Knights of the MCU Table and More!

Here’s a quick selection of comics.  This week’s picks are Black Knight heavy but there are some other treats mixed in.




Defenders 4

First Dane Whitman ( Black Knight ) as a statue

You want to throw a curveball at audiences, eventually turn Dane into a statue whereby he wakes up trapped in the 12th century.


Defenders 11

First appearance of the Black Knight in the 12th century

In this issue we are transported back to the 12th century where the Defenders must defeat Mordred and Prince John with the help of the Black Knight who has taken the body of his ancestor.  Make no mistake though this is the Black Knight Dane Whitman!  He decides to stay in the past after the Defenders defeat their enemies but only after Prestor Jon ( yes Jack Kirby’s character from Fantastic Four 54! ) shows up.  Jon  searches the multiverse for the Evil Eye and the lost city of Avalon, also first appearing in FF 54 which is really Otherworld * see my upcoming Multiverse Special!



Hulk Comic 1

First appearance of Black Knight with Excalibur

I mentioned this rarity in my special on the Black Knight from last year.  These adventures are the continuation of Dane Whitman’s transportation by Merlin back to the 12th century.  These original strips ran throughout the bulk of this UK series culminating in a key final issue where Captain Britain loses his costume and becomes the Captain Britain we know today ( new Costume does not appear until Mighty World of Marvel Super Heroes 377 )

This series is a treasure trove of Hulk, Captain Britain and Black Knight originals.



Contest of Champions 1

They may not interact but this is the first comic where both Sersi and Dane Whitman appear in a book.  The spec play here is their inevitable film romance.  It’s time for Marvel to have a sweeping, long running love story.  Any key book where the two are connect in some way might be worth looking into.



Marvel Fanfare 52, 53, 54

 This series does a wonderful job of establishing Dane in his past adventures and the turmoil he causes for friend and foe alike. This short run gives Dane a new steed, further establishing his heroism and neatly explains why his deeds from this time were never recorded in history books.  Here is what’s odd, he has the Ebony Blade, a weapon surprisingly absent in his adventures in Hulk Comic.  Those tales also occur in the past but he uses Excalibur instead.  I am not sure if this was simply an oversight by the editors or not but it is a glaring mistake.  Prestor Jon also makes a critical appearance, tying up the thread left by Defenders 11 nicely.


Plasmer 4

First appearance of Tommy the Black Knight

Here’s another Black Knight, based on the memories of the Evil Black Knight from Dane Whitman’s mind, but he’s a good guy.  Bet ya didn’t think you would find any stranger appearances of the Black Knight but Dane appears in issues 2,4 as well.



Marvel Riot 1

First appearance of Mickey Mouse in Marvel Comics?

Also the first Earthworm Jim.

Jim 1 was released on October 24, 1995.  This book was released on October 10th. This means a correction for Jim needs to be made elsewhere.


After some exhaustive research I believe this is the first Mickey ( non parody ) in a Marvel Comic.  It seems odd that such a thing would be true being that it’s a modern but I can’t find anything else. In addition many other key characters appear possibly making their firsts.

Spawn ( non parody ) fans take note, he appears too!



Metal Hurlant 70

First appearance of Red eye ( Evil ) CP-3PO

OK not only is this cover freakin’s dope but that’s an Evil protocol droid on the cover and not just any evil protocol droid, it’s a red eyed C-3PO! If you have seen the latest Rise of Skywalker trailer then you know why this book is important!


The Hulk Magazine 13

First Bill Sienkiewicz on Moon Knight

He may have appeared first in this series two issues prior but this in the one to get.



Star Wars The Last Jedi 2, 2 Variant

First appearance of Holdo

Whether you loved or hated the last film Holdo is a fan favorite.  I love the actess, hate the role.  Here is her comic first.




Spectacular Spider-Man 22

In this undervalued comic with a sick Cockrum cover, web-head meets Moon Knight for the first time!



Marvel Super Heroes 1  ( 1990 )

Jim Lee doing a Moon Knight Cover!  Yes Please!



Excalibur Special Edition

First Joe Mad cover

Some heat for Uncanny 312 should put this one on your radar.  Joe Mad is a fan favorite and a personal favorite of mine.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 45

This Rahzzah cover is simply genius.



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