Market Report – August 2017 ComicLink Focused and eBay Auctions

Hello all, today let’s look at selected eBay auctions from July, along with results from ComicLink’s Focused Auction in August!

eBay Auctions – July 2017

Super Spider-Man (UK) #226, title page splash by Michael Golden – Sold for $1,691 in July 2017

The description for this item reads, “This 2-page splash was published only in the UK, as a lead-in to a reprint of AVENGERS #115. The credits in this splash refer to the reprint. The penciler of this splash was verified by the artist, and signed by him in the upper-left corner.” If accurate, this is one of the very earliest pieces of published Michael Golden mainstream superhero artwork. Given Golden’s pedigree, and the strength of this Avengers-filled splash, I expected it to finish over $2k at least – in light of the value of his other prime-period superhero work. Perhaps the page’s uncertain provenance led to its low hammer price?

Fantastic Four #244, pages 14 & 15 by John Byrne – Sold for $10,000 in July 2017

At $5k per page, there seems to be a goodly premium in play here, given that decent all-Byrne FF pages from this part of his run can be had for $2.5-3k. Could be because these are pages from the “Beginnings and Endings” arc, featuring multiple headshots of Big G himself – and Byrne Galactus images are usually in high demand. Combine that with this key origin sequence of Galactus’ herald Nova (Frankie Raye), from her 1st Appearance issue, and you can understand why someone gallantly took them home for $10k!

Amazing Spider-Man #310, page 15 by Todd McFarlane & Terry Fitzgerald – Sold for $3,477 in July 2017

Here’s an illustration of the importance of costumes in determining the value of superhero OA. This is a striking piece of McFarlane art, being a half-page splash featuring large, full figures of MJ and Pete. If a fan of Todd’s simply wanted a nice example of McFarlane artwork, this should tick the box. However, as it’s a non-costumed character page, it was valued disproportionately low (in my opinion) relative to the price of costumed McSpidey OA.

Fantastic Four #2, page 7 by Jim Lee & Scott Williams – Sold for $848 in July 2017

$850 is probably fair market value for this Lee “Heroes Reborn” piece, considering there are no clear images of any prominent characters (at least as far as I can tell). Even so, I think it’s too high a price for a page with nothing much going for it, and just goes to demonstrate the power of the “Jim Lee” brand in OA circles!

Earth X #9, page 22 by John Paul Leon & Bill Reinhold – Sold for $444 in July 2017

Earth X is a seminal series in Marvel’s annals, and one of the most memorable comics storylines of the past 20 years. I also love the art’s heavy inks and use of negative space. When judged against the $114 sale of #1, page 8 on Heritage Auctions, $444 for this #9 X-51 and Doom half-splash seems a strong price. However, I believe that it actually underscores how undervalued Earth X artwork is, especially in this market of continually escalating prices!

Web of Spider-Man #111, page 14 by Alex Saviuk, Stephen Baskerville & Sam de la Rosa – Sold for $440 in July 2017

As predicted, the cost of Saviuk WSM artwork continues to move up, in tandem with the ’90s Effect. I’m fairly certain this character-packed page would have fetched in the region of $300 three months back, versus the $400+ figure now.

Silver Surfer #35, page 8 by Ron Lim & Tom Christopher – Sold for $2,137 in July 2017

Lim’s chunky, slightly cartoonish early renditions of Thanos increasingly appeal to me, although the Infinity Gauntlet’s absence (1st Appearance in SS #44) held back this page’s desirability somewhat. SS #35 is only the second Thanos issue in Ron’s iconic Silver Surfer run, and this page features some wonderfully expressive, large images of the Mad Titan. Probably the fact that it was sold on eBay (which doesn’t always attract serious buyers’ attention), combined with the seller’s sizable negative feedback, depressed the final hammer price. Going by recent sales of Lim IG/IW Thanos pages, I believe this piece would have fetched closer to $3k on HA, CLink or ComicConnect.

Side Note: I didn’t go hard after the above SS #35 page in an effort to exercise financial prudence pursuant to a recent large purchase. However, I came to regret not picking it up, as appreciation for the piece increased the more I thought about it. This story has a happy ending however, as the page eventually appeared in Collector Spotlight alumni Jon Blackwell’s CAF gallery. I’m thrilled that this terrific example of Lim Thanos art ended up in a true aficionado’s collection!

Fantastic Four #602, variant cover by Kalman Andrasofszky – Sold for $370.55 in July 2017

Yet another fantastic eBay deal. Considering a CGC 9.8 and raw copies of the comic book sold for $600 and $180 respectively within 2 months of this auction, $370 for the original cover artwork seems like an absolute steal to me!

ComicLink Focused Auction – 2 August 2017

Black Cat, commission by Eric Basaldua – $2,000

According to Basaldua’s 2009 CAF post, this pin-up was commissioned for $500. It’s a detailed, polished piece, and one of his best works (in my opinion). As previously discussed, even though unpublished pieces generally don’t rise in value, you can now add e.bas to the short list of “cheesecake” artists whose better commissions may appreciate over time!

Avengers Academy #16, page 7 by Tom Raney & Andrew Hennessy – $103

I like Raney’s distinctive style, mixing detailed line-work with quirky facial expressions. Take note budget collectors: plenty of Raney’s OA is currently great value for money, as evidenced by this half-page splash of a titanic battle costing only $100! I was busy during the auction, otherwise would definitely have bid it higher.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #3, page 1 by Andy Kubert & Klaus Janson – $1,500

Perhaps an even more astonishing feat than the earlier sale of #3, page 3, this arguably weaker page 1 (at least page 3 had large panels) fetched basically the same price! These are really surprising results for non-costumed, non-action, brand-new artwork.

Side Note: Both the above DK3 #3 pages were sold by buddies of mine, who were equally surprised and pleased at the prices these pieces fetched on resale. Also, the dealer’s website selling DK3 OA was taken down sometime after that May 2017 Market Report.

Dark Knight Universe Presents: Wonder Woman, page 4 by Eduardo Risso – $750

Here’s a full-page splash from a DK3 backup story which caught my eye with its striking composition and use of spot blacks (the placement of solid black ink on areas of the page). I wouldn’t say Risso is a less highly regarded artist than Andy Kubert, so the fact that this splash sold for only half the price of each of the above Kubert DK3 #3 panel pages, further underscores their outsize pricing!

Realm of Kings: Inhumans #2, pages 2 & 3 DPS by Pablo Raimondi & Andrew Hennessy – $228

A bit over $200 for this highly detailed, well rendered double-page splash – what a fantastic deal for a small outlay! Whoever picked it up certainly got a heck of a lotta characters for their buck.

Until next time, happy collecting!


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