Lying In The Gutters – 11th December 2016 – Sunday Bleeding Sunday


Lying In The Gutters on a Sunday? What is going on? Change my dear and not a moment too soon. So what have you been reading this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. 1. Neo-Nazis Are Trying To Boycott ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ And Decent Human Beings Reply With “K Bye”
  2. 2. When Frank Cho Draws Harley Quinn’s Dress…
  3. 3. Will This Clone Conspiracy Spoiler Really Break Apart The Spider-Verse?
  4. 4. New Scarlet Spider Series From Marvel By Peter David And Mark Bagley?
  5. 5. Former Deadpool 2 Director Tim Miller Addresses Why He Left The Project (And Do We Believe Him)
  6. 6. Post-Clone Conspiracy Spider-Man Spoilers… For A Post-Spoiler Society
  7. 7. The Mourning Of A Major Death In Today’s Walking Dead
  8. 8. Marvel Comics’ Next Big Event Will Be Captain America-Centric
  9. 9. With Batman #12, The Comic Becomes As Good As Tom King’s Vision (SPOILERS)
  10. 10. Why Does Comic Book Resources Hate Scott Lobdell?
  11. 11. Marvel Releases Four Images From The Netflix Series Iron Fist… And People Are Already Throwing Shade
  12. 12. Stephen Shamus Names Names In Case Against Wizard World
  13. 13. It’s Marvel Comics Vs Islamic Fundamentalism In Today’s Champions #3
  14. 14. WWE News: Jerry Lawler Loses On-Screen Role, Amy “Lita” Dumas Gone From Company?
  15. 15. Marvel Dominates DC Comics In November 2016 Marketshare – Normal Service Resumed?
  16. 16. Deadpool Star T.J. Miller Arrested For Allegedly Slapping Uber Driver In Donald Trump Spat
  17. 17. What Could The Last 24 Seconds Of Arrow Mean? – Spoilers
  18. 18. Jim Balent, Allowed To Officially Draw Wonder Woman One More Time
  19. 19. Ken Lashley On X-Men Prime For ResurrXion – And All The Writers Join In
  20. 20. Tomorrow’s Clone Conspiracy #3 Will Probably Be Spoiled, So Watch Out…

And Ten You May Prefer


Lying In The Gutters – 11th December 2016 – Sunday Bleeding Sunday

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