Magic the Gathering, Javelin, The Black Knight, Kid Loki and More!



Speculation in general over the last week has been underwhelming but that doesn’t mean that nuggets aren’t lurking about.  This week I am looking way ahead basing a lot on mere rumor and even recommending some books to stash away simply because there’s a good chance they heat up down the road.



Valiant Free View

First appearance of Magic the Gathering

How long before this franchise gets a major motion picture?  Magic still has a passionate following and it’s a franchise with an expansive, rich history.  Akklaim released a bunch of minis in the mid 90’s including this free preview which is easily found in bargain bins everywhere!

These two are the first full comics which came out at the same time.



Captain Marvel 2 (1995)

First appearance of Monica Rambeau as Photon

Avengers Unplugged 5 is heating up but Monica appeared as Photon via cameo much earlier in this forgettable book!



DC Sampler 3 & Green Lantern 173

First appearance of Javelin

Well DC is casting the heavyweights these days!  Look out for Javelin on the CW!




X-Men Annual 3

First appearance of Reeva Payge

And Marvel follows suit by digging even deeper into the ell of obscurity with this casting.  Who is Reeva Payge?  I really have no idea.  As far as I can tell she has only a handful of appearances but she is going to be the features antagonist in season 2 of the Gifted.


Max Steel

First appearance of Max Steel

Mattel recently announced a shared movie universe.  That news doesn’t get me too excited but one never knows what will drive collectors crazy.   Here are some of the properties rumored to get movies including Max Steel.  There was a recent Max Steel movie and it did not do well.    Even so this comic is quite rare.




Barbie and Ken 1

First appearance of Barbie


This last issue is rare.



Hot Wheels 1

First appearance of Hot Wheels


Hot Wheels has a following and these books do well in high grade.



The Golden Compass GN

HBO is bringing Dark Materials to their format.  This is the first comic appearance.




The Black Knight 1

First appearance of the Ebony Blade, Sir Percy & Morgan LeFey and Merlyn

Why is this awesome Stan Lee book here?  Keep reading!



Marvel Super Heroes 17

First appearance of the Starstone

There are fresh rumors of a Captain Britain film, this time it includes the Black Knight!  I won’t be holding my breath but there are some books to hunt for beyond Captain Britain 1 and the Black Knight’s first appearance in the Avengers.


If you are looking for information on Captain Britain try here!

Captain Britain

  The Black Knight has a long history and multiple people have held the title.  It is likely that any movie version would be the Avenger Dane Whitman. One must remember that Dane Whitman ( First appearance Avengers 47 )  is an Eternal too.  This book includes the first appearance of the Starstone which was the raw material Merlin used to create the Black Knight’s sword, the Ebony Blade.  I don’t know about you but seeing a sword that can cut through anything on screen sounds pretty awesome!



The Black Knight 1 ( 2015 ) 1:25 Powell

Looking for other Black Knight books to get in early on.  You can do worse than this 1:25 Eric Powell variant.



Black Knight Exodus

This one is important for a few reasons,  not only does it further develop the relationship between the Eternal Sersi but it gives us the origin or Exodus and the secret origin of the Black Knight himself!


Tomb of Dracula 15

First appearance of the Pool of Blood

If this movie ever happens the film will have to address the Black Knight’s origin and that has a lot to do with the weapon he carries.  That weapon could not have been created without access to the Pool of Blood and Merlyn/Merlin.



Captain Britain 9

Return of Dracula

There are a lot of connections between these characters and Dracula.  He made his incredible return in this comic. At the time of release it saw some love from collectors.



Young Allies 11

First appearance of Merlin of Camelot

Not only did he create the Ebony Blade he founded the Captain Britain Corps! Captain Britain M:13 issue 3 confirms that the Merlin of Camelot and Merlyn are the same!


Thor 446

First Starforce Cover

So I think we can agree that this book is not the first Starforce but it is the first cover appearance.  Other groups have mentioned this prior to me but bashing it isn’t exactly wise.  The Fact is the book is a Starforce key if such a thing exists!  Finding a newsstand shouldn’t cost much either.

I have to wonder is Captain Marvel 17 will see a spike considering the E-199999 origin of the suit she wears is simply a costume the whole team wears.


Doom Patrol 35

First appearance of Flex Mentallo

I’m trying to think way ahead here. So far the Doom Patrol spec has been hit or miss but should intensify as time goes on especially that first Mr Nobody. Since Grant Morrison’s work is clearly important concerning the TV show, I think it’s wise to look at his run. Once upon a time the character speculators/collectors from the past put the most money in was probably Flex Mentallo. I see no reason why he won’t eventually show up on the show.

Right now this one is a little risk stash.

Other issues of Note:  Doom Patrol 36,37,39,41 ( black and white preview of first cover ), 42 ( first cover ), 1-4 mini-series.




The Immortal Iron Fist 2,2b

First appearance of the first Female Iron Fist

If you have finished season 2 of Iron Fist then you know there is new fist but she wasn’t the first woman to hold the power! Wu-Ao-Shi holds that honor.



Overwatch FCBD

Black Hammer fans are a passionate group.  Come to think of it so are Overwatch fans!  But if you collect Black Hammer don’t forget about this one!



Thor 617 & Tron Variant

First appearance of Kid Loki

Kid Loki has a cult like following and now he is relevant once again!  His return was awesome.



Hulk and Talus the Untamed

When we learn a character is going to make it to a highly anticipated film we can usually expect buyers to go nuts.  Despite the huuuuuge print runs for Avengers 346 and Hulk 418,419 sales have been consistent since the news broke.  Other than 418 newsstand ( only way to tell is to flip the book over ) I am staying away.  Talus appears to be playing a minor role.  These days unless you are Thanos,  villains don’t fair well long term even when they are the main antagonist.  If you want to collect Talus appearances, enjoy rarity and the hunt try these;

Marvel Hulk 2 ( Finland )

Hulk 19 ( French Edition )

Reprints 418,419 in April 1995

Der Unglaubliche Hulk 45 ( German Reprint )



A-Force 1, 1:25 Hughes, 1 Hans Variant / Women of Marvel

Kevin Feige made some recent comments about women and leading roles in future movies. While nothing is rumored or confirmed, how long before an all women’s team gets a shot at the box office? There have already been rumors and rumblings over the last year. Now there’s no guarantee an A-Force movie would even happen but this is the first appearance. It’s cheap and impressive. Also I have to say other than maybe the Hans 1:25 the rest of these books are ugly. The regular cover for issue 1 is awesome though. I guess what I am saying here is you can do worse than stash a few away.

NOTE:  The 616 A-Force didn’t appear until and thanks to G+ member Daniel Mitchel for pointing out the Women of Marvel Preview

and thanks to G+ member Ryan Penny for pointing out that the 616 team forms first here,

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