Kirkman Sig and 3 Boxes

Today’s mail brought me some lovely new additions to my long boxes.

Three of the packages were from eBay purchases.   One came from the CGC Forums.

The first box was a San Diego Comic-Con variant cover of The Walking Dead #129 which was CGC graded at 9.8 with Robert Kirkman’s signature.


The next package was probably the toughest G.I. Joe comic to find.  When talking about hard to find G.I. Joe comics, everyone always mentions:


Marvel G.I. Joe Special #1


Image GI Joe: Elite #11 1:200 Incentive cover


Marvel series #63 3rd print by “So Much Fun”

Well, I own those in duplicates and see them on eBay and other sites frequently. I have only seen this one for sale one time, and I bought it.

Dreadnoks Declassified Devil’s Due Web Store Exclusive.




The next package contained another pick up that excited me.  Granted it is another Star Wars variant.  However, I believe this one will be the tough one to find when all is said and done.

Star Wars EMP Museum Variant



The final box was a biggun.  (That’s Southern for big one).  I was shocked that my lowball bid won these.


Mail calls are always fun!