Lords of Light, B’wana Beast, Fantomah & much more!

Showcase 66

First appearance of B’wana Beast

If you didn’t watch and enjoy the last season of Legends of Tomorrow then you have missed one of the best comic shows on TV. I’m pretty excited for the new season. If you saw the trailer you might not have spotted a brief appearance of B’wana Beast!

FCBD Keyser Soze Scorched Earth

First appearance of Keyser Soze

With the first comic appearance of John Wick coming soon I think there’s some room for collecting comic adaptations of popular movie characters. If hunting down the tough to find first appearance of Snake Plissken try Keyser Soze!

Concrete Jungle Retailer Preview

Set in the world of Quantum and Woody you can’t have a complete run of Quantum books without this rare issue.

Hero Cats of Stellar City ( comicfest )

All the printings for issue 1 of Princeless are long gone.

Here’s a cheap Princeless comic you might not know about and there are cats on the cover. Win win.

Willow ( Marvel Graphic Novel 36 )

First appearance of Willow Ufgood

This one seems highly unlikely but some recent tweets have fired up the rumor mill on a sequel. This was later reprinted in a three issue series from Marvel and I think the coloring book in NM is rare.

NOTE: I recently met Val Kilmer and he’s pretty far from screen ready for something like this.


If you have never heard of Fletcher Hanks don’t feel bad. Most haven’t. He’s been relegated to obscurity for some time and his demise is particularly sad as he was an abusive alcoholic who died on a park bench. But in his time Fletcher created some truly awesome comics including the first female superhero. Fantomah only has a handful of appearances. Now that she has been brought back by Fiction House here’s her list;

Jungle Comics 2
First appearance
Next Issue Project 2 ( Fantastic Comics 24 )
Hack Slash 29 Hack Slash 5
Frison cover!

and a pretty sweet cover for her new series:

TRANSformers Lost Light 8

This isn’t really my thing but books like this are a rarity. It’s hard these days for any comic to do something original and while Lost Light 8 is not the first time a transgender character appears in a comic, it is the first time a trans robot appears.

Fenris the Wolf

Fenris has a killer cameo in the SDCC trailer for Thor Ragnarok! If there isn’t some giant, multi person Fenris cosplay soon I will be surprised.

Last Days of the Justice Society Special
First DC appearance
Journey into Mystery #114
First Marvel appearance
Thor #277
First cover
Lucifer #51
First DC cover

Generation Gone 1 ( Binary Variant )

This is one of the better series debuts I have read in a long while. There are a few variants but non as rare as this one ( limited to 500 )

What if 29

First Frank Castle as Iron Man/War Machine?

Marvel is putting Frank in the War Machine armor but it’s not the first time Frank has worn a grey Iron Man armor with a Punisher chestplate!

New Superman 13

First appearance of the Chinese Bane

Collecting first appearances is often based on costume design and though this series is an average read at best, the Chinese Bane looks cool and has a nice origin.

The Avengers 89

First Kree-Skrull War

The Skrulls have been announced for the upcoming Captain Marvel film. The top contenders for source material are Secret Invasion and the Kree-Skrull War.

Heavy Metal 273 Comicspro Variant, 276a,276b, Lord of Light Portfolio, Fantastic Films 16

Lord of Light

Figuring out the first comic appearance for this Kirby stuff has been a hassle but with a TV adaptation of the novel coming, it behoves collectors to get on board now. If you don’t know the history of the Lord of Light ( or think I am talking about R’hllor ) then it’s time to check out one of the weirdest origins in sci-fi history!

First appearances of the art in a publication

First comic cover and comic appearance

NOTE: The comicspro variant for 273 is a ghost. The regular cover has nothing to do with the Lord of Light.

First full color art appearances:

And if you really dig this stuff there was this at SDCC:

And the Heavy Metal web page has the prints ( which are awesome ) heavily discounted!

Special thanks to Jimmy Linguini and David Unlikely for providing some clarification on the Lord of Light!

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