March 11, 2019


What is going on, Monday morning-ers?

Lots of news from last week. Here’s a mini recap In case you missed something…

-Gundam movie in the works, to be written by Brian K. Vaughan.

-Will Smith out as Deadshot. Idris Elba in as the new Deadshot.

-Emma Watson may be co-staring as a female lead in Black Widow movie? Who might she be playing?

-Blade and Ironheart movies in development?

-Suicide Squad 2 character announcements?  Yes! James Gunn dropped the info, which was listed here including correlating books containing the character first appearances:

-Port of Earth is being developed by Amazon.

-Black Adam movie back in the spotlight. This time with talk of Hawkman, Stargirl and Adam Smasher joining the cast.


-NOS4A2 from AMC.

-Sabrina season 2 – who is the werewolf in the teaser?

Let’s dive into some pick-ups!

The Black Cat!



No, no. Not from Spiderman. El Gato Negro #1-4, 1993, Azteca Productions. This property was optioned last month for live action by MGM TV.

What’s it about?

Created, drawn and written by Richard Dominguez. The story stars a social worker in Texas, Francisco Guerrero, who takes on his grandfather’s alias to avenge his best friend’s death. Inspiration for the character was none other than Batman.

Set the time machine to 1968!




Sub-Mariner #1, 1968. If DC can do great things with underwater Aquaman-sea-land, imagine what Disney can do with Sub-Mariner…sea-land. It looks like a lot of people already are, as prices are spiking some.

Anything special about this book?

Let’s see… Neptune’s Trident is redesigned with more of a weaponized look. I wish I could find more interesting tidbits, but it sounds like some of this story is retold from his first Silver Age appearance in Fantastic Four #4, including origin.

Interesting to note that this book begins where Sub-Mariner and Iron Man #1 leaves off. While this is an iconic cover, that’s yet another book to add to the hunt list!

I’d like 1 surfboard, please. One that surfs the cosmos, free from the control of Galactus, if you don’t mind!

Silver Surfer #1, 1968. SS in the MCU? Let’s bet on it with this book, now that Fantastic Four #48 is up, up and a-way out of the prices it use to be. Those ‘use to be’ prices are now with this book.

Why is this book a key? In it, we get the origin of Silver Surfer told!

We also are first introduced to Shalla-Bal, Norrin Radd’s first love, before he became Silver Surfer.

Fantastic Four King Size Special #4, 1966

First silver age appearance of the original Human Torch, along with a retelling of his origin!

Fantastic Four Annual #6, 1968

I don’t know what to say about this book. Prices were soaring. The public was demanding it! Now, the rush to buy may have subsided, but for how long?

In this book we are introduced to The Arthrosians, Annihilus, Franklin Richards and the Cosmic Control Rod.


An intelligent insectoid species of different shapes and sizes, in the Negative Zone (Introduced in Fantastic Four #51, 1966.)




The Tyannans, who first appeared in Fantastic Four #140, are a human/lion-like looking advanced civilization from the Negative Zone that terraform other worlds through engineered spores. Their spores grew the Arthrosians and an intelligent insectoid being… Annihilus.



Franklin Richards!

The son of Fantastic’s Four’s Reed and Susan Richards who was born a mutant with psychic powers. He’s just a baby and unnamed in this book.



The Cosmic Control Rod!

Created by Annihilus, it enables the holder to manipulate matter and energy while slowing aging. Annihilus used it to control cosmic energy.




Avengers Annual #10, 1981.

This is the first image of Rogue we see. She is a villain here! My how she has changed over the years. I would like to find out the first book where she got her, let’s say, makeover? I see she joined the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #171, and also that she was intended to first appear in Ms Marvel #25 but the series was cancelled at #23.



Variant Land!



Vampy, Parrillo style! Another great cover on the rise.

Wonder Woman #1 2016 Convention Exclusive. Not a whole lot of these around.


Buzz was around this #1, 1:40 Incentive issue when it first came out back in 2017.

It looks to be still holding some value, which makes sense as it introduces new worlds and characters, while sporting a less than 300 print run.

I liked this series intro from Valiant’s website:

“Two of Valiant’s most formidable creative minds unveil a new plane of existence beyond our own and unleash a universe of new worlds, new beings, and new myths… Jump into the year’s most astonishing journey as Abram Adams, the lost cosmonaut known as Divinity, travels beyond the borders of the Valiant Universe to explore the most distant frontier of imagination…to a realm only known as Eternity…”

X-Men #1

No, not the original and not your average Marvel Milestones reprint.

This particular issue was offered by JC Penney through their mail order catalog. 1994 Christmas catalog, to be exact. This one, along with several other Marvel books were reprinted and are pretty darn rare. I believe 55 random and mostly rather obscure issues were selected. I also believe some of the issues are indistinguishable from the cover alone and indicators are only found from different back covers or the small print inside the book. More research is needed here, but, what a fun and challenging set this would be to try and piece together.

It can take a second, sometimes third glance to identify if the X-Men is a JC Penney variant.

Look for the double box in upper left hand corner of cover.



Mack Attack!

BPRD Hell on Earth #140 Variant, 2016, Dark Horse.

Dark Horse ratios are not the easiest to track down. Either Diamond account holders didn’t order many and these variants are super rare, or Diamond account holders loved ordering and they, along with 99.9% of comic collectors, have a serious hoarding problem! Why do I say this? There are none of these around for sale.

The ‘Buck’ does NOT stop here!

Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier #1 2014 1:25.

Not the 1:50 Dell’otto from the 2012 series, but like the Scarlet Spider #1 Variant from 2012, the 1:25 is a nice “runner up” consolation prize to the 1:50.

More Hulu!



I forgot all about Fear #19, Howard’s first appearance. Hopefully it’s not too late to find some!

MODOK! No real love for his first appearance yet. Key word, “yet.”

Birds of Prey #8, 1999

Nightwing and Batgirl first kiss. Is that what made this so sought after all these years?

A couple last series issues.

Teen Titans Go #55, 2008.

There was a listing with a bunch of these and they finally all sold. Does that mean it’s due for an increase? Similar to a few of the later issues in this series, there are not quite 7,500 of these printed. It was mostly 15K per issue and then dropped down to 10K around #35.

Darkhawk #50, 1995.

Not a huge fan base yet but let’s hope that happens! Very tough cover to find clean, aka, without sin (Sin= spine tick-ling ticking tickers!)

Sally Forth #8, 1995. Adam Hughes style!

In the past, this was not that difficult to find. Oh, how things have changed in oh so many ways. Doesn’t help make it any easier, with it being a final issue to the series.

Is a kiss still just a kiss?



Spiderman #12, 2017, DC Comics.

What? DC? Well, no. Not DC. Marvel Comics. Just wanted to make sure you’re still paying attention! Classic cover in the making, if you ask me, and if you believe in the direction Miles and Gwen are headed!

Ninja High School #38, 1993, Antarctic Press.

Forgot why this book was selling. First Appearance of Warrior Nun Areala, was it? It’s always been a tough find.

Alita Battle Angel!

#1 1992 Viz.

Movie success or not, this book did not have a large print run and is still commanding right around $100 raw.

Spidey Super Stories #39.

I always wondered why this book doesn’t show up for sale much and when it does, it tends to sell quickly. Is it really due to the first Thanos Copter? Haha I can’t believe that but if it’s true, why not!


Flash #92 1994 is his first Appearance.

Who is he?

Bart Allen was born in the 30th century. He couldn’t control his speed and was aging to the point where he was near death. So, he was sent back to the 20th Century where Wally West could train him to control his speed. Initially known as Impulse, a name that defined his personality, he changed it to Kid Flash when he got older.

Bat Beyond!

Now that the rumors of a movie have been put to rest, can we get back to buying copies at reasonable prices? I refuse to believe something “big screen” is not going to happen.

Hold up, stop the ‘Muppet’ show?



Muppet Sherlock Holmes?

Oh, the things I stumble upon and cannot shake! But, I couldn’t find this set anywhere.

Have to hand it to Boom. They create books of popular characters and it appears lots sneak under the pre-ordering radar.

I may be losing it but I can’t find print numbers. Less that 2k likely. Perhaps closer to 1k?

Fantastic Four #1 homage!

Vote “Yes!” on prop-make more FF1 homage covers!

Fight of the Jedi Sketchbook!

I’m in for anything that seems rare, Star Wars-related.

Hope you enjoyed this week in comics. See you here next Monday?

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