Market Report – eBay Auctions (May & June 2017)

Hi all, following my previous eBay report, let’s go through some sales from May and June 2017!

Defenders #28, page 17 by Sal Buscema, Frank Giacoia & John Tartaglione – Sold for $1,103.99 in May 2017

An important point not mentioned in this listing is that Defenders #28 features the 1st Full Appearance of Starhawk! Sly Stallone portrayed the character in GOTG Vol. 2 earlier this year, and there’s a good chance Starhawk plays a more prominent role in the already-confirmed third movie. This 42-year old page contains several shots of Starhawk in flight, along with a cameo by fellow MCU superstar Dr Stephen Strange. Considering all this, I think $1.1k was a steal for this key 1st Appearance page, which could have fetched more with a better item description.

Infinity War #4, page 12 by Ron Lim & Al Milgrom – Sold for $835 in May 2017

Here’s an appealingly frenetic character-filled page, with prominent “claws-out” Wolvie by rad Ron Lim. Given the spike in Infinity War OA values and positive response to the recent Avengers: Infinity War movie trailer, I think this is a nice buy with good price-upside.

Wizard #58, cover by Joe Madureira & Alex Garner – Sold for $10,000 in May 2017

$10k is a huge sum for this cover, considering it comes from a non-comic book title. Although, it is prime-period Joe Mad OA featuring characters that made him famous, and happens to fall nicely into that ’90s Effect window! For reference, this piece previously sold for $3.9k in May 2013 on Heritage Auctions. The starting bid for this eBay auction was set at $10k, and only one bidder stepped up – perhaps indicative that demand is thin at this level.

Wonder Woman #188, cover by Mike Sekowsky & Dick Giordano – Sold for $7,645 in May 2017

At first glance, $7.6k may seem an outsize price for this unremarkable-looking cover. However, a couple factors should be taken into account, which together may explain its strong result. First, this auction took place around the time of Wonder Woman’s theatrical release, probably to its benefit. Second, although Diana isn’t featured in costume, this is a “bondage” cover – and such artwork has a following amongst certain collectors, as also seen in the Golden Age comic book market!

Thanos #7, page 20 by Ron Lim & Al Milgrom – Sold for $637.50 in May 2017

Ah wonderful, more Marvel Cosmic talk! Lim OA from the 2003 Thanos series rarely pops up for public sale, so there isn’t much price data to judge this piece by. The best alternative may be to compare it against prices for Thanos Infinity War pages, from a decade earlier. When viewed in this light, $600+ for a mainly “talking heads” page without Thanos in his traditional blue and gold garb looks like a strong price. Although, similar to the IW #4 page above, all things Thanos-related are likely good bets, especially following the rapturous reaction to his scenes in that Avengers: Infinity War trailer!

Star Wars #53, page 2 by Carmine Infantino & Alan Kupperberg – Sold for $1,925.03 in May 2017

$1.9k seems a fair amount for this page, considering the recent resurgence of Star Wars OA. Multiple shots of the beloved Princess and always-desirable Vader images, in this flashback to the horrific destruction of Alderaan, make it an enticing piece indeed!

Amazing Spider-Man #648, variant cover by J. Scott Campbell – Sold for $10,750 in May 2017

Similar to that Joe Mad Wizard cover above, this fixed-price offering only reflects the demand from its buyer, so we’re unable to better gauge the depth of collector interest at this price point. However, $10k+ for this popular variant cover from the hugely-collected main ASM title, featuring black suit Spidey and Campbell’s athletic looking Spider-Woman, seems like a safer bet than that Wizard piece!

New Warriors #1, variant cover by J. Scott Campbell – Sold for $4,049 in June 2017

$4k for this 3-year old JSC cover looks about right. It has the trademark Campbell babes but features less prominent characters, and comes from a lower-tier title, than the above ASM cover – thus its much lower price.

Gen 13 #1, page 19 by J. Scott Campbell & Alex Garner – Sold for $5,000 in July 2017

Gen 13 #4, page 17 by J. Scott Campbell & Alex Garner – Sold for $1,400 in June 2017

Continuing the JSC theme, here’s a rare page from #1 of the first mini-series featuring Fairchild and Grunge in their origin tale. Although it’s a ho-hum piece featuring mainly headshots, and without any costumes or action, it comes from a significant first issue which used to rule Wizard’s top ten list. Furthermore, it’s an over 20-year old page from red hot (to this day) JSC’s breakout work, in his early-’90s pseudo-Jim Lee art style. Taking all that into account, it’s understandable why children of the ’90s would pay $5k for this page. The #4 half-page splash also features a couple of team members, and you can see JSC’s line work evolving towards a more heavily-rendered style. When compared to that #1 page, $1.4k seems like a fair price.

Fun fact: As noted in its description, the #1 page has “GENEX” written on the top left, which was the original title before Marvel threatened Image with a lawsuit based upon their existing X-title “Generation X”. Image subsequently changed the title to “Gen 13”.

X-Men #2, page 16 by Jim Lee & Scott Williams – Sold for $3,265.45 in May 2017

X-Men pages by the vaunted Lee/Williams combo are always in high demand, and this page is no exception. Featuring multiple images of the venerable Erik and Charles, $3.3k for this early-run piece is in line with previous sales.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10, page 17 by Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird – Sold for $4,550 in June 2017

Early TMNT OA is white hot these days, which is no surprise given the massive 30-year popularity of this multi-media franchise, working in tandem with demand from children of the mid-’80s/early-’90s. TMNT pages from #1-11 (minus #9), which were jointly drawn by Eastman and Laird, are particularly coveted (along with the other early TMNT-related artwork jointly produced by them). I remember passing on some great splash pages for under $2k each in 2013, and really regret it now!

Fathom #13, pages 2 & 3 DPS by Michael Turner, Talent Caldwell, Jonathan Sibal & Jason Gorder – Sold for $1,525 in June 2017

This double-page splash was a steal – I expected it to fetch $2.5k at the very least! It comes from later in the Fathom run, but does feature a large, full-figure Turner babe and his trademark detailed rendering. I’m sure the buyer is ecstatic at having picked up this great piece for a song!

X-Men #45, page 29 by Andy Kubert & Cam Smith – Sold for $830 in June 2017

X-Men #45, page 30 by Andy Kubert & Cam Smith – Sold for $961 in June 2017

These consecutive pages from the double-sized anniversary issue were sold seconds apart last month. Featuring tender, memorable moments between one of mutantdom’s favourite couples, they prove that you don’t always need action and explosions to bring in decent coin!

Until next time, happy collecting!


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