnap victim in the warehouse where the buglar who shot his uncle hid out in.  Inside he encounters versions and characters who are connected to enemies throughout his life including the brother of the burglar who ends up being revealed as his dentist?!.  In the end Peter is haunted, much in the same way he is by Kindred and Mysterio.  If Spencer is looking for characters who hate Peter and have never really been used this guy is as obscure as it gets.




Burglar’s daughter, Jessica Carradine

First appearance, Sensational Spider-Man 0,0 limited to 3000 red webbing, 0 newsstand

ODDS 15,000:1

Jessica became a romantic interest of Ben Reilly until she learned who he was.  Because she was the daughter of the burglar she hated Spider-Man.  Really she is the perfect person to be Kindred and Kindred could easily be a woman.  The only problem is that she did have a change of heart and did not reveal Ben’s face to the world.  She has not been seen since.




Harry Osborn

First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 31

ODDS 500:1




Yuri Watanabe

First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 600

ODDS 750:1

Connections to Carlie and Mysterio, check.

Vigilante crime fighter with costume properties similar in design to Kindred, check.

A grudge against Spidey for not letting her finish Mr. Negative, check.

Tentacles use and fear gas, check.

She also disappeared without a trace leaving her old costume behind.  There are worse choices on this list.




Lefty Donovan

First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 244

ODDS: 50,000:1

One can hope.




Jonathan Caesar

First appearance, ASM 304

ODDS: 100,000 to 1

Successful businessman Jonathan Caesar was obsessed with MJ.  In Spider-man 308 while hunting for his wife, Spider-man encounters Taskmaster who tries take him out via training of Taskmaster’s soldiers.  This occurs in an underground area below a mausoleum in a graveyard.  That looks Familiar.  It is unclear if Caesar has any connection to the mausoleum but he was brutally murdered simply for being in love with MJ, probably went to hell and has a reason to loath Spider-Man.  Taskmaster has been heavily featured.




Hal Goldman

First Appearance: ASM 331

ODDS:  100,000,000 t o1

Hal was the dirty police dept file clerk who rescued MJ by ordering Caesar in cold blood.  He did this because he was obsessed with er too.  He is too obscure to matter and would have no reason to have any intimate knowledge of Peter or his friends.


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