Lehigh Valley Itz-A-Con

The City Supreme’s fallen son has returned! Welcome back to Diesel City everyone!

This past weekend I was out and about and got some hunting done. I found a major key for my PC in New Jersey, and also hit a small show where I had fun pillaging and raiding some boxes of comics! All and all it was a good haul, so let’s get to it!

On 3/18/18, my fiancée and I ventured to a small show in the Lehigh Valley called “Itz-A-Con”. There were only a handful of vendors selling comic books, but it was a fun little show. Dozens of cosplayers were hard at work, many artists were showing off their stuff, and there was even a vendor tattooing! I purchased 17 books for $60 (totaled $63, but the dealer gave me the lot for $60). I’ll list all of the books and then I’ll go into a more in-depth look on a few of them.

  • 17 books
  • Purchased for $60
  • $3.52 average per book
  • Cover price total; $36.46
  • Near Mint Value; $507
  • 10% of guide value; $50.70

The List (any significance or first appearance in parenthesis, followed by cover price, near mint value, and what I paid)-

  • Invincible #62 CP-$2.99, NM-$3, $0.50
  • Cable #17 (2008/Liefeld Cover) CP-$2.99, NM-$5, $0.50
  • The Spectre #54 (First Appearance of Mr. Terrific, 1992 series) CP-$2.25, NM-$35, $18
  • Amazing Spider-Man #306 CP-$1.00, NM-$14, $3.50
  • Amazing Spider-Man #500 CP-$3.50, NM-$6, $4.50
  • Amazing Spider-Man #600 (Ross Cover) CP-$4.99, NM-$5, $2
  • Spider-Man Unlimited #1 (First appearance of Shriek) CP-$3.95, NM-$5, $1.50
  • Sub-Mariner #30 CP-$0.30, NM-$32, $3
  • Tales to Astonish #72 CP-$0.12, NM-$115, $2
  • Uncanny X-Men #316 (First appearance of M) CP-$2.95, NM-$4, $1
  • Spawn #2 (First appearance of Violator) CP-$1.95, NM-$12, $1.50
  • Deadpool #1 (2008 series) CP-$3.99, NM-$30, $2.50
  • Detective Comics #378 CP-$0.12, NM-$100, $3.50
  • Detective Comics #380 CP-$0.12, NM-$100, $4.50
  • Adventure Comics #431 CP-$0.20, NM-$90, $8.50
  • Adventure Comics #434 CP-$0.20, NM-$45, $3
  • Batman #43 (First appearance of Mister Bloom, 2011 series) CP-$4.99, NM-$6, $2.50



Spider-Man Unlimited #1

Aside from Maximum Carnage being one of the greatest Sega Genesis video games of all-time, this book also was the first issue in the 14 part comic book series. In addition it is the first appearance of the character, Shriek. I think the Maximum Carnage story is extremely underrated and I enjoy it quite a bit. I also don’t think you can go wrong with Spider-Man or Carnage right now. I paid $1.50 for it.



Amazing Spider-Man #500 and #600

Aside from The Sentry, Spider-Man is my guy. I’ll never pass up cheap milestone issues of his. Also, the covers are done by J. Scott Campbell and Alex Ross, two of the more popular cover artists currently. I paid $6.50 for the pair.



Deadpool #1 and Cable #17

I felt really good about these finds. The obvious reason being that Deadpool 2 hits theaters soon and both of these characters are on fire. Also love Clayton Crains cover work on Deadpool, and Cable is one of the few characters Rob Liefeld knocks out of the park when drawing. I purchased these bad boys for $3.00 for the pair. I especially felt good when I observed the Deadpool #1 sell for $25 just one vendor away from me.



The Spectre #54

The book I paid the most for of the entire lot, it’s the first appearance of Mr. Terrific. That being said, that isn’t at all why I picked this one up. The cover art reminds me of Eric Powell’s work on the Avatar and Albatross Goon runs, and I appreciate how Richard Corben did this cover. The zombies just look really neat to me. $18 for the PC.



Adventure Comics #431 and #434

So The Spectre theme continues. I don’t collect much DC, but I’m much more into the supernatural characters in the DC comics. Zatanna being my personal favorite (more on her below), followed by Spectre and John Constantine. I really dig the DC horror-type stuff and I think 1970s Spectre covers were done really well. There is a horror/noir type feel in my personal opinion. I look forward to picking up more early Spectre books, just not to early…can’t afford them. $11.50 for the pair and a nice addition to the PC.


Now I saved the best for last. The day before the con, I met up with a big time dealer on the East Coast named Ivy. He has a list of the stuff I’ve been really going after, but am yet to get my hands on. So to my delight he called me and said he had a book he thought I would be interested in. I took the trip down and he presented me with a Hawkman #4 (First appearance of Zatanna). I’ve been looking for this book for quite some time and couldn’t let it slip out of my hands. He was asking $140, but he kindly accepted $130 for the issue. Needless to say I’m very pleased and proud to add it to my collection!

That’s all for now. Keep your eyes off of the sunspots. They’ll burn right through you.

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